You Need to Try the Tiki-Inspired ‘Passionately Nuts’ Cocktail at Uva

Tiki cocktails sometimes get a bad wrap for being overly sweet but – more often than not – when put in the hands of a skilled bartender they see balance, complexity and deliciousness. Take, for example, the Passionately Nuts at UVA Wine & Cocktail Bar. Conceived by Jasmine Radu, it combines tequila, passionfruit, orgeat, lime juice and bitters. The tartness of the passionfruit and lime balances out the sweetness of the orgeat while still highlighting the subtle notes of the almond. If you’re not the biggest fan of tiki drinks but are willing to give them another shot, give this finessed one a try and prepare to change your mind.

$12 | 900 Seymour St. | 604-632-9560 |

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