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OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS | “Truffles Fine Foods” Is On The Lookout For A Sous Chef

October 20, 2014 

Truffles Fine Foods Cafe is located at 555 Brooksbank Ave. in North Vancouver, BC | www.trufflesfinefoods.com

Truffles Fine Foods Cafe is located at 555 Brooksbank Ave. in North Vancouver, BC | www.trufflesfinefoods.com

The GOODS from Truffles Fine Foods

Vancouver, BC | We are currently looking for a dynamic, creative and passionate sous-chef to join our team and support our Executive Chef. We offer flexible work hours, mostly day shifts, competitive wages, benefits plan and room for promotion. We are a fast growing catering company with a great staff and fantastic work environment. At Truffles Fine Foods Catering & Cafes, we are passionate about achieving the highest levels of culinary excellence and customer service. For more information about our company, visit our website. Details after the jump… [ Keep reading ]

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BRIEF #437 | How New York City Gets Its Billion Gallons A Day

October 20, 2014 

(via) This fascinating documentary short from The New York Times details the elaborate, gravity-fed system that delivers a billion gallons of fresh water into New York City every day.

It is the gold standard of urban water supplies. The New York City watershed was assembled during the 20th century, and the system’s underground aqueducts are considered an engineering marvel.


GOODS | Irish Heather Set To Host Ardbeg Ambassador For Scotch Tasting And Dinner

October 20, 2014 

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 | www.irishheather.com

The Irish Heather is located at 210 Carrall St. in the heart of Gastown | 604-688-9779 | www.irishheather.com

The GOODS from The Irish Heather

Vancouver, BC | Single-malt whisky lovers can sample rare tipples straight from Scotland when an ambassador from one of the country’s premier distilleries pays Vancouver a visit.

On Thursday, Oct. 30, join Ruaraidh MacIntyre, the Ardbeg/Glenmorangie brand ambassador, for a wonderful whisky supper at The Irish Heather and Shebeen Whisk(e)y House which is the official Ardbeg Embassy in Vancouver, BC.

The evening will commence with an Ardbeg-based cocktail in the Shebeen. Hobnob with fellow scotch lovers and meet Ruaraidh and staff in a cozy, casual setting. Then revellers will move to the Irish Heather Long Table, where MacIntyre will help you taste your way through Ardbeg 10-year, Ardbeg Auriverdes, Ardbeg Corryvreckan and Ardbeg Uigeadail.

Following the tasting, a savoury supper will be served, including lamb shank pot pie, colcannon mashed potatoes, maple-glazed carrots, with bread pudding, fresh Okanagan fruit and caramel sauce for dessert (served with a surprise whisky pairing). The dinner will also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten–free and dairy-free options… [ Keep reading ]

OPENING SOON | Highly Anticipated “Au Comptoir” Eatery Nears Completion In Kits


by Andrew Morrison | Maxime Bettili and Julien Aubin’s highly anticipated Au Comptoir is getting close – really close – to opening day. They’ve got a few more hoops to jump through as well as a couple of friends and family runs, but if there are no major hiccups their French eatery at 2287 West4th in Kitsilano will open for its first service next Friday (October 24th).

As you may recall from when Scout broke the news of Au Comptoir’s coming back in July, Bettili and Aubin are old friends. They met at hospitality school in France 17 years ago and have worked at restaurants such as Les Faux Bourgeois, Bistro Pastis, and The Acorn in the five years since they moved to Vancouver. This is their first fling with ownership, and the theme – a morning to evening Paris-style cafe – is close to their hearts. Back in the summer, I wrote of the affinity thusly:

What they have planned for the space is not like most French-themed cafe/bistros one readily comes across here across the pond. They’re going to strive for the same kind of cafe-style service that predominates in Paris, which is to say it’ll be open all day, from morning until night, with no reservations. Such establishments are liberating for customers used to New World protocols. One doesn’t feel rushed or guilty for taking up a table for an hour and a half with a good book and a beer. To French servers, refreshment has no check average, and the pace of a guest’s experience is none of their business. Whether you’re in for a bottle of wine with a steak frites or a cafe au lait with a pain au chocolate at 9am or 9pm, service is service. Of course, only time will tell if Aubin and Bettili will be able to pull off this uniquely ambivalent shoulder-shrugginess. The chasms between Canadian and French tipping traditions and our understandings of what constitutes a “living wage” are tres deep.

I did a walk-through of the space yesterday and I gotta say, I’m really excited for this one. That could be because I miss Paris a lot, but for the most part it’s on account of the look, which is pretty damn convincing, and the menu from chef Daniel McGee (ex-Pidgin), which reads like it belongs in my belly. Think omelette aux fines herbes for breakfast, hardy croque monsieur with frites for lunch, and beef bavette with pommes dauphines for supper.

Like I said, they’re on track for this Friday. Fingers crossed, it will be so. Have a look…


GOODS | “Thomas Haas” Preps For A Busy Winter With Big Range Of Christmas Treats

October 16, 2014 

Two locations: Harbourside Drive in North Vancouver & 2539 West Broadway in Kitsilano | www.thomashaas.com

Two locations: Harbourside Drive in North Vancouver & 2539 West Broadway in Kitsilano | www.thomashaas.com

The GOODS from Thomas Haas

Vancouver, BC | With the holiday season just around the corner, Thomas Haas Chocolates & Pâtisserie is set to mark the occasion by unveiling new holiday-themed signature confections, festive gift boxes and sweet stocking stuffers.

This year, Thomas Haas has added several new items to his seasonal lineup including Tannenbaum, a delectable handcrafted chocolate tree filled with caramelized chocolate-coated nuts and decorated with truffles; Holiday Marshmallows, available in Tahitian Vanilla, Cinnamon, Peppermint and Red Berry varieties; and Holiday Bark, a tree-shaped 79% dark chocolate bark decorated with seasonal dried fruits and caramelized nuts.

Thomas Haas is also once again offering his ever-popular Christmas Stollen — a deliciously moist German Christmas cake made from wholesome almonds, rum-soaked golden raisins and freshly zested oranges — and is taking preorders for his Bûche de Noël (Yule Log), available for pickup on December 23 and 24 only. The full range of seasonal Christmas specialties at Thomas Haas can be found after the jump… [ Keep reading ]

VANCOUVERITES | Storytelling & Making Pictures With Local Artist Sean Karemaker

October 16, 2014 


by Grady Mitchell | If you frequent coffee shops around East Van, you’ve probably seen artist Sean Karemaker intently hunched over drawing in a notebook or sketch pad. He got started as a kid, growing up “off the grid” on Vancouver Island. “I turned my closet into a little comic studio,” he says. The comics led to painting – “I wasn’t very good at sports, so I started doing watercolour courses with a bunch of old ladies” – and from there, things kept rolling. “I guess I haven’t really stopped.”

Many of Sean’s ideas start as scribbled passages in those sketchbooks, each paired with an aimless painting. Those poetic snippets usually detail a remembered experience or worldly observation. From these early concepts Sean will later create his larger, more involved pieces.

Even if the words don’t appear in the final piece, it wouldn’t exist without them. For a picture to speak to Sean, it has to tell a story. “Sometimes people aren’t looking for that, they just want an image,” he says. “But without that exploration it just feels flat to me, it doesn’t feel like I’m making anything meaningful.”

The final form of those stories take many different shapes. Of course, he’s painted on traditional canvases and created comics, but he’s experimented with other forms as well. For one project, The Life of People, he detailed the span from birth to death over an uninterrupted 27-foot scroll. Most recently he’s begun using epoxy and rubber mouldings to build detailed, 3D dioramas where his characters emerge from their wild backgrounds.

While investing personal stories into his work was daunting at first, it soon became the core of his art. Pouring himself into the work allowed others to relate and connect, which for him is exactly the point of making art in the first place. That’s why, if you see him working in a coffee shop somewhere, you should never hesitate to say hello. He tries to leave the studio at least once a day to sync back in with the real world. He loves when curious onlookers ask him about his work. “You get a lot of energy off of people,” he says. To see more of Sean’s work, visit his website.


GOODS | “Odd Society Spirits” All Set To Release Special Oak-Aged Gin October 17th

October 16, 2014 

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 | oddsocietyspirits.com

Odd Society Spirits is located at 1725 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-559-6745 | oddsocietyspirits.com

The GOODS from Odd Society Spirits

Vancouver, BC | Odd Society Spirits is set to launch a limited release of Wallflower Oaken Gin on Friday, October 17th. Aged in American white oak rye casks for 5 months, this specialty spirit is sure to wet any gin aficionado’s appetite. With just over 300 bottles available, Odd Society Spirits’ Oaken Gin is guaranteed to sell out quickly.

The oak softens the floral notes of its Wallflower comrade while awakening bright citrus flavours with hints of caramel and offering a subtle woody undertone. An extremely versatile gin, it is recommended to be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, with tonic or incorporated into a classic cocktail like the Negroni. Oaken Gin is available in 375ml bottles and priced at $28 at the distillery (prices will vary at private liquor stores throughout Vancouver).

In honour of the Wallflower Oaken Gin’s debut, Odd Society Spirits will be celebrating at the distillery’s cocktail lounge from 1pm – 9pm on Friday, October 17 with featured Oaken Gin cocktails, plus the Tacofino Food Truck will be joining the festivities at 5:30pm. [ Keep reading ]

LEXICON | Defining Strathcona Village, East Van Calamari, Snortside, Kinfolked, & More

October 16, 2014 


The Vancouver Lexicon – our A-Z dictionary of local slang, myths, legends, and such – might appear to be complete, but we mean to keep adding to it every week. Today we aim to highlight five more localisms that everyone in British Columbia should know about, that is if they don’t already. They are East Van Calamari, Strathcona Village, Kinfolked, Fogtober, and Snortside.


GOODS | Gastown’s “Bambudda” Hideaway Lands Curtis Luk As Its New Executive Chef

October 15, 2014 

Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca

Gastown’s Bambudda is located at 99 Powell Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-428-0301 | www.bambudda.ca

The GOODS from Bambudda

Vancouver, BC | Bambudda’s Ray Loy is pleased to announce the appointment of Chef Curtis Luk (formerly of Top Chef Canada Season 2, Fable Restaurant, and, most recently, The Parker) as head chef at the Nouveau Chinese restaurant.

“It’s a perfect match,” says Luk of his new position. “Ray and I were both born in Hong Kong. We both grew up in Canada—in my case Ontario and in Ray’s right here in Vancouver. Because of that, we share a similar Cantonese culinary foundation, as well as an appreciation of Western techniques.”

“Cantonese restaurants were the first type of Chinese cuisine to come to Vancouver,” says Loy. “With Curtis at the helm, Bambudda will continue to reinvent classic Cantonese cuisine with a fresh spin. No one is able to embody that spirit quite like Curtis.”

Chef Luk’s constantly evolving menu, served family-style, places an emphasis on melding traditional flavour combinations with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Pork Belly with Taro is served with a sauce of Red Fermented Tofu and Lime. The Salt and Pepper Humboldt Squid is pan-seared and served with a house-made sauce of Szechuan White Peppercorns and Shallots. The Pork Dumplings (gaau) are paired with a Watercress Sauce and Pickled Ginger Salad.

Vegetarian diners will continue to be tempted by Bambudda’s vegetarian and vegan offerings such as Crisp Tofu with Sichuan Pepper, Wood Ear Mushrooms and Kale; Double Cooked Eggplant with Seasonal Vegetables and Crispy Rice Noodles and Roasted Kobocha Squash served with locally harvested Sea Lettuce.

Head bartender Tarquin Melnyk’s inventive cocktail list features in-house infusions of rose hip, citrus, clove, cardamom, green tea and rhubarb that pair perfectly with Chef Luk’s creations.

Bambudda offers a quintessentially Vancouver dining experience where East meets West in new and delightfully unexpected ways. [ Keep reading ]

AWESOME THING WE ATE #925 | Sausage, Tots, And Country Gravy At Wolf In The Fog

October 15, 2014 


by Andrew Morrison | Readers who follow Scout’s Instagram account might recognise this monster of a breakfast sandwich from Tofino’s recently opened Wolf In The Fog. The toasted bun came layered with egg, cabbage, and a pork sausage disc – all soaked in a salty country-style gravy.

It was scarfed down just a few days ago alongside some over-sized, perfectly seasoned and super crispy tater tots. The plate might seem a little pedestrian for a chef of Nick Nutting’s high caliber (he’s the biggest food nerd of his generation on the Island), but pedigrees are moot on rainy mornings in Tofino. It’s big, hot, delicious, and worth every cent of $12.

Check the place out the next time you make it over to Tofino. It’s got a casual but capable vibe that makes for a fairly accurate embodiment of the town’s hardy and house proud spirit. If I were to try to pin down a comparison in ambience, I’d liken it to the excellent Pointe Restaurant at the nearby Wickaninnish Inn (where several of the owners were once employed), only a few weeks after it had been taken over and remodelled by a renegade group of leather-loving surfers who preferred long hair and the hallucinogenic twang of The Allah-Las to staff uniforms and the piped-in sounds of the ocean (yes, they actually do that at The Pointe, and it’s pretty awesome).

I haven’t given the complete dinner menu a good going over yet (I walked in on their first service of a new menu), but everything I tasted was totally on point, including bartender Hailey Pasemko’s evocative Cedar Sour cocktail, which tasted like a really good west coast memory of a campfire gone by. Take a look at some of shots I took of the space below (taken before service).


GOODS | Les Amis Du Fromage Hosting Les Petits Bonheurs Cream Puff Pop-Up Oct. 25

October 15, 2014 

Les Amis du Fromage | 843 East Hastings, 604-253-4218 & 1752 West 2nd Ave, 604-732-4218 | buycheese.com

Les Amis du Fromage | 843 East Hastings, 604-253-4218 & 1752 West 2nd Ave, 604-732-4218 | buycheese.com

The GOODS from Les Amis Du Fromage

Vancouver, BC | Les Petits Bonheurs started as a bakery concept between two good friends who share a love of sweets and desserts. They specialise in classic French desserts, specifically choux à la crème (cream puffs). Les Petits Bonheurs sources all of their staples locally and try to source the best ingredients for the flavour components (matcha, pistachio, fresh lemons etc) and do not use preservatives. They make everything by hand to coax out the best texture and flavour. Their treats are made on a smaller scale, that way you can always have more than one! Drop by our East Vancouver les amis du FROMAGE on Saturday, October 25 between 11am and 4pm, and indulge yourself in this “little piece of happiness”. [ Keep reading ]

DINER | First Look Inside The Brand New Location Of Tacofino In Downtown Victoria


Tacofino has just opened their new location in Victoria. It’s been pretty awesome to see them grow from just a food truck in Tofino to operations in Vancouver, the Okanagan, and now the capital. We snuck in on opening day and met up with owners Jason Sussman and Kaeli Robinson (and their awesome handful of a daughter, Lenny). They were still waiting on their liquor license, but the kitchen was fully operational. The fish tacos were as good as ever (such a dreamy dual combo of textures and tastes) and the restorative tortilla soup was darker and more complex than the first time we drooled over it years ago in Tofino. Check it out from 11am to 11pm at 787 Fort St. and remember that there’s another location – a big one in Gastown – coming our way soon.


GOODS | “Sunday School” Back In Session On October 26 At Vancouver Urban Winery

October 15, 2014 

Vancouver Urban Winery is located at 55 Dunlevy Ave in Vancouver BC | 604-566-9463 |vancouverurbanwinery.com

Vancouver Urban Winery | 55 Dunlevy Avenue | Vancouver, BC | 604-566-9463 | www.vancouverurbanwinery.com

The GOODS from Vancouver Urban Winery

Vancouver, BC | After a sobering summer break, The Settlement Building’s Vancouver Urban Winery is back for its fourth series of wine-soaked Sunday School seminars. The Fall/Winter semester of drinking in school commences on October 26th with BC vs. the World: Round 4. Additional classes run on November 16th – Sommelier Smackdown IV: the Grudge Match – and December 14th – The Price Is Wrong!

Once again hosted by professional Sommeliers, David Stansfield and Lisa Cook, Sunday School is introducing a couple of exciting formatting changes for the new semester. Seminars now take place in the afternoon, which means spilling out of class and into Belgard Kitchen for post-session snacks and Postmark Brewing beers. They’ve also moved into the back, production half of The Settlement Building, nestled comfortably among wine barrels and beer tanks.

What hasn’t changed about Sunday School is the mission statement: wine is booze. Booze is fun. Learning about it should be too. “Too often, talking about wine scares people. It seems daunting,” states Stansfield. “At Sunday School, we drink that fear under the table.” So, whether returning or a newcomer, novice or enthusiast, all are welcome, and guaranteed a good time.

“Basically, these classes are just great excuses for us to get together with a room full of people who like drinking, and talking about drinking, as much as we do,” adds Cook. “And if we can pass on some useful knowledge at the same time, even better.”

Each seminar features multiple flights of wine loosely structured around a set theme and served blind. Unlike public schools, class sizes are limited – and guaranteed to sell-out. Tickets are available through the Vancouver Urban Winery directly for $40 by phoning 604.566.9463, emailing info@settlementbuilding.com, or directly from the Belgard Kitchen, which is open daily from 11am to 11pm. Tickets are also available online through Eventbrite. [ Keep reading ]

VICTORY GARDENS | Winter Gardening Tips For Growing Your Own Food All Year Round

October 15, 2014 


by Lisa Giroday, Sandra Lopuch and Sam Philips | Gardening is all about getting your hands dirty, growing delicious and organic food and connecting to what we eat. This all sounds great, but what if you don’t know how? Victory Gardens has created the educational YouTube series: How To Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden, to help solve this problem.

In this episode, we cover some winter gardening basics so you can grow food all year round. This video covers the region we live in, winter vs. overwinter gardening, timing, planning and crop rotation, the appropriate varieties to grow, and how to keep your veggies warm over winter using mulch, floating row cover and hoop houses. Press play and enjoy!