Pork & Goat Cheese Ravioli Icarus At ‘Cibo Trattoria’

Everything about the dish reminded me of what I'd just been writing about -- of spring being hesitant of summer, of all the attempts and feints towards the real thing.

Cheap, Saturday-Only Lamb Consomme At Molli Cafe On Burrard St.

The quality and consistency is nothing short of remarkable, pronouncing the value in bold relief. If you've never heard of Molli, you need to go!

The Sound That Tells Vancouverites It Is Time To Break For Lunch

"It’s so much fun seeing the startled expressions on tourist faces down by Canada Place when the noon horns sound."

Escaping The Rain For The Perfect Dish At Hawksworth

We're talking perfectly pan-roasted scallops and plump, pumpkin-stuffed agnolotti flavoured with sage and garnished with crumbled hazelnuts and thin shavings - whispers, really - of pine mushroom.

What Local Doubters Call A Neighbourhood Targeted By Developers

"With so many fancy coffee shops and new high-rises on the way, __________ is 'The Next Yaletown'..."