GOODS | Selection Of (Not Your Grandma’s) Pearls Arrives At West Hastings’ “Cavalier”

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | Traditionally, the birthstone for June is Pearls – It’s also happens to be the gift for 30th wedding anniversaries. We don’t want you to drop the ball, so if you’re looking to get that someone special in your life a gift this month, come down to the shop and check out the new collection we just got in. These pearls are no longer just for your grandma – Both beautiful and of the highest quality our collection of white, silver, gold and black South-Sea and Tahitian pearls come in many unique shapes and sizes and are decorated with diamonds and set in 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Learn more about Cavalier after the jump… Read more

VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #233 | It Had A Huge Warren We Could All Explore


Have you ever had one of those Watership Down meets Lewis Carroll kinds of dreams when you find yourself lost in a massive underground root/warren system? No? You’re not missing much, really, because they’re actually pretty scary. It’s probably a much better experience when you’re awake, which is why we’re coveting Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira’s new installation at Sao Paulo’s Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade. Something like it would be a nice fit in one of the old warehouse in Olympic Village/False Creek.


COOL THING WE WANT #437 | Swell Sweats From Mt. Pleasant AC’s Spring/Summer Line


The new Spring/Summer line from Mt.Pleasant Athletic Club line has just hit the shelves at Gravity Pope, Nouvelle Nouvelle, Walrus, and Corner Store, and we wouldn’t mind snagging the lot…

“Inspired by vintage athletic wear from the 50′s and 60′s is what sets the tempo for Mt.Pleasant Athletic Club. With a simplistic approach the brand focuses on a classic collegiate style while paying homage to the Mt.Pleasant neighbourhood. It’s namesake comes from it’s co-founder and creative director (Carlo Brito) who was born and raised in Mt.Pleasant during the late 70′s and early 80′s.”


HEADS UP | Consignment Store “Hunter & Hare” To Open On Pender St. This Weekend

Hunter & Hare is a new consignment store opening at 334 West Pender Street this weekend. We recently popped our heads in to check things out and, although the team was still setting up shelving and just beginning their merchandising, the aesthetic and overall vision were clearly taking shape.

The store will sell both men’s and women’s clothing as well as a small selection of accessories and small items for the home. Think Jordan River Soap, seeds from Strathcona 1890 Urban Seed Collection, stationary from Dani Press, crystal pendants from Charles & Grace, HeyDay Designs candles from P.F. Candle Co., and more. The look, feel, and concept is similar to that of Front & Co. on Main Street.

Owners Joanne Bousaleh and Micki Cole both have a background in the fashion industry and knew shortly after they met that they wanted to open a shop together, a place that cultivated good style while following a path that encouraged waste reduction rather than over consumption. A consignment store was a perfect fit. The long search for a space finally ended when the two signed on to move into the increasingly awesome Victoria Block between Homer and Hamilton (where you will also find The Paper Hound and recently opened Cinara).

Hunter & Hare will open this Saturday, May 24th. Drop in to the shop between 5pm-8pm that evening for an opening party where you can check out the space and meet the people behind it.

Hunter & Hare | 334 West Pender Street |

SMOKE BREAK #1107 | Short Film On What Inspires & Motivates Very Creative People


(via) This 12 minute video by London’s Liberatum brings together some of the world’s top creative individuals – architects, artists, curators, directors, actors, photographers, designers, composers, etc – to talk about the fuel and maintenance of their individual creative engines.


COOL THING WE WANT #433 | Beautiful Porcelain Plates Decorated With Calamities


(via) Pittsburgh-based artist Don Moyer has designed a collection of traditional-looking blue/white porcelain dinner plates that depict all manner of terrible things (everything from flying monkeys and sea monsters to UFO invasions and dinosaurs). He calls the line “Calamityware” and has turned to Kickstarter (see the video above) to finance production.


GOODS | Sleek, Stylish New Nivrel Classico Watches Land At West Hastings’ “Cavalier”

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | It’s beginning to feel like summer in Vancouver and we’ve stocked up on some new summer items to freshen up your style! Our local designers have dropped off new pieces to fill our showcases and we’ve added new timepieces to our collection for both men and women. The classic and sleek style of Nivrel Classico’s pair with everything from shorts and a t-shirt to a three-piece suit and the new slim fit Boomerang wrist watch is feminine and sleek, perfect for everyday. Staring at $500, these watches are timeless in style and come with a lifetime warranty. Read more

GOODS | Summer Preview Artisan’s Fair & Curious Flea In The Offing At “River Market”

The River Market is located at 810 Quayside Drive in New Westminster, B.C. | 604-520-3881 |

The River Market is located at 810 Quayside Drive in New Westminster, B.C. | 604-520-3881 |

The GOODS from River Market

New Westminster, BC | The summer season brings a different energy to New West’s River Market and craft shopping: there’s plenty to browse, it’s warm and breezy, and gelato is mandatory. There are two events that need to be on your radar. First, on Saturday May 17th from 11am to 4pm, the River Market the Summer Preview Artisan’s Fair. Pick up a print of one of your favourite local spaces by Urban Sketcher, find handmade toys and animals by MVB Creations, check out the latest from Ribbons and Threads, Sue Power, Chandrasana Boutique, Kellie Flannagan Jewellery, and more.

Next up, on Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th (10am–5pm + 11am-4pm) is Curious Flea. Vintage, re-purposed, reused and upcycled … we can’t get enough of it, and it’s good for the earth, too. Find the coolest and most curious of vintage items at this great addition to the River Market. Hop on the Skytrain for the ride to New West where you’ll find mid-century modern housewares, ’60s kitsch treasures, atomic funk, steampunk jewelry, and lots in between. Oh, and bring your own amazing oddities to the flea on Saturday for a chance to win prizes. Read more

SEEN IN VANCOUVER #495 | “The Found & The Freed” Launch Victoria Drive Storefront


After several years of pop-up events and temporary locations, The Found & The Freed has finally found a fixed address: 706 Victoria Drive. That’s the old Scott’s corner store on the corner of Victoria and East Georgia, so it has great character. We recently stopped by on their first day of operations and found the place predictably full of interesting bits and bobs, including an ancient alligator’s head, a collection old and beautiful Vancouver-centric pennants, a stuffed California Quail, and all manner of other vintage fascinations besides. It was great to see owners/curators Ainsley McIntyre and Lindsay Burke in such a terrific location. It really does suit them. Take a closer look below. Hours: 12pm-7pm Thursday & Friday, 11am-6pm Saturday, and 11am-5pm Sunday.


COOL THING WE WANT #432 | A Beautiful ‘Bibliochaise’ To Keep 300 Books In Comfort


The “Bibliochaise” is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies by Alisée Matta and Giovanni Gennari of Milan design studio Nobody & Co. It comes in several colours, has space for over 300 books, and sports a set of hidden wheels so it can easily be moved even when heavily laden with the write stuff. A couch version next, if you please.


COOL THING WE WANT #431 | This Mighty Clever Gardening System For City Dwellers


(via) Vancouverites are, for the most part, largely bereft of backyards, so yearning for a little garden of one’s own is rife. This window contraption – dubbed Volet Végétal – by French designers Nicolas Barreau and Jules Charbonnet employs a pulley system that lowers plants out and away from the window so as to provide them with direct sunlight.

When vertical, the unit sits directly within a window frame and provides plenty of space for three large planters. When it’s time for some sunshine, the plant-owner pulls the cord system, the bottoms of the planters rotate slightly, and the device lowers into a horizontal position outside of the window. Additionally, the product can be a freestanding, tiered plant holder inside the apartment but the concept is the most space-saving when mounted in the window. The designers say, “Our desire was to make a clever solution to the lack of space for a small garden.

Despite not being NIMBY-proof (“The damn thing violates my view corridor and thus lowers my property value, mwaaaah”), it’s pretty brilliant. Watch the video below to see how it’s made…


SEEN IN VANCOUVER #494 | Scott & Scott Architecture Gets To Work Off Main Street


(via Dezeen) It’s been over a year since David and Susan Scott launched their own firm, Scott & Scott Architects, but they’ve only recently completed their studio headquarters on the ground floor of their 1911 home off on 19th Ave off Main Street. They’ve clad the floor and walls with Douglas Fir planks which they’ve treated themselves with a mixture of Canadian whisky and beeswax (watch the video below). A rear workshop is divided from the main space by a functional storage hide/wall. David and Susan also designed the tables themselves using galvanised steel frames and hand-stitched leathers. Floor to ceiling window frontage invites the neighbours to look inside, but it also allows the architects to work with plenty of light (there are glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling to add more in the evenings).

PS. If Scott & Scott sounds familiar, it could be because they helped with the design of Bestie and drew up this gorgeous off-grid cabin on Vancouver Island.


COOL THING WE WANT #430 | This Lovely Three-Storey Treehouse In Rural Wisconsin


(via) This three-storey treehouse at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin was built around a tree as a tribute to the camp owners’ father, who had built a swing on the tree before he died (and the tree had fallen ill with Dutch Elm disease).

The tree comes through the house’s deck near the ground level, and it breaks through the upper floor in three spots. At two of those points, the arms of the tree are sawed even with the floor, while the third pierces it and extends out the window. Reclaimed wood was used for much of the construction and the interior features nearly all vintage and repurposed items. Stumps of the trees were fashioned as side tables, and a hanging antler chandelier was made from old shed found at the camp.


VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #230 | It Had Floating Public Saunas In False Creek


(via) In Finland, citizens have the option of the Sauna Lauta, a three deck floating sauna with hammocks, outdoor grills, and diving platforms for dips after hot hot hot sessions inside the sauna. If the powers that be are serious about their “most liveable city” nonsense, they’ll green light a pilot project wherein a dozen of these bookable babies can be accessed at different points along False Creek…


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