Abbotsford’s Field House Brewing To Host ‘Field Day’ Celebration Of Sour Beers


Field House Brewing is having a Field Day this Saturday. The Abbotsford brewery’s idyllic beer lawn will set the mood for a full day of live local music and sour beers. The event is family- and dog-friendly, featuring five bands, a DJ and a stellar list of beers from eight BC breweries. Here’s the liquid line-up to get your mouth watering:

Strange Fellows: Penelope The Tart
Yellow Dog: Domesticated Sour IPA
Powell St: La Belle : Tart Gin Barrel Aged Saison
Four Winds: Nectarous
S&O: Sapperton Sour Red Ale
Ravens: Lingonberry Lime Gose
Brassneck: Brassneck X FH Wild Brett Wasp Sour
Field House: Light Sour Saison with Lemongrass, Special B Dark Sour, Dutch Sour Wit


It’s also the perfect opportunity to try out the menu from Field House’s brand new Taco Hut, which opened earlier this month. Their canteen kitchen will also be open for snacks and dinner. Tickets are available for purchase online or at the brewery.

Photos by Sean Dalin for Field House Brewing.


Sat, July 29th | 2-11pm | 2281 W. Railway St, East Abby | $20 admission | TICKETS

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