The Right Book to Flip Through if You’re Already Suffering Christmas Exhaustion

We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t covetous. Sometimes we see things out there that we just must have. This is an archive of those earthly desires. During the holiday season, the Cool Thing We Want column goes into overdrive, so keep checking back for more gift ideas.

I’ll be showing a rare glimmer of hometown Winnipeg pride on Friday, December 8th by grabbing a copy of ‘Fatales: The Art of Ryan Heshka’ (approximately $60). The Peg artist is here for a 7pm to 9pm book signing at Lucky’s Comics (3972 Main Street). The hardcover monograph is titled ‘Fatales’ for a good reason: Heshka’s subject matter largely centres on the Noir genre’s femme fatale archetype; his paintings could just as convincingly grace the covers vintage pulp fiction publications as they could have once figured on the walls of the old Hot Art Wet City gallery. The surreal, nostalgic and morbidly humorous aesthetic is the common denominator of several successful Manitoba-born artists (including my personal faves, filmmaker Guy Maddin and artist Marcel Dzama), and I can think of no better time than the saccharine weeks before holly jolly Christmas to indulge in it. Maybe it’s something they put in the water out there, I don’t know…but I’ve drunk a lot of it!

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