To the Person Who Needed to See Every Bottle of Sake During the Friday Night Dinner Rush

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You were the customer that decided to walk up to me un the dispense area of the bar on a Friday night and ask what kinds of sake the restaurant carried. When I showed you the sake list you demanded to see the bottles because you preferred to read Kanji over English. I explained to you that I couldn’t bring all the bottles out because we were in a high volume service area of the restaurant to which you replied, “Well, then how will I know which one to order?”

Wanting to meet you half-way (and speed things up) I asked you to give me some insight into what style of sake you most enjoyed. After a quick narrowing down you ordered one of the two bottles I brought out for you to look at. Seeing as I wasn’t your server I had to ask where you were sitting. You vaguely pointed out towards the dining room so I asked you to be more specific. Eventually, after a lot more pointing (which I hate by the way), we figured it out.

I brought the sake over to you and you demanded that I put water in the chiller in front of your guests. I’m not sure what your deal was but I just wanted you to know that you wasted a lot of my time and took me away from the many people I was already looking after during the height of the night’s service. Thanks a lot.

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