When You Get Caught in West Van's Nightmare Traffic Scenario

"Hey, yeah...sorry...I'm going to be late. I'm stuck in ferry traffic near the top of Taylor Wait."

The 104 Year Old Shop with Its Days Numbered on the Edge of Chinatown

"After Tosi's finally leaves the block, then what? More condos that no one can afford?"

Pulling Double Duty as Public Transportation and Cheap Cruise Since 1977

"Dude, I know your condo is just a SeaBus ride away but it might as well be the fucking moon..."

How Vancouver Tries To Protect Its Spectacular Views from Indifferent Developers

“Protecting a view corridor is just one of the many ways in which City Hall can take a brave stand against the developers who bankroll them…”

The White Bicycles One Occasionally Sees on the Side of the Road

"I hope with all these new bike lanes we will see fewer ghost bikes."

The Horrible Stench Of Death That Hits East Van In The Summer

"We were thinking about doing a backyard BBQ but the chickenstink is on full tilt today..."

The Section Of The West Coast Exempt From Provincial Fire Bans

"We booked a campground reservation at Alice Lake before they announced the campfire ban. Now we're heading to Tofino to take advantage of the Fog Zone..."

The Long, Slow Train That Divides Strathcona Several Times A Day

"Sorry, I'm going to be late. I'm stuck behind the Wrath of Strath..."

The Archaic Local Term For The Iconic 'Canadian Dinner Jacket'

"Check out that headbanger rocking the Surrey Dinner Jacket..."

Strathcona Laneway That Was Once Totally Littered With Cow Shit

"You can still see the remains of the old cow barns along Cow Shit Alley in Strathcona..."

The Sharp, Sparkly Stucco That Was Once Common In Vancouver

"This ugly old scar on my arm is from wiping out against my Nana’s bottle dash house in East Van."

Mythic Resort North Of Sooke That's Been 'Pointless' For 65 Years

"The point of Point No Point is totally beside the point..."

The Guy On Canada's Far Side Who Warns Us Of Inclement Weather

"Frankie's saying we're going to have to order some Chinese food and charge our phones tonight, so..."

The Iconic Military Surplus Store Opened By Ex-Soldiers In 1947

"How are we going to prepare for the zombie apocalypse now that the 3 Vets is closing?"

Graphic Remnants Of Old Ads Found In Demolitions, Redevelopment

"Did you see that cool ghost sign that just appeared in the alley off of Gore Street?"

Ubiquitous Nickname For ICBC's Mandatory 'New Driver' Sticker

"Dude, watch out for that black Golf weaving in and out of its lane. There's a Noob Sticker on the back..."

The Sound That Tells Vancouverites It Is Time To Break For Lunch

"It’s so much fun seeing the startled expressions on tourist faces down by Canada Place when the noon horns sound."

The Name For Those Frustrated By Others Who Block New Housing

"It would be great if YIMBYs didn't have to work three jobs so they could show up in counter-protest against these NIMBYs, who apparently have time for anything..."

How Langara College Students Lovingly Refer To Their Own School

"Before I went UBC, I spent two years adrift in the wilderness out at Langri-La."

What Any Snowfall Is Called In Vancouver, Whether Flurry Or Storm

"Despite the snowpocalypse, what snowballs could be made had to be used twice."

Antiquated UK Slang Term For Military Personnel Still In Use In BC

"The bar in Esquimalt was loaded up with freshly paid pongos last night..."

An Imaginary Political Union Of BC And The Entire Pacific Northwest

"Things would be a hell of a lot different if we were living in Cascadia instead of this bullshit..."

The Art Of Skinning An Old Building & Stuffing It Inside A New One

"The newly developed Santa Fe building at Oak and 14th Avenue (pictured above) is a classic example of Architectural Taxidermy."

Phonetically Amusing Demonyn For The Inhabitants Of Bowen Island

"A bunch of Boweners are coming on the last ferry."

Terms Of Endearment For The Old Dairy Queen On East Hastings St.

"I'm almost drunk enough to get a blizzard at Dirty Queen."

Chinook Jargon Term That Conveyed Power, Courage, Awesomeness

"I was on the seawall last night when the clouds broke at sunset -- the light was skookum."

The Cheap & Cheerful Greasy Spoon That's Been Around Since 1954

"Grab me a grilled cheese if you're going to The Argo..."

The Legendary DTES Eatery That'll Forever Live On In Name "Only"

"It's a real shame that The Only Seafood isn't around anymore. That place was terribly amazing..."