Searching for Burnaby’s Best Food and Drink With Chocolate Master Christophe Bonzon

We asked the owner, head pastry chef and chocolatier at Chez Christophe how he likes to roll in Burnaby. 
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Searching for Burnaby’s Best Food and Drink With Chocolate Master Christophe Bonzon

The Dishes is a new Scout column that asks Vancouverites to walk us through a map of their ideal day and night on the town. We’re talking breakfast, lunch, happy hour, dinner and late night cocktails. Tax and tip included.

For this edition we left Vancouver proper to ask Christophe Bonzon – owner, head pastry chef and chocolatier at the extraordinary Chez Christophe – where he prefers to eat and drink in Burnaby.

Good morning! What’s for breakfast/brunch?

The Chicken and Waffles at Gray Olive is a great spot for brunch. I love the addition of the spicy Korean ketchup with the crunchy chicken.

The Gray Olive Cafeteria 4190 Hastings St., Burnaby MAP

Where should we meet for coffee/tea?

A macchiato at Standing Egg Coffee. It’s a hidden gem in Burnaby on the border of Burnaby/Coquitlam. I mean, who has time for a large drink?

Standing Egg Coffee 109A-4501 North Rd., Burnaby MAP

Now we’re hungry again. What’s for lunch?

Unagi Battera at Kilala Sushi is hands down the best in town and one of my favourite spots for lunch (and dinner!!!). The most amazing sushi in town with great service. My staff and I frequent there.

Kilala Sushi Bar 4749 Hastings St., Burnaby MAP

Who has you figured out at Happy Hour?

Steamworks beer with my staff if it’s an early day – I love the idea of bringing in our own food so we can pair it with an ice cold beer.

Steamworks Brewery & Taproom (Burnaby) 3845 William St., Burnaby MAP

What’s for dinner?

You’ll find me at The Pear Tree. Orange Caramelized Scallops with Double Smoked Bacon Risotto to start and the Braised Alberta Lamb Shank Stew served with Cauliflower Fritters and Roasted Cauliflower for the main would make a marvelous meal.

The Pear Tree 4120 East Hastings St., Burnaby MAP

What’s for dessert?

Amaretto gelato is my go-to at Nuvolo Gelato. Really any sorbet they make is wonderful because they use fresh fruit.

Nuvolo Gelato 4712 Hastings St., Burnaby MAP

Where are you taking us for late night drinks?

Any pale ale or seasonal beer at Steamworks is amazing after a long day at work.

Steamworks Brewery & Taproom (Burnaby) 3845 William St., Burnaby MAP

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