On Returning Michelin Stars and All the Sex Your Gluten-Free Friends are Having

Annoyed by the number of restaurants in the city that don’t take reservations? The Vancouver considers why we might only have ourselves to blame.

Michelin: You don’t want your three stars? Fine, we’ll take them back.

Scout sits down with Chef Alessandro Vianello of Wildebeest, Bufala, Lucky Taco and Bells and Whistles to find out where he likes to eat and drink when he’s not cooking up a storm.

Amazon’s recent takeover of Whole Foods has resulted in a few inventory issues for the company.

“They’re out of kale,” a shopper at the location in Manhattan’s Union Square remarked to her friend one evening last week. “That’s, like, very off-brand.”

New research is showing a concerning link between high blood sugar and cognitive decline: The Atlantic reports.

What would you do for a jar of Nutella? At a discounted price of 1.41 euro, the chocolate hazelnut spread started riots in France last week.

From Bishop’s to Seasons in the Park, OpenTable shares its picks for the most romantic restaurants in Vancouver (and across the country).

Here’s your chance to weigh in on the best Chinese food in the city as the 10th annual Chinese Restaurant Awards opens up their Diner’s Choice category.

From Danny DeVito as a human M&M to a few weird-ass millennial-driven Diet Coke ads, here’s a roundup of this years Super Bowl commercials in all their strange glory.

Food Republic looks at the history of vegan cuisine and how the animal-free diet existed long before many (mostly white) celebrities touted its health benefits.

“Once more, the gripe here is not that white people are enjoying vegan lifestyles — everyone should feel empowered enough to take good care of their health with environmentalism in mind. It’s the stark absence of crediting the origins of a trend that’s taken such a flashy hold over Western diets.”

The beautiful story of small-scale cheese makers on the island of Crete who continue to resist the pull of industrialized food production.

Restaurant owners in Ontario grapple with how best to offset costs after the province’s minimum wage increased from $11.60 to $14.00/hour.

You can make fun of your gluten-free friends all you want, but apparently they’re having way more sex than you are…

In what is perhaps the coolest hobby of all time, Trevor Smith of Portland, Australia has taken to crocheting everything from cheese plates to lobster.

Carrot juice mimosas and chia seed pina coladas? Must we try to make everything health? It’s a cocktail people! The calories are there whether you put kale-infused vodka with a goji berry tincture in it or not!

Can somebody please go try this vanilla ice cream infused with Hot Cheetos and report back? K, thanks.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

Drinking via Instagram honours this week go to @roberutus and the Murakami-inspired cocktail from the folks at Market by Jean-Georges:

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