Breezy, Palapa-Topped Table #31 At Yaletown’s New ‘Fayuca’


A quick scan of Yaletown’s recently opened Fayuca restaurant quickly reveals which table rules them all. The new Northern Pacific Mexican-inspired eatery – located in the old Hamilton Street Grill address (1009 Hamilton Street) – can boast the same sprawling sidewalk patio space its predecessor did, only now – by a few tricks of Scott Cohen’s cool design – it feels like it continues inside the restaurant to include a short, breezy bar and lounge area.

Dividing the two zones is Table #31, a unique deuce that steals the show. Not only is it the only table of its kind in the restaurant (elevated, mirrored, enclosed in tile and palapa-topped), but it’s also right in the thick of it with sight lines to the patio, lounge and front door.


If you haven’t been to Fayuca yet, it’s the most interesting restaurant to open in Yaletown in quite some time (currently in the running on Scout’s So Hot Right Now list). I recommend kicking things off with the fried halloumi/cactus appetizer paired with either a refreshing Panamericana or Chinquapin cocktail. They’re delicious together, and I trust they’d be even better with the frontage open to the elements at Table #31.


1009 Hamilton Street | YALETOWN | 604-689-8523 |

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