A Look Inside The New Black Lodge

The Black Lodge owners: Claire Wyrostok and Brad MacKinnon

The Black Lodge opened quietly this past weekend at 317 East Broadway (just east of Kingsway) after a dry run for friends and family. The Twin Peaks inspired restaurant and bar is now open to the public. Here’s the essential skinny on the spot (from the summer when we first posted about it) and a detailed look inside:

Claire Wyrostok and Brad MacKinnon are opening a second location of The Black Lodge. It’s been a few months in the making as there was some uncertainty surrounding the future of their original location at 630 Kingsway (the building is slated for development). They were on the prowl for a possible way out and pounced when the old Heartwood location at 317 East Broadway, a 1,600 sqft address that used to be home to Heartwood Community Cafe (previously Hatch, Rhizome), became available. They took possession on May 1st and have been working hard to finish the 70 seater in time for an early September opening. The original location will continue to operate even after the new one opens. This is a fantastic space with great bones. The high, pressed ceilings and the old wooden floors lend themselves convincingly to the theme, making it – for guests, I foresee – all the more transportive an experience.

Claire and Brad are a couple and have done all of the renovations work themselves (she’s trained as a plumber and he’s a former mechanic), save for the gorgeous, wood cabin-like booths, which were designed and built by Vancouver Tiny Homes. There are four of these, each of them with room enough to comfortably enclose six people. I think they might end up being the talking point of the space. (Either them or the freaky bathroom hallway, which is modelled after the famous Twin Peaks dream sequence.) As for the offerings, we can expect the food concept to cleave to the original (vegetarian, that is) with eight new items – give or take – added to the menu, which will also see an expanded share plates section. For refreshments, expect 8 taps for local craft beer to start.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, they did more than just nail the look of the place, they also captured the irreverent feel of the show (a show that once asked “Where does creamed corn fit into the workings of the universe?”). The wood cabin booths are really something special, and there are lots of cool little details to focus on. The menu – though entirely meatless – is driven by comfort food and offers something for everyone. I’m keen to try the Tot-chos (tater tot nachos, naturally) and one of the punch bowls. Hopefully the Log Lady will be at the bar…

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  1. Yessss the new space looks amazing. FYI Black Lodge is hosting a black t-shirt fundraiser this weekend from 1-5. Artists include Nomi Chi, Ben Frey, Tim Mack, Andrea Hooge and lots more. Shirts are $25 each and proceeds will go to the Drinkers Lounge, a non-profit that helps people with alcohol addiction in the DTES.

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