The Scout List, Vol. 453

An agenda of the things we are doing, wishing we could do, or are conspiring to do in Vancouver from Jan. 3 to Jan. 9, 2018.
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The Scout List, Vol. 453

From our calendar to yours comes this carefully considered agenda of cool things we are doing, wishing we could do, or conspiring to do in Vancouver from January 3 to January 9, 2018 Please note that you can now get the Scout List – with a few extra pieces of intel included – sent to your inbox every Thursday. Sign up for your subscription in the sidebar.

WRITE | January is a good time to write letters and send thank you notes for all the holiday gifts and visits. It’s important to remind friends and family (including those you didn’t have a chance to break bread with) that you are grateful. If the task of sitting down at your kitchen table makes it feel like a chore, check out The Regional Assembly Of Text’s Letter Writing Club this Thursday night. It’s free, open to everyone and supplies are provided. What’s more, all the thankful people writing letters to their pals is a great sort of energy to soak up. Opening mail to find a handwritten note when all you ever expect are bills is a pretty sweet surprise, so be a part of it! Find out more.

Thu, Jan. 4 | 7:30pm | 3934 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P2 MAP

CITY | If you’re interested in urban planning, community connectedness, city growth and property values, you might want to clear a few hours on your schedule to attend the lecture “How will that new station increase my house price — the Australian experience” at SFU this Thursday night. Associate professor (Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute) Matthew Burke takes the stage to explain how property markets rise and fall as transport systems are introduced using the example of recently implemented Australian busway, rail and ferry projects. Information sharing is good. Find out more.

Thu, Jan 4 | 7pm 515 W Hastings St. MAP

CHEAP EATS | If you’re feeling the financial impact of the holiday season and want to keep things cheap in the short term, consider loading up a plate of good food, grabbing a seat at a communal table, and making new friends at Perogy Night. On the first Friday of each month, the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral off Main St. sorts plenty of people out by serving up an authentic Ukrainian dinner with a warm and fuzzy community glow for cheap. A “Traditional Dinner” consists of 6 perogies, 2 cabbage rolls, sauerkraut or salad and sausage and costs just $13 (upgrade to a Super Dinner for $16 and pick up an extra 4 perogies and another cabbage roll). If you’re looking for something a little lighter, a mini dinner is only $9 (4 perogies, a cabbage roll, and some Ukrainian Koubassa). It’s an awesome deal that could only get better if they had $2.50 desserts. Wait…they do?! See you there. Find out more.

Fri, Jan. 5 | 5-8pm 154 E 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 1Z4 MAP

COMMIT | So you’ve made yourself a promise to change a few things, cook more, get creative with a photography class, get in shape – that sort of thing. Now is the time to commit. When considering taking up a new activity, starting at your local community centre makes good sense. The Vancouver Parks Board operates dozens community centres at various locations throughout the city, so the likelihood of there being one in your neighbourhood is pretty high. One of the greatest things about your local Community Centre is how super economical it is. Expect a few other people to understand that and register for your yoga class (or whatever) on the double. Get sorted today! Find out more.

IMAGINE | Labyrinth is the midnight movie at the Rio this week. From The Rio: “We’re kicking off 2018’s Friday Late Night Movies series with an all-time audience favourite – and one of our most regularly requested titles – the totally awesome 80s fantasy adventure LABYRINTH. David Bowie makes all kinds of music, magic and mischief as a Goblin King who kidnaps a baby while tormenting a young Jennifer Connelly in director Jim Henson‘s wildly imaginative and highly entertaining puppet-filled classic.” Reflect, remember and wear dancing pants — audience costumes are encouraged and cold beer is available. Find out more.

Fri, Jan 5 | 11:55pm  1660 E Broadway MAP

DANCE | If you’re not in a movie mood but are still wanting to honour David Bowie as we near the anniversary of his passing, you can celebrate his life and genius at The Bowie Ball this weekend. Expect non-stop Bowie tunes performed by 20 local bands and solo artists as well as face painting (lightning bolts for everyone!) as well as best costume prizes, loads of creativity and the opportunity to connect with other Bowie enthusiasts. Proceeds go to the Canadian Cancer Society. Grab a ticket ($15) at Redcat, Zulu, Highlife and Neptoon – also available online here. Find out more.

Sat, Jan 6 | 7pm-1am  254 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1P1 MAP

EAT LOCAL | If you’ve decided to get healthy this year, we suggest you hit up the Winter Farmer’s Market for provisions – no one does a better job of providing tasty fruits and vegetables than the people who actually grow them. There are two markets to choose from this weekend: Nat Bailey Stadium parking lot on Saturday and the PNE on Sunday. Don’t forget to pack your reusable tote bags! Find out more.

Sat, Jan. 6 | 10am-2pm | 4601 Ontario Street MAP
Sun, Jan. 7 | 10am-2pm Hastings Park (PNE) MAP

CHIP | It’s time to part ways with your Christmas tree. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Make an afternoon of it by recycling that little needle-shedding bugger at UBC Botanical Garden and shake it off with a hike down to Wreck Beach or a contemplative stroll along Jericho. Bonus: money raised by collecting the $5 suggested donation for the tree chipping service goes to support a garden and food literacy education programs in local schools. Find out more.

Now–Jan 8 | 9:30 am – 4:30 pm 6804 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 MAP

HEADS-UP | UBC has done Vancouver a solid by combining everyone’s favourite January activities (exercising and not spending money) in Free Week. Students, staff and the general public are invited to try out as many of the instructor-led classes offered by the UBC Recreation centre as they want – for free. Drop into fitness, yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts, boot camps, and aquatics classes. Free week is January 8-14, but we’re telling you now because registration is advised for some activities and you don’t want to miss out when those classes fill up. Find out more.

Jan 8 - 14 | Various times 6000 Student Union Blvd MAP

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