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The following gallery represents everything we Instagrammed in the last 30 days or so…





Chocolate Fuck Up | Delicacy | An aesthetically imperfect dessert that restaurant staff get to eat because the pastry chef is too proud to send it out to a paying customer. It could be anything from a slice of cheesecake with a raggedy corner to a leaky tiramisu. They are violently pounced up as soon as they are announced.

Usage: “Damn it! I got a Chocolate Fuck Up over here if anybody…holy shit settle down!”



Diner En Blanc | Event/Phenomenon/Spectacle | Literally, “Dinner In White”. An annual al fresco summer supper that sees thousands of serial Instagram abusers paying money so they can dress exactly alike in order to best physically express their collective disdain for the individual. The evening ends with a mass synchronized ejaculation of short-lived sparklers that symbolizes everyone’s empty return to flawed personal realities. A performance study on irony. An Orwellian warning. A farce.

“Nothing frightens me more than the prospect of living the nightmare that is Diner En Blanc…”




Yogafart | Noise/Phenomenon | A loud fart overheard by many in a quiet, crowded place that no one reacts to because of the awkwardness of the shared embarrassment. Coined in an East Van yoga studio where practitioners regularly let loose with mid-pose flatulence.

Usage: “Dude, this girl let out the biggest Yogafart at the library today. Everyone was silent and so embarrassed for her that you could hear her face turning super red…”



Stab Night | Event | Any major fireworks event that takes place at English Bay, drawing over 250,000 people into the West End, among them thousands of suburban young men who neither know how to drink responsibly nor talk to women coherently so they violently turn on each other to vent their sexual frustrations.

Usage: “Fuck no, I’m not going to stab night! Are you crazy?”



Lumberjoke | Pejorative/Slander/Subculture | An inexplicable subculture of mostly young men who dress up like lumberjacks even though they’ve never cut down a tree or set up a tent in their lives. The basic uniform includes a checkered flannel shirt, woolen cardigan or vest, cuffed denim trousers, thick-rimmed glasses, a pair of unscuffed Red Wing leather boots, a toque or flat-brimmed baseball hat, full-sleeve or neck tat, an extra short-back-and-sides brill-creamed haircut complete with burly beard, and a copy of Kinfolk Magazine.

Usage: “It’s fucking incredible how Gastown went from Lumberjacks to Lumberjokes in under a century. Now that’s progress…”




Over Town | Place | What people on the North Shore call Downtown Vancouver.

Usage | “I’m headed Over Town. Need anything?”


GOODS | The Chinatown Experiment Set To Host New Series Of Pop-Ups Through July

The Chinatown Experiment is located at 434 Columbia St. & 585 East Broadway |

The Chinatown Experiment is located at 434 Columbia St. & 585 East Broadway |

The GOODS from The Chinatown Experiment

Vancouver, BC | The Chinatown Experiment is set for July with five new pop-up shops. There’s a full line up of one-of-a-kind shops in Chinatown this month. The space begins as part architectural installation and part café, and then transforms into a street art gallery, a women’s clothing store, a hand-crafted Japanese knife shop, and finally into a home for the new collections of five Montréal-based designers. As always, expect a dynamic storefront showcasing the unexpected. To stay on top of it all, like The Chinatown Experiment on Facebook for updates.

July 2 – 16 | FARADAY CAFÉ | Social artist Julien Thomas and Hughes Condon Marler Architects (HCMA) are opening the first coffee shop that repels wireless signals. In a space devoid of cell phone or digital connections, the team hopes to create personal ones instead. To achieve their desired effect, the team has completely enclosed the café in mesh that shields electromagnetic signals while producing a distinct visual form. They’ll be serving a rotation of artisanal coffees by donation (Heart, Bows & Arrows, Ritual, & more) and will be home to events. Expect pop-up dinner parties Wednesdays at 7p.m., afternoon DJ sets on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting at 3p.m., and even a storytelling night on July 15. Open daily 10am – 6pm, closed Sundays. Follow them on Instagram for daily updates. #faradaycafe

June 17 | STREET SCRIPT: DEBUT GALLERY | Street Script is the intersection of Art & Hip-Hop. Local street artist & designer MEGA is presenting her debut gallery ‘The Vapours’ for one-night only exhibition. Her hand-painted, classic hip-hop lyrics can be spotted in the streets of Gastown and Chinatown. Through lyric design and illustration, MEGA is creative a movement that transcends cultures and generations. The gallery will feature all brand new original pieces by MEGA. DJ Icy Touch will be spinning fresh cuts for the evening with collaborative works by The Dark, Doug Weir, and JB. Bonus: Watch this short film about MEGA & StreetScript. The show goes from 7pm to midnight. Arrive early; it’ll be a packed house. #streetscript

July 18 – 20| LUCKY BABE POP-UP SHOP | The local online women’s clothing brand is launching soon and has put together a pop-up shop to celebrate. For their first release, expect leggings and clutches in store. It’s the first foray into fashion for founder Mafidon (Lucky) Osaigbovo. Although, fashion has always been in the family and largely influenced by the women in the West African born Mafidon’s family, starting with this mother and sister. A percentage of proceeds from the pop-up are supporting the Salvation Army. Open Friday, 4pm – 9pm and Saturday/Sunday 11am – 7pm. #luckybabeshop

July 22 – 27| KNIFEWEAR: HAND CRAFTED JAPANESE KNIVES | The chef-owned independent Knifewear opened in their doors in 2007 and already have fives stores across Canada from Ottawa to Kelowna. For the first time ever, owner/knife-nerd Kevin Kent is bringing Canada’s first Japanese knife shop to Vancouver with a one-week pop-up. Expect to find hundreds of knives from more than 40 of the best Japanese knife brands including, Masakage, Fujiwara San, and Moritaka Hamono. They’ll also have chef-curated cookbooks, beautiful made in Canada Larchwood brand cutting boards, and exceptional kitchen gadgets. There’s also the classic shave shop with high quality shaving gear; straight razors, safety razors, soaps, aftershaves, badger and horsehair brushes. “Cooking is the new rock and roll,” Kent says. “And the new black leather pants are Japanese knives.” Open daily 11am – 7pm. Follow them on Facebook for updates. #knifewearpopup

July 28 | THE STOWE: SERIES 3 LAUNCH | Montréal-based The Stowe is coming back home for the launch of their Series 3 collection. Founded by designer Molly Spittal, The Stowe began out of a desire to produce beautiful, functional accessories. Using carefully selected materials sourced in North America, the studio reflects the values of traditional craftsmanship and classically designed products to compliment one’s life. The Stowe is joined by Box Agency, representing five exceptional designers from Montréal including Ursa Minor, Little Houses Clothing, Assembly Home Goods, Elaine Ho Jewelry, and Amanda Moss. Open by appointment only. Industry may contact Box Agency at info [at]

July 29 onwards | OPEN BOOKINGS! | Do you have an idea in need of a storefront? Get in touch with us for your pop-up shop, exhibit, or gallery.

GOODS | The Beatles’ Film “A Hard Day’s Night” Set For A Fete At The Cinematheque


The GOODS from The Cinematheque

Vancouver, BC | To celebrate the brand-new, 50th anniversary restoration of The Beatles’ epochal first film, A Hard Day’s Night, The Cinematheque is hosting an all-ages Opening Night on Friday, July 4th to kickoff their exclusive, one-week engagement. In store: refreshments, a special performance by in-costume cover band The Fab Fourever (dancing in the aisles encouraged!), remarks by rock documentary scholar Michael Baker, and a screening of newly restored, pop culture milestone. Lace up your black boots, leave that moptop intact, and mosey down to The Cinematheque for a night of Beatlemania! Doors at 6:30pm. Get more info hereRead more

GOODS | ‘The Biltmore’ To Celebrate Easing Of BC’s Draconian Liquor Laws This Evening

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward Street in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 |

The Biltmore Cabaret is located at 2755 Prince Edward St. in Vancouver, BC | 604.676.0541 |

The GOODS from The Biltmore Cabaret

Vancouver, BC | To celebrate the end of one of BC’s draconian liquor laws, Glory Days Saturdays is hosting The Biltmore Cabaret’s first #HAPPYHOUR tonight (June 28th) from 9pm-11pm with no cover before 10pm. Work on your tan by day, get down to the freshest tunes spun by Glory Days resident DJs MyGayHusband, Rico Uno, Genie, and Sincerely Hana by night… Read more

HEADS UP | History Of The Swimsuit Exhibit Opens At The Vancouver Maritime Museum


by Robyn Yager | The Vancouver Maritime Museum’s new 2014 summer exhibition, Babes & Bathers: History of the Swimsuit, opened to the public today (June 28th) and should be well worth checking out. Aside from providing one of the most frustrating and sometimes humiliating  shopping experiences, swimsuits are seriously overlooked at the interesting intersection of fashion and social history. Over the years, swimsuits have helped to communicate and facilitate eras of social change, and as such they are integral to our understanding of the role fashion plays in society.

With the help of Vancouver fashion historian Ivan Sayers, the Vancouver Maritime Museum is exhibiting swimming costumes worn in Vancouver from the 1890′s to the 1980′s (Sayers is the owner of one of the largest private collections of clothing in the country and has lent his expertise to fashion shows, lectures, and exhibitions throughout North America). What should prove particularly fascinating is the accompanying collection of Woodward’s catalogues that reveal through their many pages how this city has dressed for the beach over time.

VMM | 1905 Ogden Ave. in Vanier Park | Now-Nov. 2 |

SMOKE BREAK #1115 | A Fascinating Short Video Essay On How The World Went Digital

(via) It’s a very odd thing to stop and consider how we’ve lived through a transition in civilisation that was as big (if not bigger) than that which followed the invention of the printing press. We’re too immersed in how we’re personally doing making the switch to digital to really consider or appreciate the root mechanics that made the advancement possible. This superb six minute film from Delve is required watching for anyone wanting to take such a contemplative breather…

It was the change that no-one saw coming: the idea that we could take a book, a painting or a song and send it through cables and wires and even thin air to the other end of the world – and it would be identical on the other side. But this idea underpins everything about the Information Age we live in. How did we make such a mind bending transition into the digital world? And how does it work? It turns out it’s all based on a concept that is surprisingly beautiful in its simplicity. This short video essay explores what that idea is and tells you about the man who figured it all out.


HEADS UP | Origami-Inspired “Oru Kayak” Pop-Up Demo At Kits Beach Tomorrow Night


by Luis Valdezon | The gentlemen behind San Francisco based Oru Kayak will be hosting a waterside pop-up demo of their award-winning, origami-inspired, 12-foot compact boats in the early evening tomorrow night (Friday, June 27th). Vancouver’s outdoor enthusiasts will be given a chance to interact with the designers, learn more about the design, and test-paddle the product – recently showcased at San Francisco’s prestigious Museum of Modern Art - for the first time in Canada. The boats are simple to set up and easy to transport and store, which makes them perfect for Vancouverites looking to get on the water more.

Friday, June 27 | 5pm-8pm | Kitsilano Beach | Free

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