LOOKCITY | Caramel Pop-Up & Fall Fashion This Weekend At “The Barefoot Countessa”


by Robyn Yager | Fashion and sweets just belong together, don’t they? I’ve always thought it shocking that they don’t go hand-in-hand more often, so I was glad to see that others were of the same opinion when 1UP Caramels joined forces with The Barefoot Contessa for a month-long pop-up at the Main St. boutique. You can stop by the shop and check out the new Fall Collection and some locally crafted caramel goodness (think Beer Pretzel, Coconut, Lemon Iced Tea, and Pumpkin Spice). They’re perfect for a mid-shop pick me up, an after-picnic dessert, or as parting gifts for your out-of-town guests. The pop-up – which has been up and running every Saturday and Sunday this month from 11-6pm – ends after this weekend, so make sure you pay it a visit with your sweet tooth. For more 1UP Caramel products and news, check out their website here. The Barefoot Contessa is located at 3715 Main Street.


LOOKCITY | On The Uncommon But Wholly Excellent Look Of Summertime Seersucker


by Robyn Yager | Seersucker has a special place in my heart. It’s colourful, comfortable, practical for our mid-summer weather plus it reminds me of childhood summers vacationing with the family in the Okanagan Valley. Originally worn to keep cool, seersucker was popularized in the United States, particularly in the South (think Mark Twain, pictured above), where temperatures are high and proper etiquette included wearing a suit in any weather, frigid or scorching. Seersucker suits were worn by those less blessed in the area of wealth, until the fabric grew in popularity in the 1920′s as students began wearing it as a response to assumed snobbery.

“Seersucker” is an Urdu and Hindi phrase that translates as “milk and sugar” (the combination of smooth and wrinkled stripes is like the bumpy texture of milk and sugar). The intentional pucker of the fabric doesn’t settle directly on the skin, which allows for more room for air flow. The usually blue-white, pink-white, gray-white summer fabric can be found worldwide in a variety of products from short sleeved button-ups and dresses to shorts, shoes, and even housewares (dig those napkins!).

Some great seersucker pieces found in Vancouver

Roden Gray (8 Water St.) - Gitman Brothers Vintage Cherry Seersucker shirt ($210.00)
Inventory (45 Powell St.) - Beams Plus BD shirt in black Gingham ($111.00 – on sale)
The Block 350 West Cordova St.) - Dace Donald top ($110.00 – on sale)
Brooks Brothers (1026 Alberni St.) - Seersucker Dress ($260.00 – on sale)
Neighbour (12 Water St.) - Seersucker Tie in White and Tan ($75.00)
Harry Rosen (700 West Georgia St., Pacific Centre) - Gingham Seersucker Shorts ($225.00)
Haven (7 Goaler’s Mews) - Neighbourhood mixed patter button down ($245.00)
Joe Fresh (540 Granville St.) - Men’s seersucker short ($39.00)

Online goodies

Rachel Antonoff - Erin Seersucker shirt
Larose John G Hardy Seersucker Cap (via Opening Ceremony)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Neon Pink Multi Seersucker shorts (via Shopbop- on sale)
Faconnable Seersucker Swim shorts (via Mr. Porter)


LOOKCITY | On The Phosphorescent Dress That Comes Alive Whenever You Look At It

by Robyn Yager | Ying Gao, a Beijing-born contemporary artist whose work has spanned across interactive technology and fashion, has created one of the wackiest and most compellingly beautiful dresses we’ve ever seen (“a commentary on the trends that power the fashion cycle”). Her work, (No)where (Now)here, uses eye-tracking technology that sets her garments in motion when viewed (when we stop looking they stop moving). The effect is that of an unfamiliar sea animal, glowing and moving as we gaze at it.  Gao, who teaches fashion design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, says ”fashion is a reflection of time [...] the problem is that fashion and technology are the most volatile things in our society. As human beings we tend to like things that we know are fragile and ephemeral. So I think that people easily find fashion and technology beautiful, because unconsciously they know that they will disappear tomorrow.”


LOOKCITY: On Cat Peekaboo Back Tattoos & Dressing Up To Understand One Another


by Robyn Yager | Check out this documentary: Influencers. It addresses what exactly it means to be an “influencer” and how creativity becomes contagious in music, entertainment, and fashion. It’s a detailed look on how trends start, evolve, and what that means to creative industries.

Another Gravity Pope Outlet Sale runs from July 26-28th (11-6pm) at 24 West 7th Avenue. It includes both clothing and footwear, so you’ll definitely find some treats. As well as clearing out spring and summer items, Gravity Pope has got some pretty new Fall arrivals as well. Is it too early to start thinking about wool coats? Nope.

Vancouver’s very own Wings & Horns teams up with American fashion designer Steven Alan on a capsule collection made up of trousers, sweaters, button ups, scarves, and hats.

An article on Hypebeast asks: “is the internet making us all dress the same?”

“Major”, “bananas”, “arm party” – take a look at Fashionista.com’s list of fashion words that need to die. I’d have to say that the word “obsessed” needs to consider an exit as well.

Although our country’s birthday has passed, there’s nothing wrong with continuing to celebrate Canadian designers. Here’s Sharp Magazine’s All-Canadian men’s style guide featuring pieces by Gravity Pope, Philip Sparks, Harry Rosen, John Fluevog, and Mackage.

Why does fashion matter, if it does at all? Well, clothing is an integral part of how we understand each other, so I reckon that counts for something. Using examples from blue collar workers, criminals, and politicians, NPR’s discussion The Will To Adorn: What We Wear and What It Says About Us explores the meaning behind how and why we choose to dress in particular styles and weave cultural symbols into our looks.

For some creative inspiration, watch this stunning short film that Montecristo made in collaboration with Ballet BC using some of this season’s best fashion.

She a fashion killa is the tagline for Cecelia Doan’s site, “Shit Bloggers Wear”. The illustrator sketches that “it” item we see shamelessly slathered on nearly every personal style blog from those vintage Nike Air Max sneakers Phoebe Philo made famous to the Dimepiece “Aint No Wifey” beanie seen on Cara Delevigne. This Tumblr is a hilarious look at what it means to be a fashion blogger (and a reminder to not take fashion too seriously).

Speaking of bloggers, my current favourite is The Artful Desperado. It’s chalk full of gorgeously-styled photographs of food, drink, art, design, and fashion. Gabriel Cabrera was born in Mexico City and currently works and plays in Vancouver. The guy’s got excellent taste.

And now for some local looks: Meow! [1]; I saw this girl at Harvest on Union Street who had the most incredible nails I’ve ever seen. Neon green, black, white, and gem spiders, oh my [2]; grilled cheese, coral dress, leather bag and nude strappy sandals. That’s some perfect Food Cart Fest attire right there [3]; I loved this woman’s cork high-heels and polka dot skirt (seen outside Meat & Bread in the business district) Always a summertime classic [4]; T-shirt confessions at the Eastside Flea Market tent [5]; If you haven’t noticed yet, fruit prints are everywhere this summer. This girl gets extra points for finding a dress with a papaya on it! [6]; Love a simple script tattoo [7]; Seen at the Trench Gallery Monomania II opening, this girl was wearing a black and white dress resembling stars in a galaxy (top marks for amazing hair) [8].


LOOKCITY | Head To The Chinatown Night Market For A Glamour Do In A Pop-Up Salon


by Robyn Yager | Good, glamourous hair never goes out of style. Give me Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall, or Ava Gardner hair anytime! If you head down to the Chinatown Night Market this weekend, get your tresses done up Hollywood style by the pop-up salon known as Rock, Paper, Scissors. New York native, Michelle Grimm, is a freelance hair stylist who worked five years in the fashion trade for the likes of Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga. Her pop-up will be at the Market on July 19th and 20th accepting walk-ins. Check out their Facebook Page or shoot them an email for a consultation. Fortunately, Michelle has some fun things in the works for August, so follow her on Twitter and Instagram for updates.


LOOKCITY: On The Baron Karl Von Draise’s Awesome Two-Wheeled Fashion Accessory


by Robyn Yager | Originating in Germany in the 1800′s, the draisine, as invented by Baron Karl von Draise, was constructed without pedals and ridden by pushing the bike around with the feet. It is largely thought of as the archetype of what we consider the bicycle today. Later on, Pierre Michaux created another version of the vehicle with the addition of a crank (pedals). The bicycle craze of the 1890′s followed shortly thereafter. It was known as the Golden Age of Bicycles, where coasting was made possible by the invention of the rear freewheel making riding more leisurely and casual.

In terms of social impact, the bicycle was an efficient way to travel and carry cargo. Save for a little pedal power, the machines were fuel independent. It even considered a symbol of emancipation for the ladies, allowing the adoption of more casual clothing so that riding a bike was an easier and more comfortable activity. Thank you, bicycle!

Today, we can see bikes nearly everywhere: in the rain, snow, sleet, mountains, on the track and in the streets. Not only is it a fast and less expensive form of transportation, it’s also a means to project one’s personal style. With so many types to choose from and so many different variations, colours and add-ons, a bike can express individual tastes in ways that most other “accessories” can’t.


Rides A Bike
Vancouver Cycle Chic
Bike Pretty
Momentum Mag


Super Champions (245 Main Street)
Ride On Again Bikes (2255 West Broadway)
The Bike Gallery (4433 West 10th Avenue)
La Bicicletta (233 West Broadway)
Different Bikes (1421 West Broadway)
Dream Cycle (1010 Commercial Drive)
Bike Doctor (137 West Broadway)
Our Community Bikes (3283 Main Street)
Mac-Talla (2626 East Hastings)


LOOKCITY: Five Summery Items To Throw On When You Nonchalantly Roll Out Of Bed


by Robyn Yager | The key to looking hot/cool in summertime is looking comfortable. That effortless “I just rolled out of bed and threw this on while still looking as if I tried” is one of the most coveted looks. It’s not that tricky. Here are five cool things to help you pull it off…

1. APC Chambray shorts (a lighter alternative to heavy denim). If you like denim but can’t handle it in the heat, opt for chambray. This pair from APC are a higher waist short with a single back pocket. Wear ‘em with a plain white t-shirt or white linen button-up. Buy at The Block.

2. Saltwater Sandals. Most notably worn by 2-3 year olds (for good reason), these sandals make for some of the comfiest warm-weather footwear out there. They originated as an alternative to traditional children’s sandals during the leather shortages of World War II. They were made primarily from scrap leather left over from making men’s boots. Buy at The Barefoot Contessa.

3. Citizen Grace is an online boutique created by locals Shannon Heth and Christina Heemskerk. It carries mostly Vancouver-based designers like Wasted EffortMary Rich (see leather vest) and Wolf Circus. Their effort in pushing the city’s fashion talent is admirable and their sense of style is impeccable. What’s more, their motto is: ”don’t be the worlds version of perfect…that shit is boring”. Words to live by! Find them online here.

4. Since t-shirts are a natural go-to in summer, why not wear one with your favourite book cover design on it? Out of Print Clothing is a site that sells iconic book covers on basic shirts, sweaters, totes and other accessories. In addition, with every purchase they donate a book to a country in need through the Books for Africa organization. My pick? Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.

5. Lacc Beauty. La Couleur Couture is a Vancouver and New York-based vegan nail laquer company created without the use of harsh toxins and chemicals. I’m digging the nude colour. Find yours at Kiss & Make Up.


LOOKCITY: Wearing This & Building That; Fashion Paired Up With Local Architecture


Wear: Diesel Black Gold Resort 2014
Build: Vandusen Visitor Centre, 5251 Oak Street
Architect: Perkins + Will Architecture


Wear: Canali Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear
Build: The Marine Building, 355 Burrard Street
Architect: McCarter & Nairne


Wear: Zac Zac Resort 2014
Build: The MacMillan Bloedel Building, 1075 West Georgia
Architect: Arthur Erickson


Wear: Rag & Bone Resort 2014
Build: Vancouver Salt Company building, 181 1st Avenue West
Artchitect: restoration by Acton Ostry Architects


Wear: Jason Wu Resort 2014
Build: The Sun Tower, 128 West Pender Street
Architect: William Tuff Whiteway


Wear: Candela Resort 2014
Build: Flack Block, 163 West Hastings Street
Architect: William Blackmore with restoration by Acton Ostry Architects


Wear: Missoni Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear
Build: Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, 6265 Crescent Road
Architect: Bing Thom Architects



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She runs The Rain Season blog and is enthused by anything out of the ordinary. She loves art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

LOOKCITY: A Short Film On The Production & Manufacture Of A Sweet Pair Of Fluevogs

by Robyn Yager | If this video doesn’t make you covet a new pair of Fluevogs, I don’t know what will (I’m currently pining after the Brandenburg Light in blue).


LOOKCITY: Short “Vancouver Cycle Chic” Film Featuring Local Artist Simon Fleming

by Robyn Yager | Vancouver Cycle Chic has launched a film project profiling Vancouverites who ride bikes with style. Here is the first of its films, featuring local artist Simon Fleming, who brought over his gorgeous three-wheeled Dutch cargo bike from Ireland. Expect several similar films to follow.


LOOKCITY: On Stylish Cyclists, Women Of Paris & The Consequences Of Fast Fashion


by Robyn Yager | Hey Jude is launching their online shop soon with pieces from their Fall 2013 collection. These girls have style and an eye for vintage. An online shop seems like the natural next best thing. Keep your eyes peeled and follow them on Twitter for details.

Baudouin’s 75 Parisiennes is a photo collection celebrating every aspect of the Parisian woman. The collection-turned-coffee-table-book features 75 women all photographed in their actual homes (except for one in a store). According to Baudouin: “Coco Chanel, Ines de la Fressange, Catherine Deneuve are all icons but do not represent the true Parisienne!” Preview 30 images of the book here. (via The Genteel)

Preview Ruby Starling‘s Summer 2013 collection at HouseXGuest with ION Magazine on Wednesday May 29th. All proceeds from raffle sales go to the F*CK CANCER Charity. RSVP here.

In the spirit of Daft Punk‘s new album, Random Access Memories, check out the band styled by Hedi Slimane of Saint Laurent Paris. Who doesn’t love robots, sequins, and French electro?

Ooh la la! Commes Des Garcons x Converse.

Following the Rana Plaza collapse in April that killed more than 1,000 factory workers (now known as the deadliest disaster in garment industry history), fashion has been under more scrutiny than ever for its blatant disregard for working conditions in favour of the manufacturing of inexpensive clothes for cheap labour of which includes Canada’s Joe Fresh. More business of fast fashion and the Rana Plaza collapse herehere, and here.

The most stylish cyclists in town are throwing a film release party. Vancouver Cycle Chic, the North West component of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, is responsible for encouraging, documenting and supporting fashion friendly cycling in Vancouver. Their latest project, a series of short films featuring individuals who ride with style, debuts at Whoa! Nellie bikes (5935 Main Street) on June 1st. Stop by for a few drinks, music, and 4 short film screenings. Free admission. Details here.

Local looks and wants deciphered from the photographs up top…

1. Newsflash: denim is still in.

2. Gorgeous Charlotte Hosten rope necklace.

3. Nailpolish, nailpolish, and nailpolish.

4. Gorgeous printed collars in Obakki’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

5. Printed scarves of Obakki’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

6. Lauren Clark and Lyndsey Chowe at their Hey Jude fashion show during Eco Fashion Week.

7. Graphic tank (with photograph of South Sudanese cattle camp).

8. Obakki’s layered blouse with grid print overlay.

9. Printed silk shift dress printed with Sudanese landscape photograph by Obakki founder Treana Peake.



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She is enthused by anything out of the ordinary, loving art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

LOOKCITY: New Elytra Collection Lookbook Video From East Van’s Own “Wasted Effort”

by Robyn Yager | Check out Riley McMaster’s new video for Wasted Effort’s “Elytra Collection”. Giggle through the beer shotgunning and focus on the beautifully constructed geometric jewelry (that’s brass, by the way) from Marie Foxall, the local designer behind Wasted Effort. Each piece is cut, shaped, soldered and polished by hand, drawing inspiration from “clean lines, straightforward design, quality construction and badass attitudes” (as evidenced by the can-kicking, log burning, and $50 bill bra-whipping in the video). You can shop it all online here.


LOOKCITY: Five Questions With Leighann Boquist Of South Granville’s Oliver & Lilly’s


by Robyn YagerOliver & Lilly’s is located on 1520 West 13th Avenue in the South Granville neighbourhood. The store is perfect for finding essential and high-quality classic pieces including APC denim, Steven Alan button-ups, and Charlotte Hosten jewelry. This summer they’ll be relocating to West 6th Avenue (between Fir and Granville), sharing the same air as Beaucoup Bakery.

How long has Oliver & Lilly’s been open for and what made you decide on the South Granville neighbourhood? South Granville was the perfect place for us to start Oliver & Lilly’s. We live in the neighbourhood, love its history, and can walk to work (super ideal). This August, we will be celebrating our 5th anniversary.

How would you describe the store’s style and what kinds of pieces do you look for when choosing what to carry? We really gravitate towards effortless and understated ways of dressing. Building our buy around a base of essentials and working from there. I love my jeans & tee’s and need a dress now and again too. So, I’ll mix the store up with that in mind. Most importantly the clothing has to be livable, well-made, and functional.

How would you describe Vancouver’s style? Vancouver has a great mix of style; from laid back to super chic. It’s a stylish city.

What is one item you believe everyone girl should own in their wardrobe? A pair of Black High Rise Skinny Jeans.

Where do you find inspiration in your own style and for Oliver and Lilly’s? Sunday mornings, my girlfriends, certain genres of films, and some street style, too. I fill our Tumblr page with all things thereof, and use that as our inspiration board.

Follow Oliver & Lilly’s here (blog), here (Facebook), and here (Twitter).



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She is enthused by anything out of the ordinary, loving art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

LOOKCITY: On Gravity Pope’s Outlet Sale And Downtown’s Second Coming Of J.Crew

by Robyn Yager | Kitsilano’s always dependable Gravity Pope is having an Outlet Sale starting this Thursday, May 9th (runs until May 12th). The shop has some of the best threads and footwear in the city. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Vancouver’s second location of J.Crew opens up on May 22nd at Pacific Centre. Ho hum. (via Vancouver Sun)

Want to know the real reason behind Nicholas Guesquiere’s departure from Balenciaga? Ooh, the ugliness of politics in fashion!

The Globe & Mail asks: Why shop Canadian?

Canadian denim brand Mavi teams up with two time award-winning British designer Hussein Chalayan for a Spring/Summer 2013 denim capsule collection. (via Style.com)

Community Thrift and Vintage on Cordova Street is in need of some part time help starting in June. That’s three to four days a week in the shop as well as picking out vintage. Think you’ve got what it takes to hunt and sell kickass vintage? Email them for more details.

Get your athleticism on in some pretty new shoes! Nike and Liberty of London have teamed up again for some fun footwear. I’m down for the pink Nike Air Max with yellow flowers (so pretty and functional). Check them here. (via Hearty Magazine)

Weirdly continuing on with the sports theme, check out this collection of designer sporting gear featuring croquet sets, boxing gloves, surfboards, and a bicycle saddle. Unnecessary? Yes. Sweet? Undeniably. (via Sharp Magazine)

The wait is over: Target is now open in B.C (Coquitlam Centre). However, in true Canadian fashion, the American chain leaves much to be desired. (via CBC). Also…boo.

The late Isabelle Blow’s wardrobe is set to go on display at Somerset House in London this November. The eccentric fashionista who passed away in 2007 after battling depression is noted for the discovery of Alexander McQueen and milliner Philip Treacy. The exhibition a collaborative effort between the Isabella Blow Foundation and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. (via Telegraph)

Local looks and wants deciphered from the photographs up top…

1. Statement necklaces would look great with a simple white tee and denim shorts.

2. A floral print London Alexander button up.

3. Imagine combat boots and a pretty white spring dress. Why not?

4. Colourful striped dress and a crystal necklace by Rish Jewelry.

5. A good-looking Instagram battle.

6. Stripes and sportcoat. Looking stylish for a wine preview at Nouvelle Nouvelle.

7. Ora bags are a great and hassle free piece to lug your beach stuff around.

8. Mount Pleasant Athletic Club - get your workout on this this shirt.



Robyn Yager is the style reporter for Scout Magazine. She is enthused by anything out of the ordinary, loving art, striped shirts, macchiatos, classic literature and picking through thrift stores for unique treasures. Her mission is to inspire Vancouverites in their sartorial choices and to see beauty and style everywhere.

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