On Infusing Beer with Fried Chicken and the Importance of a Good Dishwasher

A Washington Post writer pulled a shift in a restaurant’s dishpit to see what it was like. GOOD responds with a counter-piece: “If You Want To Know What Life is Like For Dishwashers, Ask Them.”

SAVEUR announces their nominees for this years Blog Awards including Vancouver’s own Joann Pai (@sliceofpai) for best Instagram account.

Bartender Adam Domet of The Diamond shares his thoughts on favourite cocktails, guilty pleasures and biggest fears.

Eater shares an excerpt from Peter Hellman’s In Vino Duplicatas – a true crime story about one of the greatest scams the wine world has ever seen.

Keeping it classy: a Hangzhou restaurant is offering a system of discounts based on bra size.

A craft beer infused with fried chicken? Alrighty then…

From Grasshoppers to Blue Hawaiians to Amaretto Sours, The New York Times’ Robert Simonson takes a look at bars across America that are embracing a more maligned style of cocktail.

I scream, you scream! Now’s your chance to weigh in on Scout’s picks for the best spots to grab ice cream around the city.

Unionization efforts are amping up at Whole Foods in the face of the looming Amazon take-over.

And speaking of which, with their eye now fixed on high-tech food delivery, Amazon is taking over the food world faster than you can say kale chips.

In a follow-up to last week’s post on the new Canada Food Guide, things to continue to heat up among meat and dairy lobby groups  as the new guide is set to discourage consumption of beef, cheese and butter.

Air Canada’s enRoute Magazine has released its nominees for the best new restaurants of 2017 and Vancouver has four spots in the running: Botanist, Cacao, Mak N Ming and Fayuca.

Chef Meets Truck returns for the second year this September. Look for some of Vancouver’s best chef’s partnering with local food trucks to benefit the Vancouver Food Bank.

With its bustling food courts, excellent pastry chefs and stellar cafes, Bon Appetit has just named Chicago the restaurant city of the year!

One Florida school offered students the opportunity to purchase a pass to the tune of $100 to jump to the front of lunch line. As if cafeteria food didn’t suck enough already!

While traditional disaster preparedness plans doesn’t always account for food systems, researchers are beginning to advocate for revisions that would include issues of food security.

NPR provides a nuanced discussion of the farm-to-table movement and its dependence on cheap labor.

“Farm-to-table’s sincere glow distracts from how the production and processing of even the most pristine ingredients — from field or dock or slaughterhouse to restaurant or school cafeteria — is nearly always configured to rely on cheap labor. Work very often performed by people who are themselves poor and hungry.”

In surprising news of the week, renowned gelato shop Bella Gelateria has been put up for sale amid turmoil within the business.

Eating via Instagram honours this week go to @megzzz because that’s one hell of a knife and one hell of a fish.

Looking for work in the industry? Check out who’s hiring!

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