Quantifying the Benefits of the Best Seat in the House at Gastown’s La Mezcaleria

Not all restaurant tables are created equal. Some shouldn’t even exist on account of their terrible positioning, while others are so superior in every way that they make the other tables in the dining room jealous. Scout keeps a running account of the very best ones here.

The singular, incomparable Table #11 at L Mezcaleria | Photo: www.lamezcaleria.ca

If you don’t mind the occasional blast of cool air tempering the heat of your Cochinita Pibil (so delicious!), then there’s really no contest when it comes to determining the best seat in the house at the Gastown location of La Mezcaleria.

It’s Table #11, which just so happens to be the fourtop closest to the front door. Intermittent air conditioning aside, the table is the Mexican restaurant’s only window perch, which ups its value immeasurably relative to every other table in the room.

View from seat 4 (first chair opposite banquette) at Table 11. | Photo: Scout Magazine

Table #11’s positioning also affords those who sit at it views of almost every other table in the room (including every seat at the bar), not to mention all the comings and goings from the front door.

La Mezcaleria (Gastown)
La Mezcaleria serves authentic Mexican food in Gastown and on Commercial Drive. Dishes are inspired by different regions in Mexico, and are made using traditional methods with fresh, west coast ingredients.
Neighbourhood: Gastown
68 E Cordova St. | 778-379-6447 | WEBSITE

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