We Want This Wood-Fired Grill Apparatus for Chicken Deliciousness in the Great Outdoors

Cooking outside with a wood fire is one of those elemental things that just makes the entire experience all the more intoxicating. It’s part of the reason why we enjoy camping so much. Perhaps you’ve jerry-rigged pot stands, made a DIY rotisserie or built a three-zoned fire while cooking in the woods, but I doubt you’ve gone as far as this set up at Andrew Tarlow’s Achilles Heel in Brooklyn, where they do a Sunday night special called “Hell’s Chicken”. It sees spatchcocked birds cooked outdoors over live coals before being finished in cast iron. The apparatus is a mix of bricks, pots, a fire table, hanging hooks and interconnected metal pipes. It’s an inspiring arrangement for a backyard, to say the least, and one that could be elementally down-sized and reconstructed in the wild without too much difficulty if you’ve got enough campers in your crew to help shoulder the essentials (and eat the birds!). The Meat Show’s Nick Solares breaks it down with Achilles Heel chef Lee Derosiers (a former butcher). Get ready to drool…

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