On Dipping Toes in Veganism and The Hunt For Long Lost Cocktails

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to La Mezcaleria for getting that perfect shot at that perfect moment. Now, let’s eat!

This week in food and politics: Anthony Bourdain heads to the heart of Trump country for the season premiere of Parts Unknown.

In an attempt to figure out what it would be like to cultivate food on Mars, scientists are growing greens in Antarctica.

Speaking of science, here’s the story on Castoreum, or the musky contents of a beaver’s anal gland you had no idea you were eating.

Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler releases his second book, which provides some sage advice on the art of drinking.

In a rather hilarious attempt at prohibition, this DC principle banned all baked good from his school for the week of 4/20.

A fascinating piece on the trials of making Spain’s famous Jamon Iberico ham in the American South.

In case you missed it, Scout sat down with Tempranillo cook Wilson Rhodes to talk kitchen slang, future ambitions and favourite cuisines.

Another ICYMI: Starbucks has found itself at the centre of a national discussion on racial bias after two black men were arrested for “loitering” at a store in Philadelphia.

“Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson were arrested in Philadelphia on 12 April. The men, both 23, were sitting at a table waiting for a business meeting and had yet to order a drink. A manager called the police and Nelson and Robinson were handcuffed and led from the store.”

Cocktail historian David Wondrich on the neverending hunt for long-lost classic cocktails.

Can you smell what The Rock is drinking? Just what we need, another celebrity starting their own liquor brand.

You know that whole Tide Pod-eating trend? Well, apparently it was predicted in a 1981 BBC miniseries on the apocalypse, soooo

The VanMag awards went down last week and JC Poirier’s St. Lawrence took home both Best New Restaurant and Restaurant of the Year.

A new generation of restaurant goers are dipping their toe in veganism, creating a greater demand for plant-based options.

And speaking of veganism, has hell actually frozen over or did Gordon Ramsay just say he’s going vegan?

In a follow-up to last week’s news on the perils of a single drink, Esquire reports that previous studies that tout the health benefits of drinking were funded by big brand alcohol companies.

Listen up, airlines! We don’t need you to adopt gourmet technique. We’d settle for some basic knowledge of seasoning and the effects of heat on food.

It’s a weird-ass world we’re living in when fruit varietals are made famous by Instagram. Case in point: The Cara Cara Orange.

Good news, bartenders! The B.C. government is phasing out the alternate minimum wage over the next three years.

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank just received its largest ever donation of $1 million.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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