New 100-Seat Tacofino Ocho Imminent in Mt. Pleasant

I took a look inside Mt. Pleasant’s almost open Tacofino Ocho yesterday afternoon. They hosted a friends and family service over the weekend and are now just waiting for the green light from the city before launching for real.

The 2,800 sqft restaurant and bar is on the ground floor of the 75 year old, recently refurbished Lightworks Building, which is located on the southeast corner of 5th and Ontario.

The expansive, open dining room looks and feels like an entirely new space with concrete floors, high ceilings, circular and rectangular communal tables, a central horseshoe-shaped bar. The kitchen is open and – in comparison to the company’s other locations – vast.

It’s the fourth Tacofino designed by Shiloh Sukkau; much like the others (Gastown, Yaletown, Bentall) it ably balances being both fresh and totally on-brand. The menu (below) looks good too…

From the PR back in July:

“The new restaurant will offer dine-in guests a 100-seat dining room, expansive horseshoe-shaped bar and a new menu of fire-grilled meat and vegetable dishes developed by Sussman and Tacofino’s Michelin-starred Regional Executive Chef Stefan Hartmann. Following the lead of the brand’s Taco and Burrito Bar location in Gastown, the new outpost will also feature a take-out counter for those looking for quick-service, grab-and-go options.”

As a frequent walker of this street, I’m excited for opening day.

(UPDATE: launch now set for Oct. 17)

In the meantime, take a look:

  • IMG_6221
  • IMG_6234
  • IMG_6216
  • IMG_6217
  • IMG_6215
  • IMG_6218
  • IMG_6219
  • IMG_6220
  • IMG_6237
  • IMG_6223
  • IMG_6225
  • IMG_6226
  • IMG_6228
  • IMG_6231
  • IMG_6227

There are 6 comments

  1. I for one am very excited by the Vancouver version of the new space race. MAY THE BIGGEST TACO RESTAURANT WIN.

  2. look at those cheap plastic uncomfortable chairs. I won’t be going no matter how good the food is. Citizens who are tired of these cheap bastards purposely trying to make diners miserable when they eat should boycott any restaurants that try to rush customers out by ugly colors and hard chairs. If you are offended by this old fast food restaurant trick PLEASE DON’T GO TO THIS RESTAURANT UNTIL THEY SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR HUMAN ERGONOMICS

  3. The beautiful excruciatingly comfortable chairs are like a warm hug for your butt that you’ll never want to depart from. Only to be outdone by the delicious food (& rice pudding!!). You’ll probably never want to leave. 4 out of 5 ergonomic experts recommend eating while sitting in these seats. ALL CAPS.

  4. As the designer I feel I need to butt in. We actually chose these pretty standard fibreglass chairs (not plastic) despite their price (not cheap) but because we knew how comfy they are and so that you would want to stay and have a good time, true story.

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