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I don't usually surrender to faux trickery, but wow...

‘Stranger Wings’ Pizza At Chinatown’s New Virtuous Pie

Pizza is like a beautiful planet subject to a clockwork system of divine decadence orbited by the delicious likes of mozzarella, capicola, prosciutto, burrata, parm-reggie, and sausage. It might suffer the occasional asteroid or meteor (eg. melanzano, funghi, pesto, tartufo), but the impacts are absorbed, never resulting in absolute extinction.

Torafuku’s Hickory Smoked & Miso-Buttered Corn Pucks

Chef/owner Clement Chan splits a cob into pucks, smokes them with hickory, drenches them in clingy-thick miso butter (which pools fantastically at the bottom of the bowl) and attacks them with crispy tempura bits and green onions before dropping a few spice-tossed pieces of popcorn on top for giggles.

Harmony In A Bright, Busy Bowl At Ed’s Daily On Powell St.

Ed's is a bit out of the way on a quick-moving stretch of a one-way street, but it's a wonderful little midday hideaway. The kitchen knows what they're doing, even if they allow you to do some of the doing yourself.

Wind Gap Trousseau Gris From The Russian River Valley

The vibrant, lively wine is incidentally white; a white skinned grape made like it was a red wine with an alluring depth of salty herbal fruit and bitter pear through to the finish.

Thick-Cut Pastrami Reuben At The Fraserhood’s Mensch

It was a little on the fatty side (more pronounced with a thick cut), but don't take that as a negative; it just means more flavour...

Summer Thyme Refreshment At ‘Cabrito’ On The Drive

Mezcal margarita sees its Cointreau, lime, and agave lit up with the booze-alleviating sting of grapefruit and a seriously summery herbaceous hint of thyme ("tomillo" is Spanish for thyme).

Brunching It Up At ‘Campagnolo Roma’ On East Hastings

Of note was the "Tutto" plate of housemade sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, roasted potatoes, two fried eggs, and toasted bread; and the Frittata alla Patata...

Chambar’s Mainstay Sure Thing Breakfast Of Champions

Slow-cooked braised beef served in a skillet with balsamic cipollini onions, applewood smoked cheddar, watercress, potatoes and sunny-side up eggs -- I had forgotten just how filling and satisfying this meal is...

Off-Menu Burger At Crowbar Might Be Vancouver’s Best

The flavour of the beef is amplified rather than masked, and it fits nicely in the hand, maintaining its structural integrity from first bite to last...

Veneto’s Excellent, Smashable Angiolino Maule Masieri

A fine slick of earthy lees oils the bottom of the palate, while herbal lemon oil-laced acidity brightens the whole to a lightly grippy finish. You rock up to a party carrying one of these beauties and you are the party.

A Perfect Summer Feast At JoieFarm’s Idyllic ‘Picnique’

If you find yourself exploring the Okanagan this summer, aim here and take your sweet time...

Fresh Taste Of Summer At ‘Burdock & Co.’ On Main Street

Chef Andrea Carlson and her team create dishes that are beautiful and immediate reflections of BC's bounty, and most deliciously so in summer...

Goodness Rolled Tight & To Go At Gastown’s Burrito Bar

Filled with crispy karaage-style chicken, guacamole, rice, shredded cabbage, cilantro, black chili mayo and sriracha, these beauties are pretty damn satisfying...

Superb, Bittersweet ‘Amaro’ Made In North Vancouver

A couple of young fellows from North Van recently dove head first into the Amaro game, and their subtly sweet, silky smooth Italian style bitter is the best I’ve tried in BC.

Bridge Brewing Co.’s Brilliant Side Cut North East IPA

With a full, well-rounded mouth feel and a resiny, grapefruity aftertaste, Side Cut makes a pretty strong impression, and is a brilliant intro to a relatively new (albeit disputed) "style" of IPA.

Kitten Swish – 2014 ‘Target Practice’ Cabernet Franc

Though full bodied and generous, long tannins are spun silk textured and acidity is naturally lifted. Quite pretty, while powerful, this is a unique cabernet franc worth setting your sights on.

The Rye Stout From ‘Doan’s Craft Brewery’ In East Van

With a mouthfeel that similarly starts out supple and rich, only to be cut by a firm, dry finish, Doan’s rye stout is an inventive yet honest take on a classic style that is well-deserving of its recognition as BC's best stout.

Faia Vin Blanc 2014 From Loire’s Mai & Kenji Hodgson

Tight green apple, white honey, delicate white florals, savoury broken stone, mandarin pith and bitter herbs glide on the palate's lightly leesy chenin sheen through to the lengthy finish...