The Awesome Table Everyone Should Cross Their Fingers for at West Pender’s ‘Cinara’

There are a couple of big booths at chef Lucais Syme’s charming Cinara. Cozily upholstered and especially roomy, they’re each comfortable in their own way. However, table #10 – an irregular pentagon, is superior in that it affords a commanding view of most  of the dining room, open kitchen and bar while also providing good looks out onto the West Pender St. sidewalk. The back corner spot – a Gangster Table by definition – can sit up to six people comfortably.

Chef Lucais Syme and our team specialize in Italian-inspired cuisine at Cinara. We believe in upholding traditional cooking techniques, using the finest and freshest ingredients, and doing as much of it in-house as possible. Visit SCOUT profile.
Neighbourhood: Gastown
350 West Pender | 604-428-9694 | WEBSITE

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