On Brutal Rent Increases and Sharing the Silly Opinions of Washed Up Hockey Players

It’s a good thing everyone’s wages are also going to go up by 4.5% to match the rent increases, right? B.C. tenants to see the highest rent increase in 15 years. Remember, when the revolution happens the landlords are usually the first to go. They are social parasites who entrench inequality and our supposed social democrat government just wrote them a blank cheque in the midst of a full blown housing crisis. And no, a $400 renter’s rebate isn’t going to make this go away and really is just a subsidy for landlords. Closing the fixed term loophole was just a start, not the end.

You know what to do: Derrick O’Keefe: COPE has a plan to smash rent hikes in Vancouver. Also, “Kennedy Stewart: speak up about the brutal rent increases announced by the BC NDP today or report to the Fuck Off Department forever.” – Geoff Berner

And you wonder why we are all so fucking depressed: Why are people in Vancouver (and Toronto) so unhappy?

“I’m not sure solving the housing crisis instantly changes all that. I’m not sure the crisis can ever be solved. But I think those running for mayor of Vancouver, all 5,000 of them, need to be talking about finding a way of returning the city to the people who care the most about it, who don’t see it simply as an investment opportunity, or a commodity to be considered for its resale value.”

Yup. That’s why we’re gonna tax the shit out of this guy: Vancouver billionaire Chip Wilson briefly cracks list of world’s 500 richest. Meanwhile, half of BC’s workers are living paycheque to paycheque.

From the “Gee, you think?” department: Canada’s ultra-wealthy getting richer faster than the rest of us, report shows. Remember this when you hear things like: “We can’t afford universal social programs!” “Schools and hospitals gotta tighten their belts!” “$15 is too much too fast!” “There’s no money for better transit!” “We can’t freeze rents or eliminate tuition fees!”

To Tackle Opioid Crisis, Ask Why Our Society Produces Mass Despair.

“The flood of addiction that we see is because “our hyperindividualistic, hypercompetitive, frantic, crisis-ridden society makes most people feel social and culturally isolated,” he wrote. In this view, addiction to drugs and other pursuits are a temporary relief from widespread, chronic isolation. The problem is not fentanyl, opioids, heroin or alcohol. The problem is modern life. It’s a perspective that shifts blame from the person who is addicted to the broader circumstances within which they live.”

Sports: ‘Absolutely absurd’: Former Canuck slams Nike ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. What’s actually absurd is a company pretending to care about the treatment of minorities while continuing to operate sweatshops. That being said, why not celebrate the ad while also recognizing the inability of capitalism to reconcile its internal contradictions at the same time? Too much of a needle to thread, CTV?

Date night: A Beginner’s Guide to Overthrowing Capitalism.

Bonus: NXIVM, Jordan Peterson, and the Reincarnation of Ayn Rand’s Cult.

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  1. Wow. This was an awful article. I’m a renter, and the statement that landlords “are social parasites who entrench inequality and our supposed social democrat government just wrote them a blank cheque in the midst of a full blown housing crisis” just made me die a little inside.

    The rent hike increase this year has everything to do with rising interest rates and nothing to do with greed or paracitism. This is homeowner’s mortgage rates going up, and in turn, their basement rental unit rates going up to match it.

    This is probably the same dude that was all gung-ho for the extra homeowner taxes and couldn’t sideline his own anger to see that higher costs for your landlord just mean higher costs for you.

    Scout, you used to be a reliable magazine for restaurant and local Vancouver news. What the fuck happened? I’d expect trash articles like this from Daily Hive or VIA, but not you.

  2. Sean you must be doing something right! There’s a lot of hurt feelings here! I feel so sorry for these poor homeowners, just why can’t they use desperate renters to pay for their mortgage! Why should the landlord have to pay for their own property, just as renters are forced to due and continue to do by ensuring they’re kept poor!

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