Blue Water Cafe Releases Menu For 14th Annual ‘Unsung Heroes’ Festival

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Vancouver, BC | Take a deep dive with Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar and discover new delicious delights with the Fourteenth Annual Unsung Heroes Festival.

Offered from February 1st to 27th, the Unsung Heroes Festival celebrates lesser known and often overlooked fin and seafood to educate diners about alternative sustainable Ocean Wise choices. Executive Chef Frank Pabst has creatively forged a special menu of unique dishes for this annual affair that benefits the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program with a 10% contribution of proceeds. Wine Director William Mulholland pulls out all the stops and pairs his top choices of wonderful wines with the Unsung line-up.

“The Unsung Heroes Festival is always a popular initiative of Blue Water’s as we’re up for the challenge of bringing a spotlight on new Ocean Wise products and share the importance of dining sustainably with our guests,” says Chef Frank. “As a founding member of the Ocean Wise program, we’re truly honoured to work with the Vancouver Aquarium and our trusted suppliers who provide guidance and expertise on highlighting ocean conservation practices.”

The 2018 Unsung Heroes menu features new and returning favourites so catch them while you can. Guests are in for a treat with this year’s menu offerings such as Sturgeon Liver ‘Pate’, Octopus ‘Bolognese’, Slipper Limpet ‘Paella’, and even a Sea Urchin ‘Hot Dog’.


Carp + Trout Roe “Meze”
phyllo pastry filled with carp roe dip, fresh cucumber, trout roe, radish, watercress 13.50

Grey Mullet Bottarga “Gnocchi”
cured and dried mullet roe grated over dulse seaweed gnocchi, artichoke barigoule 14.50

Periwinkles “Pick & Eat”
boiled in kombu broth, green algae + jalapeno aioli 12.50

Herring “Poke Bowl”
matjes herring, ogo seaweed, sweet onion, sesame, avocado, inamona, herring roe 12.50

Jellyfish “Kimchi”
napa cabbage roll with jellyfish, braised chicken, kimchi, green onion, carrot, cucumber 12.50

Crayfish “Cappuccino”
made from invasive crayfish, warm vichyssoise foam 13.50

Mackerel “Nama Harumaki”
pickled mackerel filet in rice paper, umeboshi, daikon radish, avocado, shiso, almonds 14.50

Octopus “Bolognese”
ragu a la Bolognese with octopus and pork belly, squid ink fettucine 15.50

Red Sea Cucumber “Casino”
bacon, celery, onions, garlic, red pepper and white wine 13.50

Sea Urchin “Hot Dog”
asian pear and sweet pepper relish, uni miso mustard, nori bun 15.50

Smelt “Tacos”
crispy fried smelt, masa harina tortillas, cabbage, aji amarillo crema, cilantro, lime 12.50

Sturgeon Liver “Pate”
pickled vegetables, marinated mushrooms, mustard seeds, grilled bread 14.50

Whelk “Au Gratin”
poached sea snails, bc endives, slow cooked ham, mornay sauce 14.50

Slipper Limpet “Paella”
bomba rice cooked with saffron, pimenton, sofrito, tomato + green chickpeas, aioli 13.50

For further information or reservations, please contact Blue Water Cafe by telephone at 604-688-8078 or online at

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