Gotham Steakhouse & Bar to Celebrate National Absinthe Day

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Vancouver, BC | There are few spirits more legendary and storied than absinthe. Gotham Steakhouse & Bar has long had one of Vancouver’s best selections of this high proof elixir. To mark National Absinthe Day on March 5th, Gotham is featuring several unique absinthe varieties to be sipped and enjoyed, alongside delicious, hand-crafted absinthe cocktails.

Absinthe is made using the flowers and leaves of the wormwood tree which impart a distinct anise flavor to the spirit. First distilled in Switzerland, it became more commonly associated with Eastern Europe, and is now made in countries across the globe. Gotham offers both classic European and craft distilled North American varieties.

For nearly 150 years, the classic way to enjoy absinthe involves a carefully balanced sweetening and diluting, allowing the full flavor and aroma to open for the palate. Gotham’s stunning absinthe fountain, a vision in itself, is centered by a glass canister of ice and 4 slender silver spigots held high by a lithe winged figure. The absinthe is poured in a glass and a slotted silver spoon holding a cube of sugar is balanced atop the glass. The glass is placed below a spigot, and the sugar is lit on fire. The melting ice from the canister slowly drips over the sugar and into the glass, adding sweetness, and allowing perfect dilution. For absinthe purists, this ritual is part of the overall enjoyment, and it’s a great way to try absinthe with a group of friends as they gather around the bar and watch the pageant of fire and ice.

Because of its reputation as a hallucinogenic, absinthe was banned by many countries. However, since its prohibition was lifted, absinthe has become a favorite ingredient for mixologists; its unique black licorice flavor adds complexity and a truly unique aroma. In honor of this legendary and mysterious spirit, Gotham’s bar team has curated a very special selection of pure absinthe spirits and iconic cocktails including the Corpse reviver #2 and Sazerac.

The National Absinthe Day feature sheet will be offered from March 5th-11th – it’s the perfect opportunity to visit Gotham Steakhouse & Bar to learn the ritual and lore of absinthe.

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