On Ripping “The Rise” and Appreciating Chinatown’s Culinary Heritage

This week in food science, recent research into Waygu beef has found that a combination of 16 compounds gives the luxury meat its pleasant, coconut-like smell.

A delightfully nostalgic Youtube channel has popped up on the scene. “Making it Modern” makes and taste-tests vintage dishes before creating a modern take on the often bizarre original.

The Restaurant Opportunity Center has released a Racial Equity Toolkit to help restaurant owners address racial bias and more effectively implement equitable hiring practices.

This week in hilarious food news, Bob Saget finally dispels rumours that he is the face on the bottle of Cholula hot sauce. If you look closely, you can appreciate the confusion.

It’s your last chance to pay a visit to Acme Cafe as the West Hastings mainstay has been sold and will close its doors for good on November 28th.

As the face of Vancouver’s Chinatown continues to change, the city is exploring legacy business programs to help the culinary heritage of the neighbourhood stay alive.

Munchies shares a 24-hour glimpse into the curious, sleep-deprived, fast-paced lives of two Italian truffle dealers.

Celebrity caterer Kathleen Schaffer explains the best and worst parts of feeding the Hollywood elite.

8,000 year old jars found in Georgia are offering clues to the origins of winemaking. NPR reports.

The Globe and Mail’s Alexandra Gill cautions against visiting South Granville’s The Rise unless you’re feeling nostalgic and looking to pay a visit the the worst parts of 80’s fusion.

What they lacked in noise control, they more than made up for in burgers, fried chicken and soft serve.The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby visits recently opened Bells and Whistles.

From cookbooks to cocktail guides to wine memoirs, Eater shares their picks for the best books to add to your wishlist this holiday season.

Looking to put together a little holiday gathering? Scout’s got you covered with their comprehensive round-up of great spots to host your party.

Look out Doordash and Foodora! Uber is coming to town and bringing their food delivery app along with them.

Thrillist ranks all 50 states by food. Lucky for us, Oregon and Washington both cracked the top 10!

Snake oil or miracle drink: The Atlantic checks out a ketone-rich energy beverage that’s meant to help with weight loss and increase athletic performance.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to Beaucoup Bakery as they help get us geared up for holiday baking!

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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