On the South’s Secret Bars and Vancouver Plates Destined for Noma

The  2018 James Beard Awards finalists were named this past week with a number of PNW favourites in the running including Seattle’s JuneBaby which is up for best new restaurant.

And just in case that didn’t make it harder to get a reservation, the New York Times just gave Seattle’s JuneBaby and rave 3-star review. Better book your table now!

CNN takes a look inside the wonder that is Eleven Madison Park.

In case you missed it, Scout sat down with local tattoo artist Daniel Kurc to chat about his favourite spots to eat and drink around town.

The Daily Beast looks back at the South’s secret speakeasy bars during Prohibition.

In the Georgia Straight, JC Poirier’s St. Lawrence and Ask For Luigi were chosen for best new restaurant, best French restaurant and best Italian restaurant while while Poirier himself was named ‘Chef of the Year’.

Also in the Straight, Tammy Kwan checks out Tocador, the recently opened, Cuban-inspired cocktail bar and restaurant on Main Street.

Can a sandwich make you younger? No, it can’t. Which is why I’m gonna go ahead and call BS on this anti-aging sandwich recently released in the UK.

Only good things can come when four of Vancouver’s most celebrated chefs come together to open a fast food takeaway restaurant on Granville Island. I can’t wait!

If you’re looking for something to do this evening to start the week off on the right foot, consider heading to La Mezcaleria to check watch a few local bartenders go toe-to-toe for the Viejo Indecente Mezcal cocktail competition.

Eating via Instagram honours this week to go Janaki Larsen who has been chosen as one of five potters creating the new dishes for world renowned Noma. Such a talented woman!

I can no longer say “I don’t do colour”. For almost a year I have been secretly working in technicolor for the new @nomacph. I feel beyond privileged to be one of 5 potters working on this epic project (over 6000 dishes combined!) To see something that began as mere thoughts and ideas fully realized is incredible. Thank you @rudolph1970 and @reneredzepinoma for the opportunity of a lifetime! Congratulations to everyone who was involved with this beautiful, colossal adventure! . Swipe along to see some in action! . THANK YOU EVERYONE !! ? . @krogstadanette #astridschmidt #finndamrasmussen #hjorthsfabrik @dendanskekeramikfabrik #noma #noma2 #nomaocean #ilovemud #janakilarsenceramics #dreamjob #goodtimetobeapotter #pushingboundaries #christinerudolph ?#ditteisager

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How two women built a local movement to celebrate and connect women working in the hospitality industry.

GQ examines how American chefs and diners fell for the idea of the pop-up.

File this under ‘world records you didn’t know existed’: video captures the prestigious title for most art depicting a narwhal eating a bagel.

The Georgia Straight explores Vancouver’s evolving omakase dining experience.

From When Harry Met Sally to Mean Girls, Saveur rounds up some of the best lunch scenes in film.

Uh oh! Looks like this Avocado Toast Cocktail is giving Shaun Layton’s Avocado Gimlet a run for its money!

Turns out there is such a thing as working too much. Case in point: a French baker who was just fined over $3,000 for keeping his shop open seven days a week.

Time to trade in the phone for a fork my friends. Turns out your cell phone use at dinner is decreasing your enjoyment of said meal.

Is anyone really surprised that BC leads the rest of Canada when it comes to the number of vegetarian and vegan residents? Did we really need a survey to answer that question!?

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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