The Pastry Chef Who Creates Intentionally Unappetizing Desserts

(via) If you’ve spent much time working in or closely observing the restaurant realm you’re very likely aware of the following phenomenon: a lot of Pastry Chefs are weird. For proof of this, look no further than the bizarre, intentionally unappetizing creations of British Pastry Chef Ben Churchill:

A talented chef who has grown bored of conventional looking desserts has started serving up dishes that look purposely unappetizing.

Ben Churchill, 31, has created the unorthodox masterpieces that appear to look like a used ashtray, a soapy washing up sponge and even a moulding orange to encourage people to think outside of the box.

The British chef, who is based on the outskirts of London, fills his diners with not only tasty puddings but also apprehension and confusion – claiming that every dish is edible and perfectly balanced in flavour.

He shows how he brings the displeasing to see dishes to life by using ingredients such as bubblegum meringue dust, that replicates the mould of an orange, to modeling chocolate and syrup that appear to look like cigarette butts.

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