DINER: Food Network Star Anthony Sedlak Found Dead In His North Van Apartment

Anthony Sedlak is dead at the age of 29. His body was discovered in his North Vancouver apartment on Friday night. Word is he died as a consequence of an “undiagnosed medical condition”. What a shame. Our condolences to his family.

DINER: After A Year Off The Radar, Chef Anthony Sedlak Returns…For Cheesesteak?

I didn’t see this coming. After backing out of the Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe prior to its Olympic opening, young Food Network star Anthony Sedlak sort of disappeared off Scout’s radar. He has apparently returned to open a cheesesteak restaurant called The American Cheesesteak Co. at 781 Davie at Howe. Their latest tweet has them open tonight (officially at some point in November) and, from the looks of the visuals on their website (screenie below), I suspect that their conceptual designer went to Meat & Bread and Commune Cafe a few times.

It’s not clear from the PR if this is the beginnings of a chain (looks like the first move in a franchise attempt) or if Sedlak is an owner. Either way, they’re pushing his name heavy, so expect to see a lot of press. What to make of it? British Columbians enjoy places that do one thing exceptionally well, and nobody has done a really good Philly cheesesteak (that I know of) since Overtime in Victoria back in the early 90′s. The time is especially ripe for the indulgent tradition to tear us all a new one, and hitching a concept to a young star like Sedlak is smart politics. Prediction: double platinum. PR after the jump… Read more

Meet Corner Suite Chef & Food Network Star Anthony Sedlak

Our interview with Anthony Sedlak, star of the Food Network show The Main and the executive chef at the Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe, the highly anticipated new off-Robson joint from restaurateurs Andre McGillivray and Steve Da Cruz. Read more

Food Media Omnibus #546: On Eating Bugs At Vij’s And Forking Out $17 For Vanilla Salt

November 19, 2011 

by Claire Lassam | Presenting Scout’s weekly Food Media Omnibus, a collection of links to the local and international food stories of the day…

The New York Times preps you up for holiday parties with 12 classic drinks using only gin, bourbon, and sweet vermouth. And there goes my weekend…

With food carts popping up everywhere these days, it’s nice to know that at least somewhere the lowly-but-wonderful hot dog is still going strong, even if it means sticking it inside a hamburger, which doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.  The LA Times checks in.

The Georgia Straight catches up with David Hawksworth’s latest at the Bel Cafe, and chats up Jacob Sweetapple about the new drinks at Chambar.

Anthony Sedlak’s latest gig heading up a cheesesteak chain is discussed in the Westender. Even after reading several articles on the topic it’s still weird to see those words next to each other. Anthony Sedlak + Cheesesteak?

Foodist gives a rare restaurant review in praise of Le Crocodile.

As someone who buys $17 vanilla salt, I should probably print out this article in the Guardian on high end salt and take it with me the next time I walk into Gourmet Warehouse. Oy.

When I first moved into my apartment, I ate Memphis Blues pulled pork sandwhich and a glass of champagne as my first meal. The North Shore News now tells me that a Pinot Gris would have been a better pairing.

Alexandra Gill eats bugs at Vij’s and sounds pretty okay with it.

The Province gives some insight into what makes supermarket food “artisan”.

I realize I’ve given you a few links to drinks this week, but seriously…honey bourbon. I think you need this. I think I do too.

For breakfast tomorrow, you should probably make these quince pancakes from Saveur.

And lastly, my idol David Leibowitz made an iphone app for pastry shopping in Paris.


Claire Lassam is a baker, blogger, and freelance writer based in East Van. She has been cooking and baking her way through the city for nearly five years, working in restaurants ranging from Cioppino’s to Meat & Bread. She currently toils at the soon-to-open Cadeaux Bakery in Railtown and runs the baking blog  Just Something Pretty.


GOODS: Local Four Seasons Chef Ned Bell Gets Ready For Friday’s “Gold Medal Plates”

November 1, 2011 

YEW Restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Vancouver at 791 West Georgia St | 604.692.4939 | YewRestaurant.com

The GOODS from YEW restaurant + bar

Vancouver, BC | The culinary team at YEW restaurant + bar and Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver are very excited to compete in Gold Medal Plates this Friday evening, November 4. Led by Executive Chef Ned Bell, a previous event competitor, this represents Four Seasons’ first time in the culinary challenge. Truly a battle of Vancouver’s very best, Bell will be competing against ten very accomplished chefs from British Columbia. YEW restaurant + bar and Four Seasons Vancouver are paired up with BC wine phenomenon, Black Hills Estate Winery. Bell and his team, which includes executive sous chef Craig Dryhurst and sommelier Emily Walker, have been working hard to wow guests, judges and Olympians.  ”We have upped our game,” says Bell.  ”We can’t wait to showcase YEW’s new seafood concept and the talent and innovation on our team with a sophisticated twist on ‘surf and turf.’” Of course the specifics must remain confidential until Friday evening. Good luck team! Read more

Scout List: Our Eclectic Agenda For Discerning Vancouverites…

The main objective of this website is to scout out and promote the things that make Vancouver such a sweet place to be. We do this with an emphasis on the city’s independent spirit to foster a sense of connectedness within and between our communities, and to introduce our readers to the people who grow and cook our food, play the raddest tunes in our better venues, create our most interesting art, and design everything from what we wear to the spaces we inhabit.

The Scout List is our carefully considered, first rate agenda of super awesome things that we’re either doing, wishing that we could do, or conspiring to do this week. From our calendar to yours…

If you know of something cool going on in the city and you think we should consider adding it to our list, please send the details to michelle at scoutmagazine dot ca. Read more

The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe Opens For Friends And Family…

January 31, 2010 


A pal of mine and I were about town last night and were happily surprised to find The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe with the paper off the windows and some friends and family in, finally. So we snuck in for a first sip, taste, and look at what the long awaited new restaurant had to offer. It’s a cool-looking space. See for yourselves. They’re closed Monday, but they might open for real this Tuesday once they get their final piece of paper from the city. Take a look in the video below and scroll even further down for a few dozen photos of the exterior and interior, as well as the few plates of food that we sampled… Read more

Food Media Omnibus #533: If Main St. Fire Opened Door For Earls…

November 19, 2009 


The morning after the Main St. fire that destroyed Slickety Jim's, Zocalo, Kishu Island Sushi, and Lugz.


In the Westender, I take in the simple comforts scene at Timbre on Commercial Drive.

In the Georgia Straight, Tara Lee talks boozy sauces, Jurgen Gothe goes off on an entertaining wine-making philosophy safari; and Craig Takeuchi writes a para on Robson’s frenetic Donburi-ya.

In the Vancouver Courier, Tim Pawsey writes up Chambar’s new signature beer.

In the Globe and Mail, Alexandra Gill falls for Gastown’s new hotspot, Pourhouse.

In the North Shore News, Deana Lancaster reports on a Cornucopia lunch with Crave/Fraiche chef Wayne Martin.

In the Toronto Star, we learn that seal meat lands on the menu at Parliament Hill (psst…Liberation BC…go fetch).

In the Vancouver Sun, Denise Ryan tries to get the tears a-flowin’ over the fiery death of Slickety Jim’s with a line-up of old school brunch alternatives. It’s kind of hard when another Canwest story thinks the fire happened in a “strip mall”. They should be more careful. With such provocative language, they might attract an Earls. Read more

Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Anticipated “Corner Suite”


I toured the still unfinished Corner Suite today. The highly anticipated downtown restaurant-to-be starring Food Network celebrity chef Anthony Sedlak and the front of house talents of Steve Da Cruz and Andre MacGillivray is very nearly there. Cross your fingers for a November opening… Read more

The New Van Mag Feature On The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe…


- Scarfing cheese in The Corner Suite's test kitchen with executive chef Anthony Sedlak

My new Van Mag feature on the coming of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe is now available in print and online. Excerpts and the link to the original after the leap. Read more

Van Mag Telling The Story Of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe


Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe co-owners Andre McGillivray and Steve Da Cruz at rest in their new digs | PHOTO - AM

The highly anticipated restaurant is still under construction (the Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe won’t launch until July), but that doesn’t mean it won’t be interesting until after its doors are opened… Read more

Anticipation Poll: The Diamond, Corner Suite Or The Pourhouse


This is a tough one. I’m looking forward to all three of the following options, and have the utmost confidence in their individual abilities and relative likelihood of success, even in a shit poor economy. But if I had to pick just one…gosh…I just couldn’t do it. Here, you do it.

Which ONE of the following restaurants should serve brunch?

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For those requiring some background…

The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe

Propreitors Steve Da Cruz and Andre McGillivray with executive chef Anthony Sedlak,

Propreitors Steve Da Cruz and Andre McGillivray with executive chef Anthony Sedlak,

Opening day: early July

From the Anticipated Openings list (LINKAGE):

Former Boneta co-owner and Le Crocodile/Lumiere/Chambar managerial alumnus Andre McGillivray has partnered up with barman Steve Da Cruz (Boneta and most recently on the wood at Gastropod). Together they’ve secured the old Piccolo Mondo location (most recently Saveur) at 850 Thurlow, just off the Robson drag. They’re releasing no details on the concept or the plan just yet, but with the players involved I think it’s safe to assume that we might be looking at a cocktail-forward and service driven joint with very good food. I’m imagining a downtown cousin of Chambar and Boneta. The bigger news is that the executive chef is going to be none other than Anthony Sedlak, local boy and star of the Food Network show, The Main. This is Anthony’s first executive role, which means this is likely just as exciting for him as it is for his legions of fans.

The Diamond


Josh Pape and Mark Brand, co-owners of The Diamon (not pictured is their partner, Sophie Taverner )

Opening day: May 2009

From the Anticipated Openings list (LINKAGE):

With principals that are among the city’s top bartenders – Mark Brand, the 2006 Van Mag Bartender of the Year and co-owner of Boneta; ex-Chambar bar manager Josh Pape; and Sophie Taverner, formerly of The Cascade – they could have called themselves The Ghengis Khan Soda Shack & Swizzle Bar and they’d still likely open to a sustained packed house. Located upstairs at 6 Powell St overlooking Gassy Jack Square, the sixty seat bar and restaurant is called The Diamond. They’ve picked up Christie Peters (ex-Feenies, Chow) and Pierre Natarani (ex-Feenies, Boneta, Medina) to run the small, easy Asian-themed kitchen (gyozas, ramen, etc), and Chambar’s Charles Ainsbury is on his way down to join the bar team as well (the world’s youngest Bartender of the Year, from Australia). The business is a two fronted thing, with days seeing it run as a bartending school, something that will hopefully help elevate the bar scene from its rye and coke doldrums. They’ll also be offering spirit seminars to folks who want to sip and learn prior to heading out on the town, not unlike the many wine tasters you might see at Salt just around the corner. But it’s from 5:30pm until midnight (Thurs-Sun) that The Diamond will likely shine brightest.

The Pourhouse


Opening day: late summer 2009

From the Anticipated Openings list (LINKAGE):

It’s about time the journeyman settled down! He’s worked a lot of places over the years (and has accrued a great many of fans and regulars), so this has the reassuring ring of permanence to it. I just spent a week with him in Kentucky on the Bourbon Trail, so I’ve seen first hand how much he appreciates his spirits (it’s terrifying).

So where’s the new place going to be? According to an email from Jay, it’s “the old Flux location in Gastown, just southeast of the Steam clock.” There’ll be 160 seats in total, with 25 at the bar. The concept? “Spirit focused, back to basics drinking and eating.” Huzzah!

Regular readers will recall the flame out of Flux, the concept-less joint at 162 Water St. that tried (if I recall correctly) to mix chocolate with sushi. I always thought it was a prime location, and ripe for folks with either solid name recognition and talent or people with lots of money to buy both. Jay will knock it out of the park here.

Jones’ partner is executive chef Chris Irving, who worked at the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino and West before moving to the UK to toil under the direction of Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay at Restaurant Petrus in London.

All Anticipated Openings



3 Stars Combine For 1 Joint, The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe


The cast and crew of The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe: Steve Da Cruz, Andre McGillivray, and chef Anthony Sedlak.

This one is being played pretty tight to the chest, but I’ve been on it for awhile and now have at least some of the details confirmed (and others denied).

Former Boneta co-owner and Le Crocodile/Lumiere/Chambar managerial alumnus Andre McGillivray has partnered up with barman Steve Da Cruz (Boneta and most recently on the wood at Gastropod). Together they’ve secured the old Piccolo Mondo location (most recently Saveur) at 850 Thurlow, just off the Robson drag. They’re releasing no details on the concept or the plan just yet, but with the players involved I think it’s safe to assume that we might be looking at a cocktail-forward and service driven joint with very good food. I’m imagining a downtown cousin of Chambar and Boneta.

The bigger news is that the executive chef is going to be none other than Anthony Sedlak, local boy and star of the Food Network show, The Main. This is Anthony’s first executive role, which means this is likely just as exciting for him as it is for his legions of fans.


The Wiki on Sedlak:

Anthony L. Sedlak is a Canadian chef, and the host of Food Network Canada’s The Main. He was born in Prince George, British Columbia and grew up in North Vancouver.

At age 13, Sedlak began bussing at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria. He was soon promoted to the resort’s main kitchen at 14, where he worked as production cook for what was then Bar 98. By 16 he was working at the Grouse Nest restaurant (now The Observatory). During this time he completed the Culinary Art Program at Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver, followed by a four-year apprenticeship program at Vancouver Community College.

Following the advice of Sylvain Cuerrier, the executive chef for Grouse Mountain, 20-year-old Sedlak joined the team at La Trompette restaurant in West London where he worked under Chef Olivier Couillaud. With the experience and knowledge gained at La Trompette Sedlak returned to Grouse Mountain Resorts where he was offered the position of sous-chef at The Observatory.

At 22, with the help of Chef Harold Bonkowski, head of the culinary arts department at VCC, Sedlak was selected as Canada’s representative for the 2006 Hans Bueschken World Junior Chef Challenge in Auckland. He came away with a silver medal.

A few months later Sedlak won Food Network’s Superstar Chef Challenge II. After the win he left The Observatory to shoot The Main which premiered on 1 October 2007.

And the rest is history. With The Main just wrapped their fourth year of filming, Sedlak – a cookbook author to boot – has now become a national brand.

The trio have only just taken possession, and they’re looking at a significant reconstruction. Opening day is ambitiously scheduled for July 1st, with 130 seats in total.

The name of their restaurant project? “The Corner Suite Bistro De Luxe”.

All Anticipated Openings



Big Lou’s Butcher Shop


269 Powell Street | Vancouver, BC
Telephone: (604-566-9229
Web: www.biglousbutchershop.com
Facebook | Twitter | Blog


The People

Proprietors: Allan Bosomworth & Karl Gregg
Operations Manager: Mark Ignacz
Chef De Cuisine: Aaron Chan
Head Butcher: Andy Sedlak
Retail Manager: Karl Gregg

About Big Lou’s Butcher Shop

Located in a bright heritage storefront at the corner of Gore and Powell Streets, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop has brought traditional European boucherie-inspired butchery and preparation to Vancouver’s East side culinary community and residents. Big Lou’s combines a retail butcher operation, a New York-style deli sandwich counter, boucherie-based catering services, butchery classes and a unique event and dining space into one place.

In a tribute to old world butcher shops, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop supplies a diverse selection of meats from award-winning local suppliers like Polderside, Pemberton Meadows, Sloping Hills and Two Rivers along with seasonal game and imports. The shop is hands-on, with a focus on head-to-tail butchery and in-house handmade products like sausage, charcuterie, stocks and sauces–all made as much as possible using our own home-grown herbs. The guiding principle throughout is to have all processing done in house under the watchful eye of our team. To serve the full spectrum local residents, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop also stocks a selection of certified meats and poultry alongside the small farm choices to offer the widest range of price points to customers.

Led by chefs Karl Gregg and Allan Bosomworth, Big Lou’s Butcher Shop is in the traditional butcher shop style with an in-house cutting area, large display case and expert staff crisply-dressed in traditional oxford shirts and aprons. Along with meats, the product offering also includes an ever-changing menu of house made fresh sausages, charcuterie, pates, stocks, gravies, demi-glaces, and other dressings and ingredients. The focus on rubs, marinades and grilling accompaniments makes Big Lou’s the one stop for expert advice and quality ingredients before any BBQ.

The sandwich counter is dedicated to true deli-style sandwiches built around traditional cooked, cured and smoked meats. All the sandwiches are built around great flavours built into fresh breads and detailed authentic recipes. Reflecting the diversity of the City, sandwich favourites include the Banh Mi and Bulgogi Chicken alongside classics like in-house made Pastrami, Porchetta, Roast Beef and Meatball.

Big Lou’s Butcher Shop also offers catering and butchery classes The catering is based on the deli menu and also includes with a range of custom menu options and special requests. Big Lou’s is also available for event including reception style or seated dinners in the great naturally-lit, character shop space. The market-driven menus will emphasize rustic French and Italian tastes and focus on integrating fresh, sustainable Pacific Northwest ingredients into those two great food cultures. Butchery classes span sausage-making and basic butchery to whole carcass work and game butchery.

Butchery is again at the forefront of food culture in Vancouver and Big Lou’s has been a leader in reintroducing traditional, artisanal butchery skills to Vancouver’s vibrant food scene.

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