On the Value of Lucky Peach and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Do you dig the Anthony Bourdain show ‘Parts Unknown’? Here’s a little intel on how the famed chef picks his destinations for each episode.

As the much-loved food magazine Lucky Peach recently sent out it’s final edition, Eater estimates the value of an entire set of the magazine now that it’s been discontinued. The prices – with precedents cited – might surprise you.

Some of BC’s best chefs will come together on October 1st for the annual Growing Chefs kitchen party to benefit the organization’s efforts to provide culinary and agricultural education to students.

In an impressive move, one of the largest food banks in America has cut junk food by 84% over the course of a year in order to offer healthier food options to those in need.

If you’ve never heard of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Saveur breaks down the myth and the magic of the much-loved pastafarians.

Munchies introduces us to the last singing vegetable vendor of New Orleans.

Hometown hero and Diageo World Class winner Kaitlyn Stewart talks best jukebox songs, favourite drinking cities and cocktail pairings with the folks at The Daily Beast.

From negronis and gimlets to straight mezcal, a few big name chefs share their picks for their favourite shift drink.

Scout looks to its readers to weigh in on this Fall’s 25 best restaurants around town. In a first for the list, only one restaurant changed. Au Comptoir entered the ranks while West fell out of the top 25 (but still gets an honourable mention). If you haven’t voted yet, get to it!

A closer look at some of the bars around town offering zero-proof cocktails including Vij’s Ginger Lemon drink, Tacofino’s housemade ginger beer and The Acorn’s Evening Orchard.

Not only is climate change affecting crop yields, apparently it’s also making fruits and vegetables less nutritious!

The story of one man’s mission to subsist on potatoes for an entire year. Sounds rough!

The American Bar at The Savoy in London names Phillipa Guy its first female senior bartender in 100 years. Guy has worked at the infamous hotel bar since 2015.

This week in brilliant ideas: A non-profit out of Pittsburg is working on building an affordable housing complex with a 23-acre farm onsite.

And speaking of urban farming, The Globe and Mail chats with Soul Food Street Farms founder Michael Ableman about ongoing farming efforts in the DTES.

While layout and design left the Globe & Mail’s Alexandra Gill underwhelmed, the food at Botanist was nevertheless a standout during her recent visit.

How restaurants in Houston are playing an integral role in relief efforts for their city after Hurricane Harvey.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @cakebrain and this impressive show of the first week of fall in pie form.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring.

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