On Punishing Staff by Docking Their Tips and the Transformative Power of Craft Beer

The story of one woman’s mission to take the spent grains from beer production and turn them into vegan smoothies.

Although the Trump administration is falling apart faster than you can say “Bannon-Gorka-Spicer-Priebus-alidocious,” there is cause for celebration as a DC restaurant lowers its drink prices with every fallen Senior Official.

Trump has made it his mission to stomp on any and all progressive environmental policies in the US. Just this past week he reversed a ban on bottled water in national parks.

How craft beer is transforming post-industrial neighbourhoods.

Vancouver’s own Kaitlyn Stewart doing the Canadian bartending scene proud as the Royal Dinette bar manager took home the coveted title of World’s Best Bartender at last week’s Diageo World Class competition in Mexico City.

As restaurant ownership becomes increasingly expensive, some of Canada’s top chefs are taking up offers from established chain restaurants — a move some call “smart” while others call it “selling out”.

The Vancouver Sun’s Mia Stainsby reviews Chinatown’s Rhinofish Noodle Bar and declares it worth a visit. In contrast, South Granville’s The Rise Eatery rates a meh.

This handy little app tells you what’s in season in each state across America, so if you’re on the hunt for Washington apples or Oregon marionberries…there’s an app for that!

For $100 or less, you can sample of some the best Japanese whiskey bottles on the market including Hibiki and The Yamazaki Single Malt.

A combination of structural failure and “severe tidal exchanges” during the eclipse has resulted in the escape of thousands of farmed Atlantic salmon into the waters surrounding the San Juan Islands.

An illegal IOU system at Susur Lee’s Toronto restaurant saw employee tips reduced for spillage, punching in incorrect orders and other common mistakes.

Eater rounds up everything you should eat, read and watch this fall with their most anticipated books, television shows and restaurant openings.

In concerning agricultural news, 29 states just banned city and county governments from making rules on the use of seeds — a move largely believed to be driven by big agricultural business interests.

For everyone that loved last summer’s Netflix hit, a Stranger Things-inspired bar has popped-up in Chicago and it looks incredible.

Eater looks at how craft culture’s desperate search for ‘authenticity’ whitewashes the complex histories of artisans and labourers.

“These techniques and the goods they produce do have origins, specific ones rooted in history and in people. The character of craft culture, a special blend of bohemianism and capitalism, is not merely overwhelmingly white — a function of who generally has the wealth to start those microbreweries and old-school butcher shops, and to patronize them — it consistently engages in the erasure or exploitation of people of color whose intellectual and manual labor are often the foundation of the practices that transform so many of these small pleasures into something artful.”

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to The Holy Crab because you can never have too many oysters.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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