On Sexism in the Bartending Realm and the Media’s Annual Fixation on Food Predictions

This week in great food podcasts, Planet Money gets to the bottom of a true M&M-based mystery.

From minimum wage increases to alternate proteins to niche products, Maclean’s looks at emerging food issues for the coming year.

The New York Times on the ongoing reckoning of the restaurant world with sexual harassment within the industry and what it will take to create substantial change.

“For the most part, chefs are acting as if the sudden willingness of women to talk about what the industry is really like for them is just a temporary condition, that it will blow over soon enough and the party will start up again. This seemed to be the message of the pizza dough cinnamon roll incident.”

From sparring with renowned chefs to noting a distinct lack of local, sustainable seafood, The Globe and Mail’s Alex Gill calls it like she sees it in her 2017 year in review.

Three industry heavyweights weigh in on the issues of sexism and diversity in the bartending realm.

Scout reveals its guide to Chinatown with the 30 best spots to eat and drink.

While we sadly no longer have the Lucky Peach food horoscopes, Bon Appetit has stepped up to the plate to let us know what the stars have to say about our culinary future.

Eater pulls together 2018 food trend predictions from every food company, PR firm and media outlet imaginable.

A selection of local food and drink events to look forward to in the coming year including the Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, Richmond Night Market and YVR Food Fest.

How one former school teacher and a team of volunteers is rescuing would-be food waste to distribute to local charities.

This week in food science, Wired looks at the food industry’s evolving technological pursuits in the name of more humane and sustainable products.

An insider look at strategies used by the junk food industry to keep you spending your hard earned dollars on chocolate bars, chips and candy.

A few meal prep suggestions from the folks at Bon Appetit that may help you keep all those food-based New Year’s resolutions.

Increased demand will likely result in a higher price for eggs in the first three months of 2018: NPR reports.

Ranging in price from $65 to over $30,000, you too can own a piece of history with some of the oldest and rarest spirits still available on the market.

They’re magically delicious and grrrrreat? What kind of breakfast cereal magic is this!?

On the evolving etiquette of talking politics behind the bar in the era of the Trump presidency.

Drinking via Instagram honours go to @japacible because keeping up with all your New Year’s resolutions will require beautiful cups of coffee.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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