On 300 Year Old Restaurants and Living in Fear of Counterfeit Whisky

Whoever the parent was that parked their daughter outside a marijuana dispensary to sell Girl Guide cookies is downright brilliant.

There’s no one solution to addressing sexual harassment in the restaurant industry. Eater looks at the variety of ways restaurant owners are attempting to proactively address the issue.

A great (if entirely sarcastic) piece in The New Yorker on what food will be like in the future.

“In the future, chocolate will become extinct, but we’ll have traded it to get the dinosaurs back, which is a pretty good deal.”

The CEO of PepsiCo is taking a rather essentialist stance when it comes to how men and women enjoy their chips.

This May, Chicago will play host to Chicago Style- a new cocktail conference with a unique and poignant mission.

“The three founders, all women, plan to use the gathering to address social problems, including sexism, substance abuse and a lack of diversity, that the bar business has started to grapple with over the past year or so.”

Renoviction is no longer just for residential tenants Cambie Village will say goodbye to two beloved restaurants to make way for a new dentist office.

A dispute over a Kinder-Morgan pipeline has resulted in Alberta refusing to import BC wines.

Alberta’s boycott, however, has inspired other provinces to throw their support (and their hard-earned dollars) behind the BC wine industry. Thanks for the support, Ontario and Quebec!

This week in “Who is Anthony Bourdain arguing with?”- the Parts Unknown host goes toe-to-toe with restaurant critics over harassment within the industry.

The Daily Beast thinks your whisky might be fake

But if you’re not buying bottles from a reputable auction house or a licensed retailer, those anti-counterfeiting measures will not offer much protection. It may sound self-serving, but Graham-Yooll points this out when asked how to avoid getting caught by fraud: “The truth is, buy from trusted sources that offer some form of guarantee, don’t buy peer to peer (on Facebook, etc.) and don’t buy anything too good to be true: same as with any investment. More than anywhere else, it is bottles that originate from private sales turn out to be forgeries.”

Eater sits down with Chef Jose Andres to chat about his extensive relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

In case you missed it: Chef Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar took home gold at this year’s Canadian Culinary Championships.

You think The Naam and Bishop’s have been around for a long time? This restaurant in Spain hasn’t closed since 1725:

If you didn’t get your complete Murakami-fix at the Vancouver Art Gallery, head down the street to Market by Jean-George for a complete Murakami-inspired menu!

Savour that bottle of tequila in your liquor cabinet friends! Looks like we’re heading for a shortage of the blue agave-based spirit!

Of all the places you could possibly rob, how did these two geniuses decide that a Vancouver food truck was the optimal target? They’re probably rethinking that choice about now…

Eating via Instagram goes to @foodgays and this lovely chocolate fondue spread for all of your Valentine’s Day needs!

Introducing the Sunion, a tear-free onion that was 30 years in the making.

Time to add cocktails to the ever-growing list of innovative uses for CBD oil! That and more in this article on cocktail trends from the folks at Esquire.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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