On Carbon Farming, Converting Electricity into Food, and Making the Most out of Cheetos

This week in food science, researchers say they have found a way to convert electricity into food, revealing a world of possibility for a sustainable and carbon neutral solution to food insecurity.

In the wake of Tuesday’s train wreck of a press conference, Trump’s corporate advisory committee has disbanded as CEO’s from some of the biggest food and beverage corporations took a stand against the president’s incendiary comments on Charlottesville.

There’s always room for more ice cream! Check out Earnest’s newest location in North Van, which opened this past week!

While high-tech solutions to climate change continue to be explored, carbon farming – a low-tech and well-tested method – may be the answer scientists have been looking for.

On a similar note, Food Republic looks at insect consumption across the world and whether the sustainable bite-sized bugs will hit the mainstream anytime soon.

From Ask For Luigi and the Alibi Room to St. Lawrence and The Mackenzie Room, Scout asks you to weigh in on the best spots to eat and drink in Railtown.

How Jack Daniel’s failure to recognize its past led one woman to uncover the truth about the company and the first African American master distiller of the now infamous brand.

Vancouver’s own Kaitlyn Stewart is currently in Mexico City competing in the finals of Diageo World Class bartending competition. Head on over to Royal Dinette to sample one of her award-worthy cocktails.

While BC’s wildfires may be easing up, federal and provincial governments are considering additional support for farmers that were affected by this year’s blazes.

Business may be booming, but restaurants continue to struggle to find and retain staff in the face of the ongoing hospitality labour shortage.

In concerning news, scientists believe that fish are actively seeking out microplastics in ocean as they have been mistaking them for natural prey.

“The fish confuse plastic for an edible substance because microplastics in the oceans pick up a covering of biological material, such as algae, that mimics the smell of food, according to the study published on Wednesday in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.”

Former Vancouver bartender Kelsey Ramage is travelling across the world with a message about low-waste cocktails. The Trash Tiki Tour will be paying a visit to Vancouver from September 2-3.

The saga of the updated Canada food guide continues as a scientist advocates for fermented fare to be added as a fifth food group.

Eater shares an excerpt from Michael Twitty’s The Cooking Gene which explores African-American culinary history of in the south.

While the federal government is attempting to curb advertising of unhealthy foods to kids, the purveyors of said goods are attempting to fight back against tightening restrictions.

A wait list to the tune of 1,000 has people scrambling to find a way into New York’s hottest new restaurant that just so happens to be a Cheetos pop-up (yes, you read that correctly).

How one food stylist is creating maps of countries out of local cuisine (the map of Spain looks absolutely delicious).

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @vancityeataholic and this gorgeous shot of the decadent foie gras parfait from St. Lawrence.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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