Coquille Fine Seafood Now Open in Gastown

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Vancouver, BC | The award-winning team behind Gastown dining destination L’Abattoir has officially opened the doors of Coquille Fine Seafood, its latest venture located only a stone’s throw away at 181 Carrall Street.

Open for lunch, dinner and late-night drinks seven days a week from 11:30 a.m., Coquille (French for ‘shell’) serves up a memorable dining experience thanks to a bounty of fresh-caught seafood and shellfish dishes, wide-ranging drink menu, nautically inspired décor and seating for 100 in its 4,100-sq.-ft. dining room, bar and lounge.

Coquille represents the latest project for pedigreed local chefs and co-owners Lee Cooper and Jack Chen, who first began working in the kitchen together a decade ago before teaming up to open L’Abattoir in 2010 with Nin Rai of Truffles Fine Foods, who also joins the ownership team at Coquille. Rounding out the leadership team, is general manager Liam Todd, previously of L’Abattoir, Osteria Savio Volpe and Nightingale.

“Jack and I have long been friends on and off the line and Coquille represents a concept that we’ve both had on our minds for a while,” says Cooper. “We saw that there was room for this type of restaurant in Vancouver and wanted to fill that void by offering a modern spin on a classic fish house.”

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Coquille’s food menu of creative-yet-approachable fare includes a selection of hot and cold small plates, salads, sandwiches and crudos, seafood platters and mains spotlighting the best of local land and sea, as well as a selection of freshly shucked East and West Coast oysters.

The beverage program, which features an array of local craft beer, house-made cocktails and a notable list of BC and international wines, was designed by L’Abattoir alum and bar consultant Shaun Layton as well as current L’Abattoir Restaurant Director Lisa Haley, who was singled out as Sommelier of the Year at the 2017 Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards.

In envisioning Coquille’s relaxed-yet-elegant décor, SITU Design Principal David Hepworth used the mysterious depths of the ocean and Vancouver’s abiding connection to it for inspiration, evoking a 1930’s-ocean-liner-meets-The-Rime-of-the-Ancient-Mariner feel throughout the space. To that end, Coquille features custom mahogany table tops with brass inserts, grey oak vinyl plank flooring and custom scallop pattern Portofino porcelain tile from Spain, brass light fixtures and teal suede bar stools.

“We were aiming for an inviting and comfortable environment with a bit of an edge,” says Hepworth. “The darker components of the interior are drawn from the notions of sea monsters, old whaling ships and the ‘deep’, while the lighter components reference the comfort and luxury of the Streamline age.”

For more information on Coquille Fine Seafood, go to, become a fan of /coquillevan on Facebook or follow @CoquilleVan on Instagram.

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