On Revolutionary Memes and Conservatives Capturing the Teen Vogue Vote

Tea & Two Slices is a long-running news round-up by NEEDS frontman and veteran restaurant dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown. He is very aware of his privilege, so there’s really no need to remind him of it.

This man has no moral compass. He is the death of liberalism personified: It would cost Canada $1B to cancel Saudi arms deal in wake of Khashoggi case, Trudeau says. Money trumps human rights, plain and simple. Merkel did it. So should we.

So if money trumps human rights, what trumps money? Ah yes, appeasing our corporate overlords: Liberal government writes off $1.1B US loan to Chrysler, plus interest, docs show. Indigenous. Communities. Still. Don’t. Have. Clean. Water.

I mean, what does it mean when a pizza shop has more integrity than our Prime Minister?

Walking Eagle for the win: Saudi arms deal ‘not easy to break like a Treaty with First Nations’: Trudeau.

Meanwhile, Andrew Scheer has taken on the heavyweights over at… Teen Vogue:

Old Economy Scheer still doesn’t quite understand that it was a socialist policy that saved his generation from poverty and that austerity has been slowly eroding it. His antiquated idea of free market capitalism is completely divorced from the hyper-inequality that late capitalism has caused, especially since the crash. Perpetuating tired myths of socialism while ignoring the false promise of meritocracy and the policy failures that led to a new class of super rich while appealing to the Stockholm Syndrome of the working class will be Scheer’s undoing.

“The French Revolution happened because an 18th century society was still using a 15th century economic system. Today we are a 21st century using a 19th century economic system. Change is inevitable, we either control it safely now or break it violently later”. – meme.

And while Trudeau’s climate change plan puts the onus on users (not manufacturers) while dangling a carrot to working class families that they probably won’t even benefit from, Scheer offers a bailout for polluters because China something something. Next year’s election will be nasty. We’re the ones who will lose.

Here’s another conservative myth busted:

Don’t forget folks, Canada supported that 2009 coup as well and our journalists don’t seem to care that Vancouver is home to 70% of global mining companies that contributed to this mess.

CSIS sees ‘significant’ jump in far-right activity online. Tell me about it.

Meanwhile, one of the guys who’s been inciting nationalists, like the MagaBomber, is coming to Vancouver.

Elsewhere in Canada, Faith Goldy came third in Toronto; The Sun flirts with the defense of a literal Nazi; a New Brunswick village flew a straight pride flag; and an Alberta woman was banned from Facebook for dissing a store with an anti-Indigenous slur.

Related: 9 cultures you could probably still get away with appropriating this Halloween.

Action: This Halloween, join the Nestlé Boycott.

Bonus: How This Will End.

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