Brewery Gets Cease & Desist Letter from Budweiser via Town Crier

That moment when Bud Light sends you a cease and desist for your #dillydilly release… via a scroll… written in olde english… read by an actual medieval person.. and then sends you to the Minnesota Super Bowl 2018.

Posted by Modist Brewing Company on Friday, December 1, 2017

(via) There have been a few instances in the recent past of BC breweries receiving threatening lawyer’s letters from touchy competitors who felt like their trademarks were infringed upon. I can assure you that none of them were delivered as light-heartedly as this one.

When Minnesota brewery Modist made a Mosaic Double IPA called “Dilly Dilly”, Budweiser, which owns the trademark, sent them a Town Crier who – after very comically insisting they stop – not only granted them permission to finish their limited run of the brew (so they wouldn’t be out of pocket) but also promised two tickets to the Superbowl.

I still won’t drink their beer, but honour is due.

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