On Dissing Bad Wagyu and What Trump’s Trade Wars Mean for Food and Drink

Roads & Kingdoms presents a long read on why Japanese whisky is so good and why it’s so hard to find.

Vancouver’s Nikki Bayley shares her picks for the 10 best new restaurants in Vancouver.

Remember the story of a $180 wagyu sandwich in New York from a few weeks back? Well, Eater’s Ryan Sutton is calling BS on both the overpriced premium item as well as the restaurant’s ‘more affordable’ $28-version.

“The meat is rare. That’s the only compliment I have. American wagyu can often be a gorgeous and hauntingly complex, exhibiting a fatty silkiness while also bursting with notes of iron, blood, and blue cheese. The beef at Don is about as silky as a Slim Jim and has as much flavor as high school cafeteria lunch meat. It is the apotheosis of bland. It tastes of bread, breadcrumb, and sauce. In other words, it tastes of everything but beef.”

Matchstick will be opening its fourth location and Scout got a sneak peak inside the new downtown space.

San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer has announced his retirement after 30 years in the game. Eater shares some of his most memorable reviews.

Having a hard time keeping up with all the food and drink items affected by Trump’s various trade wars? The folks at Munchies break it all down for you.

Commercial Drive’s Merchant’s Workshop will be hosting a Last Supper Series in August in order to bid farewell prior to closing its doors for good.

Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg announced the closing of Black Hoof a few months ago, but her next project is already in the works and is set to open this September.

This year’s West Vancouver Harmony Arts Festival will include an inaugural Indigenous Feast catered by Salmon N’ Bannock.

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @lamescaleriayvr and a perfectly executed margarita in celebration of their five year anniversary!

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank is increasing access to fresh, affordable produce for local residents with their new curbside markets, strategically setup to address food deserts throughout the city.

The Vancouver Sun explores the ways in which the sharing economy is taking root within the restaurant and hospitality industry. While a strong, community-minded model, the article lacks an analysis of rising costs which often makes shared space an imperative for survival rather than a choice.

Four of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs have come together to open a new “healthy-fast-food eatery” on Granville Island.

Popina Canteen is the culmination of four-and-a-half years of location scouting, brainstorming, research, and menu development by local chefs Angus An (Maenam, Fat Mao, Sen Pad Thai), Robert Belcham (Campagnolo, Monarch Burger), Hamid Salimian (culinary consultant for Earls, instructor in Vancouver Community College’s culinary-arts program), and Joël Watanabe (Kissa Tanto, Bao Bei).”

For more on Popina, Scout broke the news of it back in March and detailed how the concept originated.

Chefs from around the world just gathered in Kuala Lumpur to tackle the issue of food waste.

On a similar note, a recent study showed that 35% of fish caught for food never gets eaten: Munchies reports.

If you think you’ve been to some bad weddings, think again because this couple had 100 guests develop food poisoning at their reception! Talk about a bunch of party poopers!

Oprah is taking the plunge into the restaurant industry after investing in the Phoenix-based True Food Kitchen.

So… Eric will film himself eating pretty much any food requested by an audience of Redditors, including a jar a mayonnaise and a plastic bag.

A group of black farmers in the US are suing the world’s largest seed company after they were sold fake seeds.

“In March of 2017, a group of black farmers purchased soybean seeds from Stine Seed Company at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show held in Memphis. The Iowa-based seed company is the world’s largest, with over 900 unique seed and chemical patents, and has worked closely with Monsanto—now Bayer—since 1997 to develop new corn and soybean varieties. The farmers in the lawsuit claim they were deliberately targeted by Stine sales representatives and sold fake products.”

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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