On Wine Rescuers and Where the New York Times Thinks You Should Go in Vancouver

Bows x Arrows — reviewed this week in the Globe & Mail | photo: Scout Magazine

Emergency response teams formed to save collections of fine wines from Florida’s hurricanes.

The New York Times shares their gameplan for 36 hours in Vancouver, including stops at Royal Dinette, Purebread, Ancora and Heritage Asian Eatery.

Food Republic rounds up a list of the bars and restaurants across the US donating time, money, food and drinks to those affected by recent wildfires and hurricanes.

And locally, Chef Alvarez of Kitsilano’s Cacao is donating the proceeds from select menu items to  Venezuela as his home country continues to struggle with a widespread food shortage.

Great design, good beer and solid pizza have folks heading up the Sea-to-Sky to check out Squamish’s Backcountry Brewing.

The BBC looks into the mystery of the lost Roman herb. Fascinating!

From the spam museum to the world’s largest frying pan, Food52 shares their picks for some of the most curious food destinations from coast to coast.

As consumers attempt to reduce their sugar intake, Coca-Cola is crowd-sourcing a sweet alternative to the tune of a million dollars.

Your Yelp review may soon be replaced by the critical words of a robot: Munchies reports.

As the much loved food magazine draws to a close, Eater shares the story behind every cover of Lucky Peach.

Check out this trailer for Anthony Bourdain’s newest documentary on food waste and perhaps you’ll reconsider throwing out that half sandwich or those wilting greens.

An exciting new seafood joint is in the works for Gastown. Chefs Lee Cooper and Jack Chen of L’Abattoir are taking over the former Secret Location space with an opening date planned for this winter.

Beware the pineapple! BC’s Centre for Disease Control has found traces of the hepatitis A virus in Western Family brand pineapple chunks.

The Vancouver Sun’s Aleesha Harris checks out La Glace – the city’s newest scoop shop, which offers up traditional French-style ice cream.

Meanwhile, The Globe and Mail’s Alex Gill visits the new location of Bows and Arrows and sees promise in the cafe’s new hybrid model. Bonus tip: the smoked chicken tostada comes with Gill’s stamp of approval.

A warm welcome for former Vancouver bartender Kelsey Ramage as she pops back into the city on her world-wide Trash Tiki Tour.

In the wake of recent events in Virginia, Black food historian Michael Twitty shares his ancestral connection to Robert E. Lee.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog’s cooking show may just be the best thing on TV and here’s the trailer for the new season to prove it.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to Cibo Trattoria and a mushroom spread fit for a king.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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