On Whisky Libraries, Tricky Reservations and Ripping Off In-N-Out Burger

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Portland’s Multnomah Whisky Library | Photo: Scout Magazine

The trouble with sandwiches in space, and why they’re banned.

RIP Paul Bocuse, one of the greatest and most influential chefs of all time.

The Atlantic: Craft Beer is the Strangest, Happiest Economic Story in America.

Trump can say ‘shithole’ until he’s blue in the face, but as we saw last week, so can persistent Yelpers.

Eater’s Bill Addison hits up the Cantonese food scene in Vancouver and Richmond, declares it North America’s best.

A closer look at Portland’s Multnomah Whiskey Library and five of the most prized bottles on their backbar.

Speaking of whisky libraries, Vancouver’s biggest collection of the brown stuff just got busted in a raid.

And speaking of Portland, Vancouver had a recent visit from Jim Meehan. In this Scout interview (by yours truly), the acclaimed bar operator shared a few things he loves about the west coast and things he misses most about NYC.

Unrelated: From bottom shelf to big comeback, Canadian Whiskey is having its first real moment in the sun since Prohibition.

A substance-use support group for the restaurant industry, by the restaurant industry: NPR reports.

Looking to cut down on your sugar intake? New research shows that increasing your sleep may just help you kick the habit.

A chemist tries to understand the role of gin in George Orwell’s 1984.

In yet another follow-up to the ongoing saga that is the BC industry shortage, the Vancouver Sun explores how some restaurants are attempting to cater to a millenial work sensibility to entice new employees.

Korea’s Cry Cheese Burger is a dead ringer for the infamous In-N-Out. But seriously, what’s with that name?

The New York Times’ food editor Pete Wells just made getting a table at Kissa Tanto even harder.

“Every detail at Kissa Tanto, from the lighting to the menus to the purple neon sign high above the pedestrians on the main thoroughfare of this city’s Chinatown, conjures an imaginary parallel world. It’s a lifelike fantasy, an approach more common lately in cocktail bars than in restaurants, where earnest wood grains, hand-thrown pottery and plain neck-to-knee aprons are the order of the day.”

A group of local residents are raising concerns over the new Stanley Park Brewing restaurant set to open in the old Fish House later this year.

On the proven benefits of a junk-food tax and the difficulties of proposing such measures in America’s current political climate: Vox reports.

Heeeeeeere’s Johnny! The city of Chicago is playing host to Room 237- a haunting pop-up bar inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

And if horror themed pop-ups aren’t quite your speed, why not try something at an easier pace with a Harry Potter-themed pop-up brunch taking place in Vancouver in the coming months.

Inside the minds of a few craft bartenders and their obsession with water quality.

“In cocktails, where dilution from ice often makes up a quarter of each drink, a number of detail-oriented bartenders are making sure the water meets the same exacting standards they hold every other element of their craft to.”

This week in things you shouldn’t have to say out loud: STOP EATING F*&%ING TIDE PODS!!!

Drinking via instagram honours this week goes to @rootsandfruits and a cozy tumeric, ginger apple cider to get us through these chilly, rainy days.

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