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TEA & TWO SLICES | On Voyeuristic Punk Adventurism And Temporary Devil Genitals

September 11, 2014 


by Sean Orr | More voyeuristic, romantic, hagiography regarding the DTES. I expected better from Vice: A look at the punk scene coming out of one of Canada’s Poorest Postal Code. “The scene is, I think it’s getting a bit more real, which sounds kind of lame”. It sure does. No mention of any actual punk bands, and no mention of The Astoria, Emergency Room, Alf House, Red Gate, The Cobalt, Secret Location/Nite Prison, or Chi Pig. You know that I’m wary of the G-word, but the piece just reeks of middle-class, neo-colonial adventurism.

Related: East Vancouver studio owner plans fundraiser after thieves steal at least $6,000 worth of music gear.

Devil Chilling Park? New guerrilla art lasts less than a day.

Cue the inevitable petition to bring it back. “Just as some were offended by the price tag and substance of the porcelain dog, others may have been offended at the sight of Lucifer’s Plastic Love Pump, but none would be offended at its price tag”. You leave the poor Main Street Poodle out of this. It’s suffered enough!

Oh noes! Jamie Lee Hamilton leaves COPE, alleges Left Front blocking her nomination. Best reader comment: “I hope I don’t confuse online voter registry with a Buzzfeed ‘Which Ninja Turtle Are You?’ quiz.”

Gregor Robertson can’t stop tanker traffic or build a subway, so why leave that impression? ”The National Energy Board will make a decision on Kinder Morgan’s application”. Shh, don’t tell Burnaby! Burnaby asks court to block Kinder Morgan B.C. pipeline.

Meanwhile, Gregor can’t stop the teacher’s strike either, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t comment on it. Why has Vancouver’s ‘progressive’ Mayor been so quiet about the BC teachers’ strike? Update: Vancouver mayor adds support for binding arbitration in B.C. teachers’ strike.

Now if we can only get him to do something about his transparency problem…

But if that bit of journalism isn’t sexy enough for you: Vancouver mayoral race now a three-way. “The 53-year-old mental health worker and longtime community organizer will battle Mayor Gregor Robertson and NPA challenger Kirk LaPointe for votes in a multicultural city that has never had a female mayor or one of Chinese descent”.

Unrelated: Naked Sushi celebrates the tradition of sexism, not Japanese culinary culture.

You-probably-haven’t-heard-of of the day: Palestine Awareness Coalition protests at Deltaport.

A Hitchcockian urban nightmare! City life’s a rat race in Vancouver — and the rats may be winning. With raw video of…you guessed it, rats! Who is this mysterious Johnny Appleseed of East Van? Can he be stopped?

Bonus: Mark’s Work Wearhouse Announces Rules for Who Gets to Wear Plaid. Beware, it’s a joke. A lumberjoke!

GOODS | The Parker In Chinatown To Give Back This Year With “Mealshare” Program

September 10, 2014 

The Parker is located at 237 Union St. in Strathcona/Chinatown | Vancouver, BC | 604-779-3804 | theparkervancouver.com

The Parker is located at 237 Union Street in Vancouver, BC | 604-779-3804 | www.theparkervancouver.com

The GOODS from The Parker

Vancouver, BC | The Parker is excited to offer a unique way to celebrate the holidays this year. Through Mealshare, the restaurant will feed 100 individuals in need for each and every private party booked. We’ll be celebrating the season of giving by giving back.

Mealshare, the buy-one give-one non-profit that feeds people in our neighbourhood and abroad, has made an immediate impression on the dining scene in western Canada. The Parker is proud to be one of its first members in Vancouver.

The Parker’s intimate room paired with thoughtful service and beautifully crafted menus helps create the perfect private holiday celebration for the discerning diner. Our award-winning innovation and sustainable practices make it a unique choice for companies looking for something different this year. And helping to feed those less fortunate at the same time is what the spirit of the season is all about.

For bookings, the restaurant is ideal for groups of about twenty to thirty. Please e-mail us at info [at] theparkervancouver.com for details. We look forward to creating an unforgettable holiday event with you and your company this year. [ Keep reading ]

DINER | Iconic “Ovaltine Cafe” On The DTES To Change Hands Next Week Before Reboot


by Andrew Morrison | Rachel Chen, who owns the little Perks cafe at 39 East Pender in Chinatown, has agreed to take over the Ovaltine Cafe at 291 East Hastings from the current owner, an old family friend.

The Ovaltine, as you’re very likely aware, is one of the most iconic diners in the city. It has stood as a beacon of continuity on the Downtown Eastside since 1942. Conversations about the eatery these days seldom dwell on its grilled cheese sandwiches and hot coffee, focusing instead on either the lasting beauty of its facade (with its competing horizontal and vertical neon signs) or the likelihood of it being able to stick around much longer in this new age of greed/opportunity on the DTES.

The neighbourhood is for sale, it seems, and as we’ve seen especially of late, preservation is evidently not Vancouver’s official strong suit. Worry that the Ovaltine might be demolished to make way for cheesy condominiums or be replaced with a new restaurant that was somehow inappropriate for the area (say, a foie gras and leather bar) has been in the back and fore of many local heads. In Scout’s irreverent dictionary, the Vancouver Lexicon, the cafe’s own entry offers the following as its usage in speech: “I’m taking bets on how long the Ovaltine will last…”. The angst continued in a recent Vancouver Courier article:

[Local historian John] Atkin worries about the Ovaltine’s chances for survival with scant customers and low-priced fare. Diminished evening hours mean customers no longer see neon reflected down the long counter, but he doesn’t want the cafe “hipsterized” and serving craft beer.

Invoking the dreaded hipster/craft beer nexus is merely another way of employing the G-Word without actually saying it. Gentrification cometh, but in the case of the Ovaltine, it looks like Atkin needn’t worry too much. Rachel and her mother Grace aren’t going to be doing much to the place except give it a good clean, a lick of paint, and a menu makeover that might make it busy again.

It certainly deserves the love. The place has been through the ringer in recent years. And when it hasn’t been serving its regulars – some of whom can measure their patronage in decades – it’s been starring in countless TV shows and even a blockbuster or two. The building itself – a four-storey Edwardian Italian Renaissance Revival pile housing the Afton Hotel – was put together some 102 years ago. The cafe may have given the property a quaint Rockwellian coffee counter, varnished wood panelling, worn cloisters, and smoky mirrors, but the address kept other restaurants before it, not to mention a tailor’s shop, government offices, apartments, even a postal substation. It’s definitely got as much history as it does personality.

And so does Grace, who is something of a legend on the DTES. She used to own the diner at Save On Meats. She took it over in 1999, long before it was reimagined by restaurateur Mark Brand in 2011. Grace gave Rachel her start in the business when she was 11. The youngster would pull shifts after school and on the weekends, both serving and cooking; enduring Welfare Wednesday rushes with her mom and grandmother by the time she was 15.

Needless to say, Rachel and Grace will be drawing on their Save On Meats experiences and repertoire for the Ovaltine Cafe’s new menu, offering up things like root beer pulled pork, fully loaded 1/2 lb bacon cheeseburgers, and fish and chips using the old recipe from The Only Seafood, which still lies beautifully dormant a couple blocks east (the last owner is a friend of the family, too). I asked Rachel what such a burger with all the fixings might cost, and she quoted me $7 with fries, which is about as much a Big Mac meal goes for these days.

Oh, and did you know that the Ovaltine Cafe was sitting on a full liquor license? True story. And Rachel aims to take advantage of it. Will we see them selling local craft beer? Most probably. Will there be hipsters in attendance? It’s guaranteed. But neither of those apparent detriments should prove obstacles enough to dampen what Atkin was hoping for in the broader scheme of things. From the same Courier piece:

Atkin hopes the Downtown Eastside will morph into a neighbourhood that includes healthy businesses, old and new, alongside affordable housing, service organizations, artists and cultural venues. “If this neighbourhood continues to evolve and returns to what it was in 1978, that’s the perfect balance because you had the hotels serving a certain type of clientele — now you’ve got a ton of social housing here — but you had vibrant and viable retail and you had a slight edge to the neighbourhood,” he said.

I’m glad to see that The Ovaltine will remain, craft beer or no craft beer, and regardless of the maintenance of the neighbourhood’s “slight edge”. That it will continue on much as it had before with new, proven owners (who are very familiar with what area residents view as value for dollar) is a great development.

As far as a timeline is concerned, the Chens take possession of the space early next week. The current cooking regime will be maintained as things get organised, adjusted, and primed (a few days), and then they will briefly shut it down for cleaning, painting, and reopening. The plan is to launch before September is through – same decor, same signage, same name – refreshed and ready, one hopes, for another 72 years. Long live the Ovaltine!


GOODS | Campagnolo “Upstairs” On Main St. To Launch Brunch Service This Weekend

September 10, 2014 

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

Campagnolo Restaurant is located at 1020 Main St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-484-6018 | campagnolorestaurant.ca

The GOODS from Campagnolo

Vancouver, BC | ‘Upstairs’ at Campagnolo, a late night oasis for cocktail aficionados, is setting their alarm clock early in order to open on weekend mornings for brunch. Starting Saturday, September 13 brunch will be served on weekends and holidays from 10:30AM until 2:00PM.

Chef Nathan Lowey of the award-winning Campagnolo Restaurant, first expanded his menu to coincide with the opening of the bar located above Campagnolo, appropriately referred to as ‘Upstairs’, in February of 2014. Upstairs does not adhere to the strict dedication to Italian cuisine as Campagnolo but does honour the same ideology that respects British Columbia’s bounty and the culinary skill required to make the most of it all year round. “Our brunch menu offers the style of brunch I like to eat,” says Lowey. “I want quality ingredients prepared with love by professional chefs, but I don’t want to feel like I have to get dressed to the nines to enjoy it.”

Lowey’s brunch menu boasts hearty comfort foods with an emphasis on fresh baked pastries and bread, house made sausage and bacon, and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. A sampling of the many brunch dishes on offer include dangerously addictive sticky buns, fresh made brioche and honey butter, heirloom tomato salad, free range fried chicken and biscuits, baked eggs with pimento cheese and basil, house smoked wild BC salmon Benedict, blueberry flapjacks, and the infamous ‘Dirty Burger’.

The brunch beverage list created by Barman Peter Van de Reep, showcases simple yet thoughtfully created cocktails, local craft beer, fresh squeezed juices, fruit smoothies, plus cold pressed and drip 49th Parallel Ethiopia Chelelektu coffee.

The door to Upstairs is located to the right of Campagnolo’s front entrance at 1020 Main St. and will officially open for the first time during the light of day this coming Saturday. [ Keep reading ]

HEADS UP | Design-Themed Pecha Kucha Night Vol. 34 Set For Sept. 18 At The Vogue

September 10, 2014 


The next Pecha Kucha Night goes down September 18th as part of Vancouver Design Week. As you can see from the bill above, there are some great folks in the line up from diverse design slants and backgrounds. It should be fascinating, and a sell-out, so pounce on a pair of tickets while they’re still available. Bonus: the musical guest for is Jody Glenham.

September 18 | Doors 6:30pm | The Vogue Theatre (918 Granville St) | Tickets $15 | DETAILS

GOODS | “Hardwired” Blend By Doi Chaang Coffee Co. On Special Throughout Autumn

September 10, 2014 


Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is a local coffee company that uses Thai beans | 604-689-3312 | doichaangcoffee.com

The GOODS from Doi Chaang Coffee Co.

Vancouver, BC | It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’ve returned to work after a few blissful days of vacation. It can be an adjustment, which is why one local coffee company wants to help you with its organic, ‘beyond fair trade’ coffee. Thai Doi Chaang Coffee Company wants you to get back into the swing of things with ease by adding a buzz to your mornings (or afternoons and evenings, if that’s more your speed.) The 50% farmer-owned company is offering 15% off on one of its special blends, Hardwired, all Fall-long. Learn more after the jump… [ Keep reading ]

VICTORY GARDENS | 3 Good Things Every Local Green Thumb Should Plant This Week

September 10, 2014 


by Lisa Giroday, Sandra Lopuch and Sam Philips | We hate to be alarmist or the bearers of bad news, but the time has come to squeak in one of the last veggie seedings into your garden. You can always employ the warmth of hoop houses, cloches, and cold frames once the cold hits, but you need to get some seeds in the ground before it’s too late! Here’s a list of our top 3 seed varieties you should get in the ground now if you know what’s good for you…

1. Spinach | Remember when you tried to seed spinach in the summer and it “bolted” right away? It produced a flower stalk and it was all over? Well, now is the chance to rectify the situation and have success with seeding spinach. Spinach prefers cooler weather, which is why it’s best to seed in spring or late summer. Spinach will overwinter (and you can harvest all winter into spring) if we have a mild one upon us. If it gets chilly, throw up a protective cloche over it to keep it warm. Choose a cold hardy variety to further ensure success. We love the semi-savoyed leaved “Bloomsdale Savoy”. Remember to make sure the soil has adequate drainage. Bonus: you can pick individual leaves throughout winter into spring for your health blast of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene, manganese, zinc and selenium, all of which serve as powerful antioxidants.

2. Radishes | These mature very quickly. As with spinach, radishes prefer cooler weather, so they’re an ideal veggie to seed right now. You might want to choose a variety that matures quickly, like Easter Egg or French Breakfast. If you missed your window on getting carrots or beets in the ground, you can still enjoy the goodness of roots. Remember to thin your radish patch or row, as they need space to grow. Any seedlings that are crowded need to be properly spaced for maximum growth.

3. Pac Choi | Another veggie that tends to bolt, or go to seed quickly in the heat. The plant freaks out, finishes its life cycle, and there you have it. Remember that veggies that are best planted in the early spring are usually good bets for planting now, too. Think of it as “mirroring the weather”. Pac Choi grows very quickly, and you can harvest individual stems, harvest the whole plant, or treat as a “cut-and-come-again” crop. Snip, and watch it re-grow. We recommend seeding this crop by the weekend!

A few other seed varieties you can get in the ground right now are: arugula, corn salad, mustards, mizuna, and gai lan. And don’t fret – the time has not yet come to plant garlic, and you can still seed your broad beans or fava beans either now or by the end of the month. Happy growing!


GOODS | Tasting Room At Similkameen’s “Forbidden Fruit Winery” Marks Tenth Year

September 9, 2014 

Forbidden Fruit Winery is located at 620 Sumac Rd. in Cawston, BC | 1-855-499-2649 | forbiddenfruitwines.com

Forbidden Fruit Winery is located at 620 Sumac Rd. in Cawston, BC | 1-855-499-2649 | forbiddenfruitwines.com

The GOODS from Forbidden Fruit Winery

Cawston, BC | On the banks of the Similkameen River near Cawston, Forbidden Fruit Winery has been welcoming guests to its tasting room for ten years. The winery gets its fruit from the family-owned Ven’Amour Organic Farms, which encompasses 142 acres of orchards, vineyards and natural habitat. The farm is bounded to the east by pine and sagebrush slopes, and to the west by a cottonwood riparian forest nestled into a bend in the river.

The tasting room is in a modest bungalow. Open the door, and the character and passion of the owners Steve Venables and Kim Brind’Amour are immediately evident. Kim’s brilliant-hued paintings, mosaics designs and jewellery glow from walls and shelves, reflections of the fruits, flowers and natural landscapes of the farm.

Steve purchased the property in 1977 and by 1984 it was a certified organic farm. On most summer days, Steve is behind the tasting-counter so visitors can hear first-hand how the wines are made and how the winery developed. Forbidden Fruit is best known for its stellar fruit wines with cheeky titles such as “Crushed Innocence”, “Adam’s Apple” and “Pearsuasion”. “Caught”, an apricot mistelle, recently won a Gold Medal at the 2014 WineAlign National Wine Awards. [ Keep reading ]

SCOUT LIST | 10 Things That You Should Absolutely Do Between Now & Next Week

September 9, 2014 


by Michelle Sproule | The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit. The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week. You can also check it out in the Globe & Mail, from our calendar to theirs…and yours! 

RIFFLANDIA | If you can swing it, this is a good weekend to hop a ferry to Victoria. Not only will the sun be shining its beautiful rays all over the fair streets, but it’s also time for Rifflandia, the kickass three day music festival. Death Cab For Cutie, The Airborne Toxic Event, and The New Pornographers will be in town, plus there are a number of smaller gigs worth checking out. Scout picks would be Smash Boom Pow at The Copper Owl on Thursday night, Friday’s performance by Vancouver-based NEEDS (again, The Copper Owl), DJ Rennie Foster at Lucky Bar late on Friday night, and the always amazing Lightening Dust on Sunday.
Sept. 11-14 | Various times and locations in Victoria | DETAILS

BEER | Need another reason to pack up and head out of town for the weekend? Whistler is holding a beer festival. Four days, 50 breweries (local and international) and a keg full of beer-centric events (seminars, talks, tastings and dinners). Expect to see pours from the likes of Four Winds, Hoyne, and Postmark to Double Mountain, Deschutes and Brooklyn. Bring your thirst!
Sept 11-14 | Various times, locations and prices | DETAILS

GYOZA BAR | Seigo Nakamura’s newest Japanese eatery, the highly anticipated Gyoza Bar, opens this week at 622 West Pender. All signs point to this place being a winner out of the gate, so be sure to check it out for first rate gyozas, ramen, and more. Scout took a look inside during staff training and took these sneak peek shots.
11:30am to 10:00pm Daily | 622 West Pender Street | DETAILS

SQUEEZEBOX | The 7th Annual Accordion Noir Festival takes place at the Fox Theatre this week. As festival organizers explain: “From dance parties, to concerts, to cabaret acts, workshops and a community dinner, The Accordion Noir Festival is Vancouver’s chance to be swept away by the deliciously edgy and deliriously sexy world of ‘noir’ accordion.” Folk, punk, indie rock, blue grass, punk – even hip-hop – an accordion can handle it all.
Sept 11-14 | Fox Cabaret (2321 Main St) | Various prices | DETAILS

HARVEST | Make time to attend the UBC Farm annual fundraising festival, FarmAde this Friday. The super fun outdoor event takes place on UBC’s 24-hectare learning and research farm. Originally intended to raise awareness about the farm and help to protect it against the threat of development, this family-friendly BBQ has become a tradition. There will be square dancing, live music, ‘low-impact’ burgers, cold and handcrafted beer, vegan desserts and lots of farm-fresh corn. As always, big props to the UBC Farm for cultivating food and community at the only operating farm in the city! A good time for a good reason.
Fri, Sept 12 | 3-8pm | UBC Farm, 6182 South Campus Road | Free | DETAILS

OCEAN LOVE | Chef Ned Bell just took a nearly 9,000 km bike ride across Canada. The coast-to-coast peddle took him away from home for over two months in order to raise awareness about sustainable seafood. On Friday night you are invited to join an impressive line-up of Vancouver Chefs as they welcome Chef Bell home with a seafood-focused reception. Proceeds go to the Chefs for Oceans Foundation.
Fri, Sept 12 | 6-8pm | Four Seasons Hotel (791 W Georgia St) | $40 | DETAILS

ART ATTACK | 20 local artists (emerging and established) will be on site at the beautiful Waterfall Building this Saturday to participate in Art Attack. Each artist will be provided with a blank 24″X36″ canvass and given 4 hours to use inspiration, focus and paint to transform that canvass in to a finished work of art to be auctioned off in the evening. Stake out a specific artist and watch their process or move about the room and appreciate a variety of approaches. There will also be lectures with leading art industry professionals over the course of the day. Partial proceeds go back to the artists with a quarter of sales donated to a visual-art award for the graduating students at Emily Carr. Have a look at the list of participating artists here.
Sat, Sept 13 | noon – 11pm | The Waterfall Building (1540 W. 2nd) | DETAILS

TREES | It’s a bit of a hike but the Treefest out in Coquitlam sounds interesting: it’s a celebration of trees and heritage with an emphasis on the collection of trees on the old Riverview Hospital land. Tag along on one of the walking tours of ‘significant and unusual trees’ found in the 2 acre horticultural therapy garden or take a seat on a bus for a tour of Riverview grounds with former staff members on board (don’t worry, everything will be fine – no reason to get creeped out). There will also be children’s crafts and games, live entertainment, and heritage building tours.
Sat, Sept 13 | 11am–4pm | Riverview Hospital (2601 Lougheed Hwy) | Free | DETAILS

LANTERNS | This Saturday is the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival. As night falls in the park a procession of lanterns begins to follow forested ravine pathways. Wander to take in light installations, learn about salmon, rivers and ravines, enjoy roaming performers and live music, and make sure to stop for some tea and moon cake in the Renfrew Field Tea Garden.
Sat, Sept. 13 | Renfrew Community Centre (2929 E. 22 Ave) | DETAILS

GEEK OUT | Get your nerd on at the SFU (Burnaby) Science Open House on Saturday. Roll up your sleeves to participate in hands-on activities, check out some of the live science demonstrations, stand in awe of the engineering projects and generally just enjoy being amazed by what you discover.
Sat, Sept, 13 | 10am-3pm | Applied Sciences Building Atrium, SFU | DETAILS

late-may-2009-169Michelle Sproule grew up in Kitsilano and attended University in Australia and the University of Victoria before receiving her graduate degree in Library Sciences from The University of Toronto. She lives in beautiful Strathcona and enjoys wandering aimlessly through the city’s streets with her best friend – a beat up, sticky, grimy (but faithful) camera.

GOODS | Gastown’s “L’Abattoir” Opens For Lunch, Launches New Private Dining Space

September 9, 2014 

L’Abattoir is located at 217 Carrall St in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood | 604-568-1701 | www.labattoir.ca

L’Abattoir is located at 217 Carrall St in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood | 604-568-1701 | www.labattoir.ca

The GOODS from L’Abattoir

Vancouver, BC | Originally offering an evenings-only menu, Gastown’s French inspired L’Abattoir restaurant will now be opening its doors earlier to include lunch during the week.

From Monday to Friday between 11:30 and 2:30 a simple and elegant menu has been crafted to please afternoon appetites. The classic and clean flavours that characterize L’Abattoir’s nightly fare have been carried onto their lunchtime menu. Highlights include Steelhead served with fried potatoes, dill and horseradish; a shrimp, tomato and potato frittata finished in creamy hollandaise and peppery arugula; and a beef dip with tongue, salad, thickly cut fries and jus gras for dipping. Diners can choose between a two or three course menu or select a meal a la carte.

Behind the bar, resident expert Shaun Layton has designed some new cocktail creations to compliment lunchtime dining. This includes the House Aperol Spritz, which bottles charged white wine with Aperol, seltzer and orange, as well as their daily feature Vermouth on the rocks served with a seasonal garnish. In homage to the power lunches of the past, a martini also graces the midday menu, made with Tanqueray 10, Dolin Dry and pickled onions. Non-alcoholic options include daily bottled house made iced teas and bottled cold brewed JJ Bean coffee.

Lunch aside; L’Abattoir is also pleased to announce the debut of their private dining room. This 1,200 sq ft. facility is situated just adjacent to the regular dining room and features historical architectural elements complimented by a contemporary design aesthetic. Exposed brick walls, beamed ceilings and steel framed windows speak to the history of the space while sleek glass, steel accents and custom chandeliers add a modern finish.

Entering through the kitchen the vintage Bonnet range oven takes center stage and denotes the quality dining experience awaiting guests. While large enough for 50 people seated or 80 standing, the room retains an intimate ambiance and a noise-reducing barrier blocks out the nightly hustle and bustle of the regular dining room. Basked in ample natural light, the private dining room at L’Abattoir is an elegant space with old world charm easily suited for any occasion, from private gatherings and celebrations to corporate functions and meetings. [ Keep reading ]

SMOKE BREAK #1123 | Starbucks Baristas Misspell Your Name Just To Fuck With You

September 9, 2014 

If the baristas at Starbucks have been spelling names wrong on take-out coffee cups by accident to date, this satirical video by comedian Paul Gale gives them an out: they’re just ”fucking with you”.


GOODS | Chocolatier Greg Hook Teams Up With Or Noir To Create “Allure” Chocolate

September 8, 2014 

Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 – West 3rd Ave in Vancouver, BC | V6J 1K2 | www.chocolatearts.com

Chocolate Arts is located at 1620 – West 3rd Avenue in Vancouver, BC | V6J 1K2 | www.chocolatearts.com

The GOODS from Chocolate Arts

Vancouver, BC | On Saturday, September 20th, Vancouver’s Chocolate Arts chocolate shop and café releases Allure, a signature chocolate created in collaboration with renowned French chocolate house Cacao Barry. The first artisan chocolatier in Canada to visit the Or Noir laboratory and blend his own signature chocolate, owner and head chocolatier Greg Hook visited Cacao Barry’s headquarters to undergo a rigorous development process for his new product. The outcome is Allure, a highly personalized product embodying the flavour profile and characteristics Greg desires in his chocolate.

Each phase of the meticulous multi-step process building on the outcome of the one before, Greg’s research began while still in Vancouver, with a blind taste test of pure 100% chocolates demonstrating various key flavor profiles: bitter, sweet, aromatic, fruity and cocoa. Next he travelled to France, where he went through another round of single-origin chocolate tasting, sampling and selecting various cocoa beans. With the help of Or Noir experts, he then tried his selections combined in various quantities: as cocoa liqueur, ganache and paired with various fruits and nuts in order to evaluate compatibility. The result was Allure, a dark chocolate comprised of cocoa beans from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Peru.

Allure demonstrates a strong cocoa start that carries through a round fruity finish. While traditionally most fruity chocolates lack a strong cocoa punch and cocoa-heavy varieties lack fruit, Chocolate Arts’ personal blend manifests and harmonizes these flavours, effectively capturing chocolate’s inscrutable universal charm and appeal.

Allure will be available in various prêt-à-manger chocolates and pastries at Chocolate Arts chocolate shop and café, as well as in various formats for home use. [ Keep reading ]

TEA & TWO SLICES | On Terrorist Sex Shops & Teachers Enduring A Twittering Shithead


by Sean Orr | Ha ha, Brazil! First you blew the World Cup, now this: Canada’s degradation of pristine, intact forests leads world. “Researchers suggest oil and gas industry plays a big role”. Thanks researchers, or as I like to call them, “the enemy”.

Why are they trying to stand in the way of our robust oil economy? Soaring Oil Debt: Returns diminish as energy companies resort to higher-cost, higher-risk hydrocarbons.

“In addition to seeing fewer vehicles on the road (a startling U.S. reality already), we shall also see lower wages (except in the hydrocarbon industry), rising food prices, rising personal debt loads, increased demands on governments increasingly short of revenue, explosive inequalities in wealth and rising political conflict”.

B.C. premier’s office says Christy Clark ‘lunch’ tweet is fake. The tweet may be fake, but the sentiment isn’t.

Not a fake tweet from Joey “Shithead” Keithley of legendary punk band DOA:

Which is to say that punk’s not dead. It just goes to bed earlier.

And you know you’re in trouble when Nickelback is more left-wing than you: Nickelback Creates a ‘Revolution’ With Brand-New Video. Hmm, millionaires co-opting the protest movement to sell stuff? Unheard of!

Related: The Total Annihilation of Life as We Know It.

War on error: Nelson sex shop makes love, not war as it deals with backlash of sharing name with Islamic extremism

Little did Fierro she know when she picked the Egyptian goddess named ISIS for her business, that one day it would be a name made infamous by beheadings and radical Islamic preaching and brutal violence that has been condemned around the world.

“We’ve had our fingers crossed that this will go away,” the store owner has reportedly said, coincidentally mimicking the same strategy employed by the United Nations.

Driving a wedge: Cyclists and pedestrians sometimes don’t mix on the mean streets of Vancouver. If only we could do something like – oh, I don’t know – make separated bike lanes?

Related: 20 people died last week because of…cars.

Tonight, there’s gonna be a jail break: TransLink blames latest system shutdown on passengers who broke out of train. Weird. I wonder where they got the idea that they’d be stranded for hours and not minutes?

Addressing both high housing costs and transit funding with one tax. Hey, maybe Gregor can talk about this idea during his campaign and then never implement it.

Meanwhile, calling all bankers, mining execs, and CEOs: Vancouver Affordable Housing Agency: Call for board directors.

Another day, another terrible “Gastown is hip” article: Gastown’s ‘fiercely local vibe’ makes it among the most stylish neighbourhoods in the world. New drinking game: take a sip every time someone calls Gastown “gritty”.

Bonus: Looking at the history of Vancouver’s alcohol-fueled underbelly.

GOODS | “Wildfire IPA” By Cannery Brewing Honours Those Who Fight BC’s Forest Fires

September 8, 2014 

Cannery Brewing is located at 112 – 1475 Fairview Rd. in Penticton, BC | 250-493-2723 | CanneryBrewing.com

The GOODS from Cannery Brewing Company

Penticton, BC | It was a long and busy summer for our nation’s wildland firefighters and emergency service workers that bravely fought so many forest fires in our region this year. As a tribute to those that work so hard to fight these fires, Cannery Brewing has brewed another limited release batch of Wildfire IPA.

Patt Dyck, owner of Cannery Brewing explained, “This unique dark IPA (India Pale Ale) started as a one-time limited release, but due to ongoing requests for this beer, it has now become an annual tradition that many look forward to. We are pleased to launch our 2014 Limited Release Wildfire IPA as we again thank the firefighters and emergency service workers that we desperately rely on each summer. We had so many fires burning in our region this year and we are so grateful for all that they do to keep us safe.”

As in previous years, to further acknowledge the work of these brave men and women, Cannery Brewing has partnered with the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (www.cfff.ca) and will provide a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer to the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Wayne Jasper, Director / LODD Application Committee Chairman for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation is thankful to partner with Cannery Brewing again this year. “The partnership between Cannery Brewing and the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation is a partnership that I am pleased to help grow each year. We appreciate both the financial support and the awareness that Cannery Brewing’s Wildfire IPA brings to the hardworking firefighters across our country and to the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. Our mission at CFFF is to honour and remember firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty and to support their families. Partnerships like this help us to deliver on these goals.”

Patt describes the Wildfire IPA as “intensely dark, but with malts that are subtle and smooth. While this beer has all of the hop bite that is expected of an IPA, that bite has been tamed by the addition of dark malts. It features both Simcoe and Amarillo hops. The dark colour is surprising and the layers of flavour are rewarding.”

The 2014 Limited Release Wildfire IPA is available now in Penticton at Cannery Brewing and at select liquor, craft beer stores and restaurants throughout BC. For a full list of locations carrying the Wildfire IPA, click here. This limited release is sure to fly off the shelves again very quickly. Once it’s gone, it’s gone again for another year. [ Keep reading ]