GOODS | “49th Parallel” Nabs 1st & 2nd At The Western Regional Barista Competition

49th Parallel Café has two locations in Vancouver: 2152 West 4th & 2902 Main St. |

The GOODS from 49th Parallel

Vancouver, BC | On Saturday, July 26th, the Western Regional Barista Competition was hosted at Rocanini Coffee Roasters. 49th Parallel sent two competitors to compete for the opportunity to advance to the Canadian National Barista Competition. Cole Trepanier and CJ Yang placed first and second respectively and will be competing at the Canadian National Barista Competition in Mississauga, ON September 28-29, 2014.

Following months of training with former Canadian Barista Champion and coffee educator at 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters Kyle Straw, Cole and CJ put their hard work to the test. With presentation themes concerning current issues affecting the coffee industry such as coffee leaf rust and processing methods, the extensive amount of knowledge Cole and CJ presented to the judges set them apart from the other competitors.

During competition, baristas give a 15-minute service oriented presentation in which they serve a team of certified sensory and technical judges 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 signature beverages of the baristas choice. It is a race against the clock as competitors are scored on a complex set of rules that emphasize cleanliness, taste, professionalism, efficiency and mastery of craft. Learn more about 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters after the jump… Read more

GOODS | Coffee And Doughnuts Take On Summer At Both “49th Parallel” Locations

49th Parallel Café has two locations in Vancouver: 2152 West 4th & 2902 Main St. | Learn more at

The GOODS from 49th Parallel

Vancouver, BC | The hot weather has hit, and 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters and Lucky’s Doughnuts have some new menu items to cool you off! First up, at the new Kitsilano location at the corner of West 4th and Yew, Lucky’s Doughnuts is introducing a Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich. That’s right – why consume just one food trend when you can eat two at once? Made fresh to order, a vanilla glazed yeast-raised chocolate doughnut is cut in half and filled with a house-made vanilla spice gelato that also contains tender chunks of old-fashioned doughnut. That’s right, doughnut ice cream inside a doughnut. The whole thing is finished off with a drizzle of white chocolate over the top. These will just be available at the Kitsilano location for now, priced at $5, and available as of this Saturday, July 13, coinciding with the Khatsalano Music Festival.

At the Main Street location of 49th Parallel, we’ve introduced two special summer items: the affogato and an espresso milkshake. It might be too hot for a shot of 49th’s Epic Espresso, but take that shot and pour it over some creamy house-made vanilla bean gelato, and you’ve got yourself a patio party. Prefer your refreshment with a straw over a spoon? The new espresso milkshake takes two shots of espresso, and blends them with the same vanilla gelato and a pinch of ground coffee. Read more

DINER: First Look Inside The New Kitsilano Digs Of 49th Parallel & Lucky’s Doughnuts


The new 1400 sqft combo/location of 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters and Lucky’s Doughnuts is opening – fingers crossed – this Saturday in the old Kits Coffee Company spot (2198 West 4th). In other words, the staff at the original 49th Parallel cafe down the block will lock up for good tomorrow evening and then unlock the new doors the following morning (again, fingers crossed). The new high quality coffee and doughnut joint will offer 45 indoor seats – that’s bench seating along the windows with tables and chairs – plus another 45 on the expansive patio that should open later this summer (hopefully within a month). Like the popular Main St. location that opened a year ago this week (see our shots of it here), all of the doughnuts will be made fresh on site, and we all know the coffee as some of the very best in town.

Bonus: there will be a kitchen window looking out onto the street. “When it’s open you just know this stretch of Kitsilano is going to smell terrible,” said nobody at all.


DINER: Lucky’s Doughnuts & 49th Parallel Replacing Kits Coffee Company On 4th Ave

October 29, 2012 

by Andrew Morrison | Having just crammed the office full of fresh doughnuts, I remembered that a couple of weeks back we were tipped off by 49th Parallel Coffee Company that they would be shutting down their Kitsilano location in early 2013 and re-opening next door in the old Kits Coffee Company spot (2198 West 4th). If you haven’t already heard, the new joint will come complete with its own Lucky’s Doughnuts, and there was much rejoicing (mmm, fritters topped with applewood smoked bacon). Here’s what that might look like, based on what we’ve seen, sipped and munched on at their Main St. address…


DINER: 49th Parallel & Lucky’s Doughnuts Opening Tomorrow Morning At Main & 13th

by Andrew Morrison | Good news. The new location of 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters at 13th and Main passed all of its inspections earlier today and will open ahead of schedule tomorrow at 7am. I took a quick look at the hive of activity this afternoon, and it’s looking especially sharp. The coolest thing about it – other than the fact its packaged together with Lucky’s Doughnuts (OMFG!) – is the long, communal table with its bespoke, swing-out tools. It even has a hand crank that elevates it to bar height for special coffee lectures/cuppings. I’ll have more on the new cafe in the Westender next week, so in the meantime, feast on the shots below and head down tomorrow to welcome them to Main.


DINER: 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters & Lucky’s Doughnuts Opening At Main & 13th

by Andrew Morrison | We’ve been sitting on this for a while (construction began three months ago), but with the new neon sign going up yesterday, the cat’s out of the bag. 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters is opening a new location on the southeast corner of 13th & Main (formerly Pinky’s Drycleaners). Does Main St. need another coffee shop? Sure it does! And one with Kees van der Westen machines, a 16 seat cupping table, 2 garage doors leading out to a patio, a fireplace, a wrap-around booth, and plenty of tasties aside from coffee (namely 13 different ringed wonders from Lucky’s Doughnuts). It’s a big space – much bigger than the original in Kitsilano – and D-day is penned in for the first week of June, with crossed fingers. Here’s more from a press release that will be making its way into the media ether next week:


May 2, 2012; Vancouver, B.C.: Local boutique coffee roaster, 49th Parallel has announced that it will open a second café location next month, located on Main Street at the corner of East 13 th Avenue. The new café will also be home to a Lucky’s Doughnuts counter, representing the company’s first foray into food.

The 2,800 square foot café joins the company’s original West 4th Avenue location in showcasing 49th Parallel’s own range of small-batch roasted coffees. In addition, the much bigger new location will include expanded space for single-cup preparation, a 16-seat communal table that can be used for group cuppings, a 30-seat patio on the East 13th Avenue side, and garage-style doors that create an open-air space during warmer weather.

“It feels good to get back to our East Vancouver roots,” says owner Vince Piccolo, who grew up not far from the new café location. “We’re really looking forward to the extra space giving us the ability to offer cuppings and educational sessions for the general public. We’re excited to share our passion for coffee with the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.”

Bringing together the classic pairing of coffee and doughnuts to the Main Street café is the launch of Lucky’s Doughnuts. Authentic, hand-crafted and genuinely delicious, Lucky’s Doughtnuts are made fresh throughout the day using the highest quality natural ingredients. With all components made from scratch including jams, glazes and fillings, the company also strives to source locally and seasonally. A selection of 13 different doughnuts—six yeast varieties, six cake varieties and a French crueller, will be available each day, with varieties changing with the seasons. More information about the doughnuts will be available at

The new 49th Parallel Café is located at 2902 Main Street (@ East 13th Avenue), and is slated to open during the first week of June. Hours of operation will be Monday to Saturday, 7 am to 10 pm; and Sunday, 8am to 8pm.


GOODS: “49th Parallel Coffee Roasters” Has Joined The Growing Scout Community

We’ve invited 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters to join our curated GOODS section as a recommended local cafe and coffee roasting company. They’re now proud members of Scout, and as such we will be posting their news in addition to hosting a page for them on our awesome list of independent goodnesses. We’d like to take this chance to thank them for their support of Scout, and for making BC a more deliciously wired place to be.



49th Parallel Coffee Roasters


Forty Ninth Parallel Café – Kitsilano Location: 2198 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Forty Ninth Parallel Café – Mount Pleasant Location: 2902 Main Street, Vancouver
Roastery and Office: 6741 Cariboo Road, Burnaby – 604-420-4900
Web: | @49thParallel @49thGreen @49thCafe | Facebook



Vince Piccolo – Owner
Laura Perry – Green Coffee Buyer
Gianluca Zavarise – Sales
Colter Jones – Lucky’s Doughnuts
Kyle Straw – Barista Training and Quality Control
Geraint James – Account Management and Training


49th Parallel Coffee Roasters endeavours to source the world’s finest coffee beans and roast them to satisfy discerning palates. With a true passion and dedication for specialty coffee, we are committed to offering only the freshest, highest quality coffee to our customers. Every batch of green coffee is carefully roasted to bring out its preeminent qualities. Our buyers travel around the world to meet directly with the farmers at their coffee farms in order to develop relationships that create a better future for everyone involved. We set ethical standards with our direct relationship program and pay a special premium that is above the Fair Trade price standard. The resulting discoveries from our efforts are proudly brought back for you to enjoy.

Every coffee is precisely cupped and carefully evaluated. No exceptions. No short-cuts.

With two locations, the 49th Parallel Cafés in the heart of Kitsilano and Mount Pleasant showcase our own range of coffees, prepared expertly. Even the best coffee can be ruined if it’s not fixed correctly, and we strive to make every cup meticulously, whether you’re enjoying one of our single origin drip coffees or a drink based on our Epic Espresso. Consistently, hands-down, the best cup of coffee you’ll find.

The 49th Parallel Café in Mount Pleasant is also home to Lucky’s Doughnuts. Authentic, hand-crafted and genuinely delicious, our doughnuts are made fresh throughout the day using the highest quality natural ingredients. With all components made from scratch including jams, glazes and fillings, the company also strives to source locally and seasonally.