On the Righteousness of Beer and the Consequences of Beserker Billionaires

Easy Drapery Mfg, Clark Drive | photo: Michelle Sproule

Performative wokeness: Tearful Justin Trudeau apologizes to N.L. residential school survivors. “This is a good time to remember that in a liberal society, the performance of white guilt is a key part of the architecture of white power.” – Stuart Parker

Meanwhile: Canada has spent $110,000 to avoid paying $6,000 for indigenous teen’s orthodontics. Trudeau’s promises have no teeth! Get it?

Op-Ed: This is the one thing stopping Vancouver from becoming a mega tech hub. Spoiler, it’s not giving tech workers a better wage and a place to actually live. “The University of British Columbia, BC’s largest university, has over 13,000 students in the Faculty of Arts. The number in Computer Science? 1,840”. Ugh, this is like one step away from blaming “cultural Marxism“.

You know, those brainwashing bastions of rampant political correctness and free-speech hating, left-wing authoritarianism. A brave teaching assistant gets humiliated and we all grow a little more leery of speaking too freely. Ah yes, the brave TA who blames campus Rainbow Centres for an uptick in attacks on trans people and not, you know, transphobia.

So while we’re debating using gender neutral pronouns and blaming universities for transphobia and creating too many liberal arts students, “those sensible men and women who run the world’s treasuries and central banks, who see an indefinite rise in consumption as normal and necessary, are beserkers, smashing through the wonders of the living world, destroying the prosperity of future generations to sustain a set of figures that bear ever less relation to general welfare.” Everything Must Go.

Yes, the only thing that makes economic sense is debt. The endless, swirling, black hole of household debt: Canadians’ Household Debt Tops All Other Countries In OECD Report.

And don’t let the elites sell you on UBI: Universal Basic Bullshit.

In 2016, another billionaire proffered a workable model for mobilizing populist forces to his own personal gain, conning millions of economically precarious Americans into supporting policies—tax breaks for corporatists, a hostile disregard for climate science, healthcare revocations positioned as reforms—that would profoundly worsen their quality of life. In his successful election bid, this billionaire proved both the transformative potential of simplistic rhetoric and the masses’ eagerness to accept vacuous assurances rather than confront uncomfortable realities.

Canada’s 1 per cent gets another big income boost. But please continue to tell me how bad socialism is…

Vancouver’s housing and opioid crises are linked, says addictions expert. I’m not sure if it was on purpose but I think I might be living in a rat-park type experiment.

Oh no he didn’t: This Conservative Politician Said Weed Is Just As Deadly as Fentanyl. Capitalists get so mad when you control your own supply of pain reliever that they start sputtering total bullshit.

Satire of the day: Confusion erupts as young woman moves without writing ‘Why I’m leaving Vancouver’ open letter.

Do they have a “fare gates will never pay for themselves” shirt? TransLink hopes to move people to buy its souvenirs. I’m waiting for the sanitation department to come out with theirs.

Y’all know what to buy me for Christmas: Brewers create anti-fascist ale.

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  1. Beer. The cheapest way to get legally drunk now that the price of Lysol has risen sharply. An undistilled, unrefined batch of flavoured urine as a carrier of ethyl alcohol. A product well-matched to its consumers.

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