Talking Shop With Local Designer Nicole Bridger In Advance Of Eco Fashion Week

September 26, 2011 

Nicole Bridger is a locally produced line of socially conscious clothing and also a woman (locally produced as well). While this interview is concerned with both the clothing and the woman, we’re focusing on the latter while fully appreciating the difficulties of separating the two.

Nicole,as we’ve obtusely made clear, was born and raised in Vancouver. She studied fashion design at Ryerson University in Toronto and then she went to London (UK) to intern at Vivienne Westwood. But here’s the thing: instead of getting carried away with the extravagant and conflicted world of high fashion, she saw that she could use her talents with fashion design as a vehicle for some of the changes she wanted to see in the world.

To take care of the Earth we use sustainable fabrics that are from natural and renewable resources and are dyed with low impact dyes. We consider the impact that we have on the earth and do the best we can to minimize it.

For the People we use ethical manufacturing practices. The majority of our goods are manufactured locally in Vancouver and if we manufacture overseas, we use fair-trade factories.

Finally, for Spirit we sew into each piece of clothing our affirmation labels that say I AM LOVE. This is a reminder to the wearer to speak kindly to themself and to others and help spread positivity throughout their day.

Long story short, Nicole moved home where set about establishing her own clothing line. Today, Nicole Bridger the company, like Nicole Bridger the woman, is guided by the axiom that one must strive to do what is right for the earth, for people and for spirit. We caught up with her to ask a few questions as Eco Fashion Week approached here in Vancouver (October 5-7 at Storyeum)…

Three words that capture your design style: Effortless, drapey, sexy.

Favourite luxury purchase hanging in your closet? My Vivienne Westwood sheerling jacket, though it was a gift.

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Medina Café

October 4, 2008 


556 Beatty Street, Vancouver BC | MAP
Tel: 604-879-3114


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The People

Owners: Karri Schuermans, Nico Schuermans, Robbie Kane
Executive Chef: Nico Schuermans
Floor Manager: Robbie Kane

About Medina

A quaint cafe next door to popular night time hang out Chambar, Medina serves tasty and affordable breakfast, lunch and brunch dishes created by owner and chef Nico Schuermans. The room is warm, stylish, and in the evenings doubles as a high-end private dining room.