On Making Life Harder for Buskers and Calling 911 Like It’s Customer Service

Dear White People: Black family asked to show ID for using pool in their B.C. townhouse complex. Don’t. Read. The. Comments. I mean…I did, so you don’t have to. I also commented on the guy’s “brotherhood above all” shirt some Chad asked “are you a privileged SJW anarchist communist by chance?” Why, yes! Yes, I am!

White people call 911 like they’re calling customer service. This week alone we had a guy ask a black lady for ID at a pool in North Carolina. Or how about phoning the police on a black man chilling in his car listening to a yoga CD? Or harassing a black child for playing in their own courtyard?

Meanwhile, while not racially motivated but still based in prejudice, my own building put up a note imploring residents to call the cops on unlicensed buskers.

Look…I get it, Wonderwall is a shite song, but there’s no need to get the pigs involved on a guy trying to make a few dollars above his measly welfare disability cheque, you heartless bastards.

Meanwhile, enter the World Cup Champions of No Fun:

“It’s no longer a park. It’s where we live. It’s Secwepmec land: Indigenous pipeline protester arrested near Kamloops, B.C.. The RCMP and Canada have no jurisdiction on Secwpemc land. Is this what Reconciliation looks like? Is this your commitment to honouring UNDRIP?

Poll finds strong support for temporary housing solutions. Wherein Randy Shore adds a needless dog whistle about Asians. Sigh.

Apparently, however, all our housing supply is temporary: I build disposable homes. “We may as well be building movie sets. I don’t build with love anymore I build with hate, hate for the rich bastard who hired me to build a mansion just so he could sell it and make a bunch more money, hate for the system that has facilitated this kind of a market, and hate for myself that I have no choice but to continue to build poor quality luxury homes no one can afford to live in”.


Meanwhile, City council approves Plaza of Nations development despite opposition from former director of planning. View corridors be damned. Chalk another one up for the City of Glass.

Mic drop: Vancouver music scene worth $690m to economy, says report. “While the average annual income for a Vancouver musician was $18,178, the national average annual income for a Canadian musician was $22,770, according to the report”. Not to mention the lost wages every time you go on tour…

Bonus: Vancouver’s long-lost bus depot art panels found crated under bridge.

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  1. Should read: “Council approves a development with little opposition despite that from an insecure guy they fired 7 years ago.”

    Bitter or what? Maybe if Toderian got a hobby …

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