On the Good Old Days of Instagram and French Waiters Getting Into Trouble

If you’ve got a cool half a mill lying around and you’re a fan of scotch and The Beatles, consider getting in on the auction of a 1986 bottle of Macallan designed by Peter Blake, the fellow who also did the cover art of  Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

In case you missed it, Scout released their picks for the best restaurants around town this spring. As usual, readers are invited to rank the results with their votes.

A waiter in Vancouver insists he was fired because of his intrinsic Frenchness, aspects of which allegedly broke the restaurant’s rules of conduct.

File under things that shouldn’t exist: cheese and bacon-scented shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re heading down to Portland anytime soon, consider checking out this new pizza shop opened by Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock.

Munchies profiles five restaurants that are fostering a kitchen environment that is safe for all employees.

Attempting to order a breakfast sandwich from a jail security booth is certainly one way to get yourself arrested.

Backstreet’s back alright, and this time they’ve brought tequila.

Reservations website OpenTable has started a campaign to encourage restaurants to adopt a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment and discrimination.

How one chef is addressing issues of inequality through a series of pop-up dinners across the US.

“I’m a cook and I’m a writer, so my work is at the intersection of food and critical discourse and I think that for a long time, we have made food spaces—at least dining spaces—exempt from critical conversations. Food spaces embody the sort of structural inequalities that exist in the larger community and they also contribute to those inequities as well, so it’s incumbent on folks, on all of us, to address the injustices that we see in all the spaces that they exist.”

Looking to take a more environmentally friendly approach to your home bar? This guide from the folks at Imbibe should help.

While we used to shit-talk all the food photos on Instagram, now we long for the days when our feeds were chronological, our food photos were beautifully styled, and Stories were non-existent.

Speaking of which, eating via Instagram honours this week go to @leilalikes and the most lovely spread of oysters with all the fixings!

From Afro-Asian American cooking to Alaskan cuisine, here are some of the most anticipated cookbooks to keep your eye out for this spring.

Allow me to introduce you to the Pappy Van Winkle of the rum world: Foursquare!

“The first Foursquare-branded Exceptional Cask Series release, 1998, landed in the market in 2009. The pipeline began to spin up with the 2014 release of the Port Cask Finish and Zinfandel Cask Finish expressions, which were well received by rum insiders. However, it wasn’t until his full-proof, ex-bourbon 2004 bottling, released in 2016, that he began to convert bourbon fans.”

Another year, another reason our food prices will likely go up in the city. This time, rising fuel costs might be to blame.

For those of us that love avocados so much we can’t afford a house, why not spend your well-earned dollars visiting the lovely Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta for their first ever Guacamania avocado festival.

Cocktail Historian David Wondrich on why it took the American bar world so long to welcome female bartenders into the industry.

Here are a few spots that Chef Ciaran Chung likes to hit up when he’s not in the kitchen at the recently opened Coquille Fine Seafood in Gastown.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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