We Want to Brighten Our Shelf with Lyndsay Sung’s Adorable New Cookbook

Coco Cake Land is the first publication by self-taught local baker, blogger, freelance writer, photographer and generally all-around awesome woman, Lyndsay Sung, and we want a copy. The 184 page hardcover features recipes for 30 cakes plus Sung’s tips and ideas about how to elevate your cake decorating game with her signature kawaii-esque style, regardless of your knowledge, skill or artistic level.

With Fall creeping ever closer, there’s no better time than now to freshen up your cookbook shelf and/or pick up a new indoor activity for the grey days ahead, especially one so bright and colourful as Lyndsay’s. We recommend picking up this book even if you never intend to turn on your oven because it’s physically impossible not to crack the spine without also cracking a smile. The thing is an instant mood-lifter!

If you happen to be walking around Main Street this weekend, head over to Collage Collage for the official launch (and cake!) on Saturday, August 18th from noon to 2pm. You can also try your luck grabbing a copy online or through local stockists listed here.

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