Popular All-Day Breakfast Eatery Secures New Location on East Hastings

Yolks is getting ready to move from its original location in the old (and let’s face it, decrepit) Brave Bull building at Hastings and Clark to an 1800 sqft space in the newly constructed Boheme building three blocks east at Hastings and Woodland (1598 East Hastings).

I took a walk through the construction site earlier this week with owner Steve Ewing, who has hired local designers Campos Studios to design the new restaurant and brought in Glasfurd & Walker to rethink the company’s brand and identity.

The plan is for the old spot to close on a Sunday afternoon in early November and then open the new place the following morning.

Rendering of the interior design with open kitchen and large booths.

The new Yolks will see some 60 seats inside split between six cozy booths and a long banquette with its back to an open kitchen. There will be another 40 seats outside spread out on a large, levelled patio that will run the length of the restaurant’s side on Woodland. The restaurant will be licensed with beer and breakfast-typical cocktails (eg. Caesars), and home to a new coffee program from nearby Agro Roasters. I don’t imagine the menu – which draws daily line-ups – will change much. If you’ve never been before, think fried chicken and waffles, half a dozen varieties of eggs benedict, truffle-lemon hashbrowns, et cetera. Good stuff.

This is the first of several moves from a small company that started out as a food truck before launching its brick and mortar operation just before Christmas in 2013. Ewing opened a second location on West Broadway two years later, and after this address is sorted – and the redo of the brand is complete – he aims to open another two or three Yolks before the end of 2019 (he is actively seeking out locations as we speak). Take a look inside the construction site (and at some more renderings) in the gallery below:

  • IMG_6515
  • IMG_6516
  • IMG_6519
  • IMG_6511
  • IMG_6522
  • IMG_6513
  • IMG_6524
  • IMG_6535
  • IMG_6514
  • IMG_6526
  • IMG_6521
  • IMG_6532
  • IMG_6517
  • IMG_6534
  • IMG_6518
  • IMG_6533
  • IMG_6537
We source the finest ingredients for our creative menu, prepare our food using state of the art cooking techniques and perfectly poach our locally sourced, free-range eggs, to deliver a truly unique and delicious taste experience to our customers. Visit SCOUT profile.
Neighbourhood: East Vancouver
1598 East Hastings | 604-559-YOLK (9655) | WEBSITE

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There are 5 comments

  1. Brilliant. Steve is an amazing guy. Best food ever. You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted their hashbrowns.

  2. My mouth waters like a Pavlovian response every time I drive past a Yolks location. The food is so delicious and the experience there is always a positive one for me.I am excited for Steve Ewing and his team to have this brand new location to make more food magic in. Ring my bell indeed!!

  3. Aw… I’ll miss the “decrepit” location. But as long as they keep making their deliciousness, I will follow wherever they go.

    (Note to Steve Ewing: if you want to open a Yolks in the San Francisco bay area, I will not mind at all.)

  4. Please don’t lose the East Side feel of Yolks. W. Broadway does not feel the same (and somehow the food is not as good). Not too much glitz and overly close tables.

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