GOODS | “Cavalier Cup” Hockey Tournament Set To Go Down At Sunset Beach On Aug. 16

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | To mark their one year anniversary, Cavalier: The Fine Jewellery Shoppe is launching the inaugural Cavalier Cup, an outdoor hockey tournament at Sunset Beach, on Saturday, August 16th. Proceeds from this annual event will benefit and raise awareness for ALS BC.

Along with great food and beverages, spectators will enjoy a high level of talent on display—this won’t be some beer league pick-up tournament. In addition to being successful entrepreneurs, Cavalier co-owners Dane Stevens and Keith Seabrook are both professional athletes. Bragging rights aside, the winning team will take home $5,000 in prizes, which is sure to make the tournament a highly spirited affair.

“Sports are a great way to bring the community together for an important cause. With my background in professional hockey and Dane’s in lacrosse, organizing this tournament made perfect sense as a way to help raise money for ALS BC,” says Keith Seabrook, a 2006 second round draft pick of the Washington Capitals. Read more

GOODS | New “Foe And Dear” Collection Of Peridot Jewellery Now In Store At ‘Cavalier’

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | August is here and so is the new Foe and Dear collection exclusive to Cavalier. The birthstone for August is the vibrant green gemstone peridot, which also happens to be the gift for 15th wedding anniversaries. Using gemstones sourced by owners Dane and Keith, designer Katherine Huie has made a collection of rings, necklaces and earrings just for the shop. Each piece is handmade and one-of-a-kind using rough peridot gemstones and complemented beautifully with 14K gold fill settings. Foe and Dear jewellery is a collection of delicate, handmade, one of a kind pieces made with love from start to finish by designer Katherine Huie. Unique and exotic materials ranging from brass, to 14K gold, to precious stones makes Foe and Dear a blend of mystery and romance, reminiscent of stories both whimsical and dark. As part of Cavalier’s initiative to support the community, 5% of all Foe and Dear sales are donated to The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. Learn more about Cavalier after the jump… Read more

VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #237 | It Had Its Fair Share Of Bushy “Graffitrees”


(via) In a land where “No Pipelines” and “Mohinder” graffiti regularly captures our collective imagination fury, these beauties would be most welcome. The big one on top is called “Afro Taino” and it was painted by Gabriel Abreu in the Dominican city of San Cristobal. On the bottom, the mural of the woman in repose was done by famed female graffiti artist Vinie Graffiti outside Paris, France, while Nuxono Xän’s cool fellow with the comb can be found in Fort de France, Martinique.


DESIGN | Ranking The City’s Best Cafes By The Branding Stamped On Their To-Go Cups


Here’s a challenge for design wonks who love their coffee: which local cafe stamps their take-out cups with the coolest branding? We have our favourites in no particular order above. They are…

Top, left to right:

Bump ‘n Grind (Commercial Drive) — Luke’s General Store (Chinatown) — Culprit (Kitsilano)

Middle, left to right:

Matchstick (Fraserhood) — Elysian (West Side) – Timbertrain (Gastown)

Bottom, left to right:

The Shop (DTES) — Prado (Commercial Drive) — Revolver (Gastown)



Who has the best branding "stamped" on their take-out cups?

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GOODS | New Designs By Foe & Dear, Zula, Catherine Hartley, Wolf Circus At “Cavalier”

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

Cavalier is located at #217-207 W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, BC | 604-681-0047 |

The GOODS from Cavalier

Vancouver, BC | We all know that music festivals are just as much about the style as they are about the music. Check out our latest style guide above for some festival inspiration featuring some of Vancouver’s top local designers. Pictured here: Wolf Circus, Zula, Catherine Hartley and Foe & Dear – all available in-store. Learn more after the jump… Read more

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE BRIEF #431 | Kama Sutra-Inspired Art Depicting Police Brutality


(via) These posters were designed by Brazilians Gabriel Morais, Renato Botelho and Bruno Pereira so they could raise awareness about police violence during peaceful street protests. Using the original sexual positions of the Kama Sutra as a guide, the images show demonstrators in the midst of being physically abused by police.


SMOKE BREAK #1116 | How To Put On A Pair Of Trousers Without The Aid Of Your Hands

(via) If pants weren’t even involved in the production of this incredible short video, we’d probably still be mesmerised by it. The guy’s poise is just that impressive. It’s like he was born to Mikhail Baryshnikov and Molly Shannon and raised in a spotless Taipei loft with nothing to do but experiment with clothes, a video camera, and a CD of the “Greatest Hits of 1986″…


COOL THING WE WANT #441 | Rain Boots That Can Reduce To 20% Their Original Size (1)

(via) After getting caught in two of today’s three torrential downpours wearing the same pair of slip on Vans, we’re liking the idea of Sardines. Not the fish, mind. It’s the name of these Wellington-style boots made of “injection moulded thermoplastic polyurethane” (ie. plastic). They reduce to one fifth their original size, which is an improvement on the original considering a standard pair of Hunter Wellies take up as much closet space as a Boeing 747. Imagined and developed Spanish designer Estel Alcaraz, these puppies are pretty much perfect for Vancouverites. Bonus: canary yellow FTW.


GOODS | International Sculpture Exhibition At “Mission Hill Family Estate” This Summer

Mission Hill is located at 1730 West Bank Rd in West Kelowna, BC | 250-768-7611 |

Mission Hill is located at 1730 West Bank Rd in West Kelowna, BC | 250-768-7611 |

The GOODS from Mission Hill Family Estate

West Kelowna, BC | Iceland is a land of intrigue and discovery, where rugged landscapes and the beauty of nature co-exist to create a rich and vibrant culture. The ‘land of fire and ice’ comes alive at Mission Hill Family Estate with ‘Encounters with Iceland’, a major sculpture exhibition devoted to the works of acclaimed Icelandic artist Steinunn Thórarinsdóttir.

Inspired by Iceland itself, the new interpretive exhibition featuring more than 40 large-scale sculptures is the largest exhibition of the artist’s works ever in North America. ‘Encounters with Iceland’ is open to the public from June 22nd to October 2014.

The exhibition at Mission Hill Family Estate features the artist’s dynamic sculptures on display throughout the winery grounds as well as in interior spaces, including the winery’s spectacular underground barrel cellar. Read more

LOOKCITY | On The Hunt For Awesome Hats At The New “Hastings Hattery” In Gastown


by Robyn Yager | Wearing a hat requires confidence. To many of us, the addition of a topper to our everyday attire can feel entirely foreign, but when done right they can add a little extra personality to every outfit.

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Rachelle Cashato, head of Hastings Hattery (no pun intended), one of the newest arrivals to the western edge of Gastown and a descendant of The Granville Island Hat Shop, a retail store that doubles as a studio where hat enthusiasts can customize, alter, repair, and personalize their existing hats. Here’s what she had to say about how hats fit in your personal style and what we can expect when on the hunt for the perfect one at Hastings Hattery.

How do hats fit into personal style? Hats are really the defining accessory in personal style. Most of the people I have worked with over the years have a relationship with their hat. It becomes an old friend, a companion. It gives on the ability to express themselves in a way that no other fashion accessory does. I think our personal style is developed as we experience life and typically your hat is along for the ride.

For someone looking to start wearing hats, what kind of tips would you recommend to them to find the perfect one to suit their style? The basics are to find something that compliments one’s features. Making sure that you are wearing something you reall love and feel confident in will only accentuate your existing style. The nice thing about our new space is that we offer full restoration and custom work, so even if someone has a hat that they haven’t committed to wearing, we can often help find a way to adjust it and make it really work for them, so sometimes its not even about buying new, just working what you already have.

Hats can be a really tricky accessory – it can either pull a look together or totally throw it off. Why would you say hats are so dramatic in this sense? Drama is relative; 80 years ago you couldn’t walk down the street and see someone NOT wearing a hat. It’s all about confidence. Wear what you want and you will feel as comfortable as you do in your pj’s.

Do you have any favourite hat brands that you think do it really well? Any Canadian brands? Aside from all the amazing hats we make in our own studio here, I love Akubra – their Sydney is my go to hat; you can it in so many ways, and Cha Cha’s House of Ill Repute from New York. We have a lot of Canadian talent: Magill and Canadian Hat in Montreal, and Lilliput in Toronto.

Are there any particular styles of hat that you see as a trend right now? What do you think will be a trend in the next few seasons? Toppers, traditional and non-traditional – either super classy or very eccentric allowing for a lot of for personalization. I also have a lot of people bringing in hats they received from parents or grandparents that have sentimental value. We restore old hats to be worn so they can be enjoyed. We are also going back to personalized embossing on interior hat bands. We have a machine from the late 1800′s that we have had refurbished, embossing in gold leaf. It lets you put your own stamp on your hat, literally.

Hastings Hattery is located at 157 West Hastings Street (follow them on Instagram). Their sister store, Granville Island Hat Shop, can be found at 4-1666 Johnston Street at the Netloft.

- Photo of Rachelle Cashato by Anita Alberto.


COOL THING WE WANT #440 | This Wood-Handled Mushroom Foraging Folding Knife


(via) This purpose-built Mushroom Foraging Knife was designed for foragers with a sharp, sickle-like folding blade (with serrated top) for harvesting, tweezers for removing thorns, and a wild boar hair brush for cleaning the mushrooms before they bless the buttered pan. The cost is actually pretty reasonable at $32.99, which is about the price of an entry-level Swiss Army knife.


VANCOUVER WOULD BE COOLER IF #236 | It Had Viewing Platform With A Spiral Slide


(via) Vancouver runs an unfortunate deficit of accessible viewing platforms (no, the mountains don’t count). While it has long offered up two revolting revolving lounge/restaurants with incredible views in all directions, the food leaves a lot to be desired and it costs an arm and a leg just to be subjected to it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take food out of the equation to build something that was free and as fun as it was high in the sky? For ideas, we could start by looking at the observation tower recently constructed in Germany by artist Carsten Höller for the design firm Vitra. Its sole purpose is to inspire its employees and comes complete with glassed-in observation deck, ladder, clock, and 100 ft. spiralling slide.


COOL THING WE WANT #439 | A Camera Insert For A Fjallraven “Kanken” Backpack


Full disclosure: we’re cheating on this one. We no longer want this awesome camera insert for a Fjallraven “Kanken” backpack because we went out and bought it as soon as we saw it on Still Life’s Instagram feed today. The shot above is ours – taken after the purchase – with some our gear. It demonstrates how the insert easily fits a bulky Canon 5D MkII with a long lens attached plus four other lenses (4omm and 50mm below the fold), a battery charger, extra batteries, filters, memory cards, and spare caps (the kit comes with a small zipped pouch for these smaller bits and bobs). The kit is entirely modular with dividers that easily velcro in and out of a padded frame; very simple to put together, modify, and remove. Still Life on Main St. has plenty of ‘em, not to mention a whole bunch of Kanken bags to plug them into (bags sold separately for $80).

Camera Insert $40 | Still Life | 2315 Main St. | 604-876-5659 |


COOL THING WE WANT #438 | An Escapist Retreat High Up In A Gnarled Brace Of Oaks


(via) This modern, minimalist treehouse was built high above ground around two old oak trees as a family retreat in Northern Germany…

It was constructed by tree house designer Baumraum and features an eye-catching, egg-shaped silhouette book-ended by two oval windows and a glossy white facade. The rest of its modern exterior is a combination of wood and zinc metal, which gives this small structure a minimalist feel as its supported by four steel rods. The cozy and inviting interior space includes sleeping benches covered in gray felt set against medium-colored wood planks. In addition, there are plenty of windows that provide gorgeous, unobstructed views of the treetops and bathes you in natural light. To access this getaway, you climb two ship ladders that are separated by upper and lower wooden decks. The trees pierce the terraces and bear their weight, which sits as high as 18 feet.


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