Portable Pad Thai From Angus An’s New ‘Sen Pad Thai’

The counter-service eatery is located in the Net Loft section of the island, with a menu loaded with Pad riffs (eg. Pad Ki Mao, Khao Pad, Pad Ga Pao, Pad Pu Sen Chan, among others).

Summery Mint & Pea Tagliarini At ‘Osteria Savio Volpe’

Few things confirm summer's arrival more convincingly than these two ingredients, their bright flavours sending the signal loud and clear to my brain.

Longtail Kitchen’s Curry With Prawns & Pepper Squid

Bring a friend and share the hell out of it with some palate-feisty pepper squid and then mop the rice studded remains up with freshly hand-pulled roti -- an affordable (not to mention Skytrain-accessible) holiday on a tray!

Gastown’s PiDGiN Makes Fried Mantou Buns Very Happy

Rather than stuffing the eggplant with its best friends (garlic, onions, tomatoes, various spices), they make a spread of it with miso and garnishes the resulting smear brightly with marinated tomato and olive oil.

South Africa’s Blankbottle 2015 ‘Moment Of Silence’

Seek and taste now, because there’s every assurance this exact wine will never be again. For the better. Crazy good value for this level of everything.

Pork & Goat Cheese Ravioli Icarus At ‘Cibo Trattoria’

Everything about the dish reminded me of what I'd just been writing about -- of spring being hesitant of summer, of all the attempts and feints towards the real thing.

The Final St. Lawrence Pop-Up Preview Before Opening

If the dinner I enjoyed last night was any indication of what Vancouverites can expect of the 45 seater when it opens in June, I think we're in for a real treat...

Hummus In Delicious Variety At South Granville’s ‘Jamjar’

You set yourself up for few surprises when you dig into a dish with a recipe that is almost a thousand years old.

‘Sons Of Vancouver’ Coffee Liqueur — Launches Today

Without naming names, I can tell you this is NOTHING like that coffee liqueur that Mom spikes her morning cup of coffee with over the holidays...

Going Off The Comfort Food Deep End At ‘Ruth & Dean’

Put Ruth & Dean solidly in the 'must try' column on your next Victoria visit. Bonus: excellent cookies and cakes of legend.

Niepoort ’14 Dialogo From The Douro Valley In Portugal

Youthful raspberry, blackberry, wild blueberry, thorns ride a juicy and jubilant palate, brought back to earth by earthy, savoury and youthfully fierce, fine tannins...

Cadeaux Bakery’s Superb S’mores Cookie Sandwiches

The magic starts with two soft Belgian chocolate chip cookies. These are dreamy in and of themselves, but when you connect them by loading up the space between with a creamy nugget of decadent chocolate ganache hidden by a ring of toasted Swiss meringue...

Joe Pizza’s Return Includes New, Improved ‘Al Taglio’ Pies

I always find it useful to try the weird stuff first when assessing a pizza joint for the first time. Why? Because while big, bold flavours can help mask shitty doughs and thin sauces, they also test the reach of good doughs and great sauces...

Locally Distilled ‘Lohin McKinnon’ Single Malt Whisky

On the nose, I was right away taken back to the Highlands. Notes of stone fruit, vanilla and the charred American oak of the barrel hit the senses. On the palate, there were silky layers of honey, candied citrus and a subtle, peppery finish.

Brandy-Soaked Mincemeat Pies From The Pie Shoppe

The mincemeat tarts are 100% vegetarian and loaded up with apricots, raisins, dried blueberries, figs, prunes, dates, candied orange and grapefruit, apples, cranberries, a spice mix that includes ginger, close, nutmeg and cinnamon, and a whole lot of Clovis brandy

Locally Made ‘Brine Adams’ Pickles Cut Like A Knife

I just enjoyed my first Brine Adams pickle this afternoon (with a grilled gouda and red wine prosciutto sandwich) and it was crunchy and fragrant with a long, pleasantly dilly aftertaste...

The Sneaky Good Fried Chicken At Kitsilano’s ‘Lucky Taco’

The $6 beauty starts with a gluten-free El Comal tortilla, which stands firm to a sweet and spicy onslaught of crunch, chew, repeat.

Escaping The Rain For The Perfect Dish At Hawksworth

We're talking perfectly pan-roasted scallops and plump, pumpkin-stuffed agnolotti flavoured with sage and garnished with crumbled hazelnuts and thin shavings - whispers, really - of pine mushroom.

First Taste Of The Arbor — Coming Soon To 3941 Main St.

I don't usually surrender to faux trickery, but wow...

‘Stranger Wings’ Pizza At Chinatown’s New Virtuous Pie

Pizza is like a beautiful planet subject to a clockwork system of divine decadence orbited by the delicious likes of mozzarella, capicola, prosciutto, burrata, parm-reggie, and sausage. It might suffer the occasional asteroid or meteor (eg. melanzano, funghi, pesto, tartufo), but the impacts are absorbed, never resulting in absolute extinction.

Torafuku’s Hickory Smoked & Miso-Buttered Corn Pucks

Chef/owner Clement Chan splits a cob into pucks, smokes them with hickory, drenches them in clingy-thick miso butter (which pools fantastically at the bottom of the bowl) and attacks them with crispy tempura bits and green onions before dropping a few spice-tossed pieces of popcorn on top for giggles.

Harmony In A Bright, Busy Bowl At Ed’s Daily On Powell St.

Ed's is a bit out of the way on a quick-moving stretch of a one-way street, but it's a wonderful little midday hideaway. The kitchen knows what they're doing, even if they allow you to do some of the doing yourself.

Wind Gap Trousseau Gris From The Russian River Valley

The vibrant, lively wine is incidentally white; a white skinned grape made like it was a red wine with an alluring depth of salty herbal fruit and bitter pear through to the finish.

Thick-Cut Pastrami Reuben At The Fraserhood’s Mensch

It was a little on the fatty side (more pronounced with a thick cut), but don't take that as a negative; it just means more flavour...

Summer Thyme Refreshment At ‘Cabrito’ On The Drive

Mezcal margarita sees its Cointreau, lime, and agave lit up with the booze-alleviating sting of grapefruit and a seriously summery herbaceous hint of thyme ("tomillo" is Spanish for thyme).

Brunching It Up At ‘Campagnolo Roma’ On East Hastings

Of note was the "Tutto" plate of housemade sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, roasted potatoes, two fried eggs, and toasted bread; and the Frittata alla Patata...

Chambar’s Mainstay Sure Thing Breakfast Of Champions

Slow-cooked braised beef served in a skillet with balsamic cipollini onions, applewood smoked cheddar, watercress, potatoes and sunny-side up eggs -- I had forgotten just how filling and satisfying this meal is...

Off-Menu Burger At Crowbar Might Be Vancouver’s Best

The flavour of the beef is amplified rather than masked, and it fits nicely in the hand, maintaining its structural integrity from first bite to last...