On Broken Restaurant Models and Vancouver Eating Its Young

Christy Clark’s revenge: NPA’s Hector Bremner wins council seat in Vancouver byelection. So even though left leaning parties got 70% of the vote and the NPA won with 28%, we can’t really talk about vote splitting when the turnout was a pathetic 11%.

I’m not much of an optimist, but people have been pointing out that, if anything, the centre is split between One City’s “we don’t need a class war” and Vision. Coming in 2nd was a remarkable achievement for Jean Swanson, an unabashed socialist with no campaign manager.

And even though the result was predictable, it lays bare the mistrust the electorate has in the ruling Vision Vancouver brand. Now, if only the left can get its proverbial shit together and unite behind a progressive alternative.

Of course, this is how the oligarchy wins.

While the ruling class must remain united for an oligarchy to remain in power, the people must also be divided so they cannot overthrow their oppressors. Oligarchs in ancient Greece thus used a combination of coercion and co-optation to keep democracy at bay. They gave rewards to informants and found pliable citizens to take positions in the government.

And part of that is making the oppressed economically dependent on the oligarchy for their survival. Precarious labour dictates a low turnout. People working 2 or 3 jobs are kept in perpetual crisis mode and a by-election is the least of their worries: Help Wanted: Employers struggle to fill food service, entry level jobs. This is a shocking admission by Robert Belcham:

“Fifteen years ago I was selling a salmon main course for $25 and today I’m still selling the salmon entrée for $25,” Belcham said. “What else can you buy for the same price as 15 years ago? Five years ago? Nothing.”

With all due respect, this is bonkers. You would rather the government change immigration laws than raise the price of your salmon entrée? Wildly utopian ideas to change the industry aside, what do we do? I’ve said it countless times, the tip structure is insane. I know you’re selling wine and I’m grateful, but maybe 12 bucks a night in tips isn’t enough. Again, I’m just talking about my own experience, I’m not calling anyone out. This is an industry magazine and I respect the hell out of all you, but how many articles like this is it going to take?

B.C. chef shortage due to ‘perfect storm’ of problems, industry experts say. “While the cost of living in Vancouver is a contributing problem, Pateman said a range of issues including long hours, low wages, the gratuity system and rising business costs are factors as well”. Thank you.

Aside from economic precocity, the oligarchy also wants your lives to be boring. I blame Plato: Archie From “Riverdale” Called Vancouver Boring And People Have A Lot Of Feelings About It.

But hey, a little overbearing and completely unaccountable authoritarianism goes a long way too: Myles Gray suffered multiple broken bones in fight with police, prior to his death, court petition reveals. 8. Fucking. Cops. Jesus Christ.

The court document alleges that none of the officers made any notes about the altercation, contrary to VPD policy. It says seven of them did submit evidence pages to PRIME, the police database, but not until at least five months after Gray had died.

Via Reddit: all cops are bastards.

You don’t see Vancouver when it’s just us:

You go to Third Beach with your Albertan friends and they say “man, if I lived here I would go to the beach every day. It’s so beautiful.” And you think to yourself “yeah, they’re right. I should go to the beach more often.” But in your heart of hearts you know you won’t, because the beach is crowded and there’s nothing to do there except drink and the city of Vancouver makes damned sure you aren’t going to drink on the beach by having an entire Beach Patrol unit of cops on ATV’s patrolling every square foot of beach that people might congregate on and try to forget for a brief moment that they will never own property but maybe it’s worth it because the natural scenery is so beautiful and maybe life’s not so bad, you’re here with friends on a beautiful day in a beautiful city surrounded by picturesque mountains and oceans and you have so many craft breweries where you can pick up a 6 pack of great beer, like the one you’re drinking now, but wait, what’s that? It’s a fuckin cop on a goddamned ATV just waiting to write you a ticket because this is what the city thinks of young people.

Bonus: Astronomers find half of the missing matter in the universe.

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