DEFINITIVE RECORDS | The 3 Albums That Anchor The Tastes Of Super Vancouverites


by Maya-Roisin Slater | Definitive Records asks interesting Vancouverites to pick the three albums that anchor their musical tastes. It’s harder than you think! Today we hear from chef Andrea Carlson, co-owner of the celebrated Burdock & Co. eatery on Main Street and resident CSA box curator at Harvest Community Foods in Chinatown.

Tom Waits – Rain Dogs | LISTEN | “Tom Waits has been an early favourite for his quirky variety of music. Rain Dogs is a fave as it’s a prime example of his vocal style and lyrical imagery. Reminds me of my youth…”

Oliver Schroer – Camino | LISTEN | “A Canadian musician who I first came to hear on a CBC interview with Sheila Rogers. He and his music were really captivating and we had the good fortune to see him that same summer at the Folk Music Fest at Jericho. I heard him interviewed again a year or two later – I believe about his album Camino – which was recorded in churches along the Camino de Santiago trail. A very hauntingly beautiful album.”

Bocephus King – Joco Music | LISTEN | ”A great album for a road trip – packed with excellent musical talent from our area. Can’t recall how I discovered BK … but have had great opportunities to see him play at Tofino’s Legion and the Railway Club.”


GOODS | Burdock & Co. And Sedimentary Wines Pair Up For Night Of “Orange” Wines


Burdock & Co. is located at 2702 Main Street in Mt. Pleasant | Vancouver, BC | 604-879-0077 |

The GOODS from Burdock & Co.

Vancouver, BC | Chef Andrea Carlson and Matt Sherlock of Sedimentary Wines guide guests off the well-worn path of red and white to explore the world of orange wines. In a four-course tasting experience, guests are introduced to these quirky, funky, zingy Italian wines paired with flavourful dishes that bring out the best in each intriguing bottle.

Orange wines are created using ancient traditional techniques not commonly used in modern times; in a method usually reserved for red wines, white grapes are macerated and allowed to sit in their skins for a fortnight or more, resulting in wines with complex flavour, rich texture and glowing with a warm copper hue.

Only 20 seats are available for this extraordinary evening. Interested parties are encouraged to act quickly to reserve a seat. Tickets are $130 per person including tax and gratuity. Get all the tickets and menu details (with wine pairings) after the jump… Read more

Burdock & Co.




2702 Main Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: 604-879-0077 | Email:
Web: | Facebook | Twitter
Open 7 days a week | Dinner from 5PM | Weekend brunch 10:30AM–2PM


The People


Chef and owner: Andrea Carlson
Co-owner and architect: Kevin Bismanis
Consulting sommelier: Matt Sherlock
Consulting bartender: Lauren Mote



Burdock & Co serves refined dishes crafted from organic ingredients. Chef Andrea Carlson’s relationship with local suppliers ensures that only the best arrives at the table, whether sourced from one of Vancouver’s nearby farms or a downtown urban garden.

In keeping with its rough-and-refined theme, seating includes a communal table where diners are welcome to converse with neighbours as they enjoy Chef Andrea’s polished, approachable dishes. Burdock’s vegetable-focused share-plate menu changes frequently, to reflect seasonal availability of ingredients. A careful selection of naturalist wines from France and Italy, along with craft beers and bespoke cocktails rounds out the menu.

Reminiscent of quirky family-owned hardware stores and inspired by one of Chef Andrea’s favourite local root vegetables, the name Burdock & Co captures the essence of the restaurant and its philosophy. It implies a sense of community and highlights the botanical focus of the menu, while evoking a warm heritage quality.

Chef Andrea Carlson trained at Dubrulle Culinary School, and has cooked at some of the finest restaurants in the Vancouver area, including C restaurant and Sooke Harbour House. At Sooke, Andrea was inspired by the fresh, organic, seasonal foods that were grown on-site. It was there she was motivated to further explore small-scale organic gardening, later creating a kitchen garden for the Tofino Botanical Gardens. This close connection to food and nature became the foundation of Andrea’s cooking philosophy, which she brought to her role as chef de cuisine at Raincity Grill. At Raincity she developed Vancouver’s first 100-Mile Menu, and became a driving force behind the city’s “locavore” movement.

During her tenure as executive chef at Bishop’s, it was twice named Best Regional Restaurant by Vancouver magazine. Now chef and owner of Burdock & Co, Andrea offers organic, seasonal plates, crafted with polish and served with approachable style.

Chef Andrea Carlson creates an organic, seasonal menu crafted with refined technique. The menu spotlights our rich local bounty of coastal seafood, organic vegetables, ethically-raised meats and fresh dairy. Dishes might include heirloom beans, grains, wild foraged greens, eggs or local honey.

Named one of Western Living’s Top 40 Foodies Under 40 in 2012, sommelier Matt Sherlock chooses naturalist wines from France and Italy to complement Burdock’s menu. Wine list selections include an earthy Aurora Marche Rosso, a Domaine de Cristia Cotes du Rhone with flavours of singed herb and raspberry, and a Maison Roche de Bellene Bourgogne Blanc, bright with baked apple flavours.

Celebrated Vancouver bartender Lauren Mote’s cocktail list makes use of fresh, homemade ingredients. Lauren is passionate about using fruits, herbs and spices with beneficial properties to mix well-balanced cocktails. Drinks are earthy, with influences taken from field, forest and garden. Original cocktails include the woodland-inspired Vieux Boreal made with maple rye whisky and pinecone dram, and the Burdock & Beer, flavoured with saison, burdock root and sour ginger and a dash of plum and rootbeer bitters.

A well-curated selection is on tap, with bottles on offer from BC breweries and carefully chosen beers from Europe. Craft brews from companies like Driftwood (Victoria), Phillips (Victoria) and Coal Harbour (Vancouver) pair perfectly with the menu’s share plates.

The rough-and-refined interior of Burdock & Co. was designed by Andrea’s partner, architect Kevin Bismanis. Andrea and Kevin chose building materials that reduce the restaurant’s environmental impact, reclaiming wood from local buildings, and up-cycling vintage finds to evoke a warm “urban barn” atmosphere.



“Committed to organic, locally-sourced produce, Carlson’s menu is one of the more impressively creative offerings in the city right now.”—Fiona Morrow, Huffington Post, May 13, 2013

“I really like this place. Carlson takes her fine dining skills and funks it up although the dishes could sit comfortably on most fine dining menus and they’re tastier than many haute dishes I’ve had in high-priced spots. The food looks fresh and vibrant and lively and skillfully presented.”—Mia Stainsby, The Vancouver Sun, May 22, 2013

“If there were a competition for the restaurant that best represented Vancouver, Burdock & Co. would be the hands-down winner…this refined-yet-rustic charmer is a shining reflection of progressive local tastes.” –Alexandra Gill, Globe and Mail, June 21, 2013

AWESOME THING WE ATE #904: Burdock & Co’s Fried Chicken With Pickled Vegetables


by Andrew Morrison | One of the best restaurants to open so far this year is Burdock & Co.. It took over the old Cafeteria space at 2702 Main Street at 11th just a few months ago. It’s owned by noted local food promoter and former Bishop’s chef Andrea Carlson and her partner, designer/architect Kevin Bismanis. It’s gotten great press to date and even been shortlisted for enRoute Magazine’s 2013 Best New Restaurants in Canada list. The room is small and the look is airy, woody, clean and a little subdued, but not the least bit sleepy. A homey feel is achieved by way of mismatched antique silverware, natural linen napkins, and a floor staff that engages without being overbearingly “on message”. They know the contents and nuance of every dish on the menu, and can talk at length (with no small amount of pride) about every facet of the restaurant. Permeating everything is a sense of comfort. Burdock & Co. makes one feel totally at ease. There are no luxurious trappings or “talking point” design motifs. It’s honest and endearing, refreshing and real.

I fell hard for the fried chicken and pickled vegetable plate with crispy skin and charred chili vinegar [2]. The breading on the chicken sports great flavour and the pickle sting of the garden medley gels well with the gentle punch of the sauce. It’s also really pretty to look at, with its bright colours artfully arranged on earthy ceramic. The other hit was a well-composed plate of burdock and heritage pork sausage slices hiding amidst perfectly seasoned potato cubes, all under a canopy of fresh dandelion [3]. Neither were substantial in size, which left me wanting a little more. Still, their impact was more on the palate than on the belly, so the satisfaction comes from being wowed. It might therefore be especially prudent to order more than one dish per person. You can then share or hoard according to your miserly or generous sensibilities.

For drinks, they offer a tidy selection of wines and a handful of interesting beers (I love that Summer Solstice session ale from California’s Anderson Valley Brewing Company – so good with the chicken [1]), as well as some original cocktails and non-alcoholic concoctions, like the Cascadian Cooler of apple, fenugreek, lime, mint, and ginger beer was really refreshing [4]. The list reads well, with curation being the name of the game.

I don’t want to give Carlson and Bismanis any ideas, but what they’re charging per plate is shockingly low for the quality of the ingredients and the love that comes across loud and clear in the cooking (everything is local, sustainable, organic). I was a little taken aback by the price of their non-alcoholic drinks ($6.50 for the Cascadian Cooler), but dollar for dollar I reckon Burdock & Co. to be one of the better value restaurants on Main. If you haven’t been yet, go, and snag that chicken dish before it’s gone.

Burdock & Co. is open 7 days a week from 5pm on. They do not accept reservations.


DINER: Ex-Bishop’s Chef Andrea Carlson To Open “Burdock & Co.” On Main This Winter

by Andrew Morrison | Fans of former Bishop’s chef Andrea Carlson rejoiced last month when we reported that she was taking over the reins at Strathcona’s Harvest Community Foods, but now we have even better news: Carlson and her partner Kevin Bismanis have secured an East Van location for a new restaurant.

The address is 2702 Main Street, which was until recently Cafeteria (and before that, Ping’s Cafe). Cafeteria owners Andrey Durbach and Chris Stewart knew that Carlson was looking for a spot in the area, and they were looking to down-size their far-flung operation without taking a loss (they also own Pied-a-Terre, La Buca, and The Sardine Can). A chat here, an email there, and the deal was done. All was set and signed back in September, but it wasn’t until last week that Carlson got the keys. She and Bismanis are hoping to turn it into a 30 seater – called Burdock & Co. – before the end of November.

More good news? She’s not abandoning Harvest to do this. Phew!

As far as renovations are concerned, they’ll be swapping out the tables and chairs, keeping one side a lengthy banquette and the other a big communal table. The 4-5 seat bar will remain with its full liquor license. They’ll also be doing some painting. Even though that doesn’t sound like a big redux, Bismanis is an architect and those folks like to fiddle. I expect we’ll see a completely new room from what we see in the shots above.

Burdock & Co. will follow Carlson’s well established penchant for urban agriculture and farm to table cooking. She has spent most of her career building solid relationships with artisan suppliers and farmers, and she is pretty dialled in with local CSAs and projects like SOLEfood and Innercity Farms. Vancity is in on the funding of the restaurant, so expect a celebration of the local in every respect. Maybe it’s time to switch banks!


DINER: Ex-Bishop’s Chef Andrea Carlson Has Taken Over “Harvest” In Strathcona

September 13, 2012 

by Andrew Morrison | Andrea Carlson, formerly the chef de cuisine at the West End’s Raincity Grill and Kitsilano’s legendary Bishop’s, has just taken the helm at Harvest Community Foods in Strathcona. The wee local, seasonal, organic, and sustainable grocery store at 243 Union St. has always had a short menu of all-day items like soups, sandwiches, and steam buns, but Carlson is re-drafting its entirety to focus on – among other things – Asian-inspired noodle soups, including bowls of proper Japanese ramen made with real deal pork broth. There is no good ramen in the whole of the DTES (or anywhere near it). It’s one of the things I’ve long hoped to see arrive in the area, and I trust it will prove especially awesome. Few local chefs are as dialed into our local food systems as Carlson. Her relationships with BC farmers, CSA producers, and artisan food makers of every stripe go deep and wide. It’s fair to expect good and tasty things when her new menu goes live within the next few days.

GOODS: West 4th Icon “Bishop’s” Looking To Hire Passionate Cook And Garde Manger

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

The GOODS from Bishop’s

Vancouver, BC | Kitsilano’s famed Bishop’s Restaurant, led by John Bishop and executive chef Andrea Carlson, is seeking a an experienced cook and garde manger. The right candidates will be inspired by local food and fully dedicated to the craft of cooking. Send resumes to bishopsrestaurant [at] and learn more about the restaurant after the jump… Read more

Kistilano’s Bishop’s Celebrates 25 Years With New “Old Classics”

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

News from Scout supporter Bishop’s

Vancouver, BC | “It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.” Twenty-five years (and one month) ago, John Bishop taught Vancouver about eating local, seasonal and sustainable food and in doing so, helped create a local cuisine culture. Bishop’s Restaurant first opened its doors to the public 25 years ago last month (December 14, 1985) and it is celebrating the occasion with a special prix fixe menu that pays homage to its first menu so many years ago. Priced at $49, the four-course menu includes such Bishop’s classics as Goat Cheese Salad, Dungeness Crab Cakes, Lamb Three Ways and Death by Chocolate. Read all about it after the jump… Read more

Award-Winning “Bishop’s” Seeks Dedicated Kitchen Applicants

September 1, 2010 

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Job Posting by Scout supporter Bishop’s

Vancouver, BC | Bishop’s Restaurant is looking for dedicated individuals with a professional attitude for the positions of garde manger and entremetier. Please send resumes to Learn more about the restaurant after the jump… Read more

Scout Jobs: “Bishop’s” Seeking Experienced Part-Time Hostess

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Bishop's restaurant is located at 2183 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC | 604-738-2025 |

Job Posting by Scout supporter Bishop’s

The award-winning Bishop’s Restaurant in Kitsilano is looking for an experienced hostess to work Sunday and Monday evening shifts. Applicants must have a great attitude and be able to work in a strong team environment. In addition to a proficiency with computers and previous experience with the Open Table reservation system, some food and wine knowledge is preferred. Email your resume in confidence to Find out more about the restaurant after the jump… Read more

Check Out “The Bishop’s Garden” Show At The Winsor Gallery

New Alan Wood show features works inspired by the haven of restaurateur John Bishop's back garden

New Alan Wood show features works inspired by the haven of restaurateur John Bishop's back garden

News from Scout supporter Bishop’s

Vancouver, BC | From May 27 to June 19, South Granville’s Winsor Gallery (3025 Granville Street) plays host to a show by famed artist Alan Wood. The Bishop’s Garden – presents a new series of wood relief sculptures, collage and watercolours, based on the haven found in a close friend’s garden. That close friend is restaurateur John Bishop and that garden is the one found in the back of Mr. Bishop’s Point Grey home.

” It seems like I’ve known Alan for ever,” says Mr. Bishop. “In the early days, my wife Theresa and I would save up to buy his work. In turn, Alan and his wife Flora started coming to the restaurant and the friendship grew over the years.”

“When Flora passed away five years ago, I started to drop by John and Theresa’s home. They were always so welcoming and kind. I’d come and sit in the back garden – it became my refuge. One evening, I came for dinner. John and his son David had arranged eight of my pieces around the garden illuminated by candlelight. It was magic. That gave me the idea to try to capture and interpret the calm and happiness I have found there. This show is the result,” says Mr. Wood. “I named the series The Bishop’s Garden because I want to honour the role played by everyone in the Bishop family in creating this special space.” Read more

“Bishop’s” To Host Thanksgiving Dinner With All The Trimmings…


Award-winning Kitsilano restaurant to plate a prix fixe over Thanksgiving...

News from Scout supporter Bishop’s

Vancouver, BC | Bishop’s will be offering a special three course Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings for only $55 this upcoming Sunday and Monday. Their regular menu will also be available. Reservations are highly recommended… Read more

Field Trip: On The Two Best Meals To Be Served This Summer

It’s taken us a couple of days to decompress and find the time to make sense of all the stills and clips taken while attending the two outdoor Outstanding In The Field dinners (previewed in last week’s Westender). There is something to be said for great food, great wine, and great people all tabled in devotion to great atmosphere, especially here in BC during the Awesome season. I hope some of that saying gets said in the video above and Michelle’s photo gallery below…



CSA Dinner With The Farmers At The Always Reliable “Bishop’s”


say hello to Lemon Verbena Panna Cotta with Nootka Rose Honey Gelee, Rhubarb Broth and Alpine Strawberries...

I had an outstanding meal at Bishop’s with some friends and colleagues the other night. This was the second in the restaurant’s summer series of Producer’s Dinners, and I was accordingly very keen to see what the kitchen would do with their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box full of mysterious, freshly-harvested local ingredients sourced from farms in the city and Aldergrove. Special guests were the producers themselves, David Catzell of Fraser Common Farm and Ward Teulon from City Farm Boy. Read more

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